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14 Dec 2016 01:33:43
Nice to see Goodison under the lights tonight. I was at the first game that was played under lights on Oct. 9th 1957. I was 17 years of age, how time flies when your having fun. Anyone else at that game? By the way we beat Liverpool, a good omen for Monday.

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14 Dec 2016 06:57:22
I was a 7 year old living in Germany at the time BlueMike, I had just 'Come Out' the year before and informed Dad and Uncle (Both PNE lifelong supporters - Mum was the Liverpool Lass) , I loved Everton. Cannot remember the reason now. The tables were turned on me last year, Grand Son told me 'Sorry Grand Dad, I support Liverpool now'. (Still love him, although it is hard) ;-)

{Ed025's Note - my 2 lads are both reds BCT so i know how you feel, i have gotten over the shame now and treat them as my own even though its hard at times.. :)

14 Dec 2016 08:05:11
2 really brilliant stories there guys. Respect to you both! You know I sometimes go on and on! I am pleased to say it works sometimes! All my friends and family are Evertonians . and I believe it is because I go on and on and beat them as children into submission. Like they say. you are chosen to be an Evertonian and I choose to torture them with stories of "greats" and atmospheres of glory in days gone by. My favourite was told to me as a child and it is a bit blurred in the memory but the great William Ralph (Dixie) Dean was in a motorcycle crash and had a piece of metal put into his forehead. Touch and go as to whether he survived. Anyway in a game he collided with another player and was flat out on the Goodison turf. The game may even have been the Arsenal one where he got to 60 goals. in my mind it is anyway! The Goodison crowd had been like a volcano but suddenly as he lay on the turf and the medics (sorry guy with a bucket) ran on, wiped him down with a sponge. But he lay there for some minutes and people were saying, "He is dead". but after about 5 minutes . he slowly started to stand. The volcano then did erupt! The noise was deafening and could be heard in Wales and Southport! Of course he went on to bullet yet another header in and the legend was made! My Brother in law's (deceased) Dad told me that when I was just starting to show an interest so I must have been 7 years old ish. I also remember being in the Gladwys Street and I think it was Jimmy Husband did a scissor kick into the top corner. against Stoke I think? I was tied to the stansion with a scalf with all the adults below me (remember how we used to do that) and the noise of the crowd just amazed me. Hugs from complete strangers and joy all around. over to you guys for your best stories. I am sure you have many?!

14 Dec 2016 09:16:22
Good story Degsy. We all have many stories to tell. I used to go to the games like the one in 1957 with my school mate Neville Smith who went on to write and act in the "The Golden Vision". Of course in those days he was just a scruffy little kid from Toxteth and we went to school in Norris Green. Many times we were almost killed with the crowds swaying back and forward in the Gwladys Street End. Not many of us remember being present when the attendance was close to 80,000. Good old days when Goodison rocked and it was good to see it happening against Arsenal. Let's hope we see many more games like that. By the way my parents were a mixed marriage. My Dad's side were Evertonians and my Mother's side reds. Of course my Dad took me to see Everton when I was 6 so that was that, I am glad to say. The other side tried many times to get me over to the dark side when I was little but I resisted manfully.

14 Dec 2016 11:39:52
My Dad's a red, my father in law is a red and my son is a red. I just tell them to be patient as they still stand a chance of being chosen.

On another note. Last week Koeman was criticised by some of us for not looking active enough in his technical area against Watford. Well I just loved the way he headered those goals in last night from where he was standing. Reminded me of Royle doing it with Rideouts winner against United in the cup final in 95.

BTW some great stories guys.

14 Dec 2016 13:26:23
Great post ace.

14 Dec 2016 13:30:18
First game I ever went to was against Spurs 69/ 70 we beat them 3 - 2 Alan Ball, Joe Royal and Alan Whittle scored. Goodison was rammed over 51000 in attendance.

Not only was it my first game it was also my introduction to the dreaded boys pen I remember just turning 8 years of age, my dad and my uncle were also at the game in the Gwladys st end. I actually missed all of the goals due to being too scared to move from the back into a better viewing place. What an atmosphere though and when we scored the noise was something else, you could feel the noise going through your bones.

Oh happy days!

14 Dec 2016 15:53:46
I went in the boys pen once Grumpy and immediately swore never again. It was a rat hole with virtually no good view, don't remember seeing Kenwright there either. Gwladys Street end for me from then on, dangerous for a kid but worth it.

14 Dec 2016 17:53:40
I had to do the boys pen for the 2 nil win in 70 that clinched the title. Arrived with a mate and Goodison Road and Gladwys Street were so crammed it was obvious we would not get in anywhere other than it. I think I was 14 and had to stoop at the turnsttle because it was under 11's I think. My mate was 18 and about 6 feet tall so he went first just in case. We got in and we had a great view when we straightened our legs! I have walked like quasimodo since!

14 Dec 2016 09:10:25
Morning Ed025 how are you today after last night what a change from the first 20 mins couldn't fault any of them they all put a good shift in and the noise from the ground was amazing after what they have put us through see you in Bull Bay Club House.

{Ed025's Note - you will mate..



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