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12 Dec 2016 13:19:24
Well what an emotional weekend that was.

Firstly let me start off by offering Degsy an apology. I came very close to questioning his loyalty to the club, and went off on one with him mentioning relegation so early in the season. Both of those things were wrong on my part, The forums are here so each of us can put our views across without fear of being held out to dry because someone else does not agree with them.

Over the decades of loyal support I have given our club I have seen many changes occur. I have seen good managers, poor managers, and absolute waste of oxygen managers, I have also seen our side being feared everywhere as we were that good, I was fortunate to witness top European sides preying not to get us in the draw and every English top flight team dreading the fixture where they met us. I witnessed the RS getting us banned from Europe.

There was times when every single game we played home or away was a complete sell out. I have watched world class players turn out for us, mediocre players and players who couldn't kick a ball if their life depended on it, players who would run the length of the pitch on a "maybe" and others who just turned up for a stroll in the park.

No matter what has happened historically one thing remained constant. We got through it.

It seems these days we are faced with a new monster at the door, we have new gremlins, that if not addressed can cause our club so much damage as to make it unrecognizable.

The biggest problem we face today is our fan-base. Never in all the decades of support have I seen it so bad. The away sides are often louder than we are even when we are winning. I know fans will say things like, it is the managers fault, it is the players fault, it is the stewards fault, it is the ball boys fault, it is the girls making the meat pies fault, blah, blah, blahdy bloomin blah.

Years ago us fans were the twelfth man on the pitch so to speak, we believed in our team even when we were fighting relegation, it was because of us that certain crap players had a good game just when we needed it most, with the team falling apart around us we were the glue that held them together, for good managers, bad managers, good players, bad players we were alway there ready to put the wheels back on the wagon should they fall off.

Now look at us today, we are the teams red card, the way we behave towards some players it's no wonder we get poor performances out of them. Our players go out each week knowing the fan base is ready to crucify them at a moments notice, it's as if we are relieved when they make a mistake.

Until we start believing in our beloved Everton again we will always be in this rut. We need to believe once again, the players WILL pick up on this and eventually restore their own belief in their ability.

Now you know why I'm Grumpy.

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12 Dec 2016 15:40:46
well said.

12 Dec 2016 16:10:48
Hey mate, that is a great post. And no need to apologise. I know I am as passionate about Everton as the next. I live in Cornwall now yet still get up to the odd game and did 2 Euro away games in Switzerland and France a couple of years ago. I know I go on and on and on about certain subjects. it drives people crazy when I do. but that again is because I passionately believe I know about football. maybe I do and maybe I dont. but I believe it! I have introduced at least 4 people into becoming Evertonians just because of my passion. These are people who either have gone to many games or still go to many games. Of my 3 kids, 2 support Everton with a passion and even my eldest Grandson supports at the age of 7.the only Evertonian in his Devon school and I look forwards to taking him to Goodison Park as soon as he is old enough to understand and feel the emotion. I was fortunate enough to meet the Great Ralph William Dean once. I shook Howard Kendalls hand a few seasons back and said a sincere thank you to him for his life of devotion to something that I did as well. I am allergic to red and nowhere in my life have I ever encouraged red to be used in any way. except Christmas decorations. and that is done begrudgingly. Now to comment a bit further. I once ran my son's team. I had taken over as manager from a guy who had managed for 3 seasons and the team had averaged about 4th in the league. I ran it for 3 seasons and in the 3rd season we were League Champions, Cup winners and also winners of a 6 a side competion in Gloucestershire. Our keeper has since played for: Forest Green (where I became assistant coach) , Swindon Town, Liverpool (I recommended him to Everton and they did not have the decency to reply to my emails until Liverpool made him an offer) , Newport County and now Barnet where he got player of the week for League 2. I only go on about this so you can understand where my passion and dedication to football comes from. I only played ameteur. but played an 80 minutes game with players as young as 16 12 months ago at the age of 58 and could still play now if it was not for the pain afterwards lol! My comment of Everton at the moment is that football is a funny thing. when all is going good, it seems to gather moss and get better. When all is going bad. the same effect takes place. I mentioned the "r" word because 10 games with only 1 win and upcoming fixtures as hard as they come. added to injuries to some of our better players does not bode well. I can see it being 13 or 14 games with only 1 win. The teams below us all seem to be picking up points and if it wasn't for our first 5 games, we would be in big trouble. I just cannot see us putting 4 more wins together. But like I say it can change in an instant. My problem is that we just don't look like a team. Teams below us eg Swansea, West Ham and Sunderland and others actually look like teams. We look like 11 individuals. I don't subscribe to lack of effort comments. I think the players are giving their all, but don't know what to do or are confused or just not capable of doing what the manager wants. That is the crux of my worry. I don't think they are capable. I think the manager needs to change to a different system and/ or sign new players who are capable. Or bring in youth that is capable. End of sermon and apologies for going on and on again! Degsy.

12 Dec 2016 16:15:40
We have players who are either just not good enough or can't be bothered. This is not something that has suddenly just happened, it's been building for a couple of seasons now. If the players want the fans support then they have to show it on the pitch, they have to at least try, and that isn't happening imo.

12 Dec 2016 17:25:22
We are not supposed to mention the other fella, but in his quest for only his opinion matters he needed yes men around him, as a consequence he sucked the life out of the Team. Koeman is the man for us and he will get it right but may I ask what part of 'it will take 2 years to sort out' did you/ we not understand.

12 Dec 2016 17:29:54
Great reply Degsy.

It is apparent you do have a good pedigree regards football and we are fortunate to have your views on this forum.

One favour to ask, Will you shut up about Pienaar lol.

12 Dec 2016 17:32:24
I agree. it started when RM took over and ignored the age thing and brought in older players for younger ones. But I won't list them for fear of repeating myself or even repeating myself again!

12 Dec 2016 18:06:32
Pienaar who?

12 Dec 2016 19:36:11
Edgy where about do you live in Cornwall? I am thinking of buying a place down there, and only really know St Ives. Sorry ends I know this isn't Rightmove, but local knowledge is always handy.

12 Dec 2016 19:41:40
Billcroc you have hit the nail on the head.

The life blood has indeed been sucked out of the team and the damage is running deep. I think it will be in RK's final year (yr 3) when we will taste Europe again. Win or lose I am 100% behind him and any team he picks, other than that we are all in the same boat like it or lump it.

12 Dec 2016 20:41:29
St Ives very expensive very very expensive. Better off around St Mawgan, Colombe Major or Minor.

12 Dec 2016 21:01:18
Cheers Bills, going to come over in the new year (living in France at the min) , and spend a few weeks looking around, will have a look around there.

12 Dec 2016 21:46:16
I live in Gunnislake which is nearly up in Devon. by Plymouth. It depends what you want. A cheap pretty place on the up but with traditional fishing industry is Newlyn near Penzance. There are other places and it seems the further south west you go the cheaper the property excepting major holiday places. Good luck mate.

{Ed025's Note - liverpool 8 is nice this time of year as well, not much of a fishing village though.. :)

13 Dec 2016 04:54:15
Thanks guys if I get a place we should meet up have a beer. And talk about past glories like proper old farts. Sorry ed might just pass on your idea mate. 👍.

{Ed025's Note - i love living in the city twoold all that carrot crunching is no good to me mate, dont get me wrong its nice for a week or 2 in summer but then i cant wait to get back to some good old fashioned urban deprivation.. :)



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