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30 Dec 2016 22:18:06
Also the Davies love in. My word. That guy is so bang average it's scary how desperate we are. Get rid of the lot. Start again selling Nil Satis Nisi Optimum to players. This bunch are just mediocracy personified. So average the lot of them. Lukaku scores fair play. Mirallas has touched of class, Idrissa is class and Baines will always be a good footballer. Coleman is our only performer and regular 7 out of 10. That's 5 players out of 23. The rest aren't up to it. Big changes needed if we are not going to be completely left behind. 1st thing, get Koeman on a bumper 7 year deal, no get out unless mega bucks. Then window by window shift the dead wood. I only watch us now because the manager tells it like it is.
New stadium, new club, same moto and maybe we might grow. Otherwise it will be new stadium, same club, administration.

{Ed025's Note - very harsh svenny...but hard to argue with any of that mate..

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30 Dec 2016 22:32:50
Svenny and Ed, I would argue the Davies point. Has more than deserved to be given time to develop and show what he can do. Fully understand a bit of negativity but jumping on a young kids back already is ridiculous, especially since he has performed well overall.

{Ed025's Note -yeah i did not mean to agree with the davies bit cropper, hes only young and that bit was unfair mate..

30 Dec 2016 22:34:53
I said in the first half, you do not change a winning side, it was true when I was a kid and it is true now. The side/ formation/ tactics against Leicester had width, pressure and defence, tonight we revert back to being narrow, slow and unable to pressurise. Look RK is the man for us and he is the one that gets paid big bucks but when it goes wrong for these guys it just makes them look like chumps. In my heart of hearts I know he has a plan but by heck it is some ride at the moment.

30 Dec 2016 22:45:52
You telling me Holgate is not up to it. You telling me Barkley with a better team is not up to it. Davies is 18 and will only get better. That is our future, build around them. They all need to play together. They all need to start. Barkley was so so so much better when Davies came on.

30 Dec 2016 22:55:42
Holgate looks committed with ability, Davies looks committed with limited ability, Barkley has endless ability but zero between his ears. The guy will never be what we all dreamed he would be. Let's stop holding on to ghosts and move on.
Re harsh on Davies. I'm not being harsh, the lad clearly has a future playing pro football at a decent level. I wish I was him at 18. Is he good enough to move us forward or build a team around? Deary me our standards are low. We have at best 3 players who top 4 clubs would be keen on. Coleman, Lukaku and Gana. End of. Mirallas is top 8 everyone else is just average. Deal with the reality guys. My Davies point is about our aspirations. We've gone from being excited about Rooney, then Barkely now it's Davies. The lad will never be a top top player.

30 Dec 2016 22:55:50
I'm no spring chicken, but then knowone is paying me 50,000 plus per week. It's pretty simple, there are too manny "old men" in our side. you can get away with one or two over 30s, but we have simply too many, the majorit of our problems start from that simple fact.

30 Dec 2016 23:21:19
You are wrong mate. The problem is Barkley is surrounded by too many crap players. He is trying to pick Lukaku out with three guys around him. We bag him because he goes backwards, that's because the players in their wheelchairs need an eternity to get moving.

Mate if he played at Tottenham, Man City, Chelsea or even Liverpool he would star. Why - because those players in those teams are prepared to run and his skill and vision would provide so many assists.

Davies you can't right the boy off straight away. He plays with passion and looks like he can shoot and pick a pass. I'm telling you right now. Get rid of Barkley to a top club and he will make us look like fools. Especially to all the fat overgrown lazy supporters who sit in the stands and bag and boo him all the time.

30 Dec 2016 23:49:16
Bit harsh on Davis really. The lad looks half decent, has bags of energy and tries to make a pass to make things happen and you're slating him why? We haven't seen enough of him to say whether he will make it or not so why condemn him?
This is the reason why young lads are on a hiding to nothing when they get their chance, you only have to look at Ross to see how the fans can affect a players confidence. No need and absolutely ridiculous to the extreme Svenny.

31 Dec 2016 00:24:50
Jesus, get a grip. Davies comes on and constantly wants the ball, and it good he's not scared to make a mistake. Seriously if people don't want to support this club then don't. Follow F1 Mercedes team then you will never be disappointed, but you will be bored.

31 Dec 2016 00:40:47
Again nonsense, so because a kid wants the ball passes it sideways and has energy we should all bow down. Why do so many Evertonians just accept average now?

31 Dec 2016 01:05:30
Bloody hell, since martinez was sacked, Davies instantly came into the team against Norwich and played a blinder. This season he has been gradually integrated into more first team duties, and played very well imo. even if he was sub par for 1 bloody game so what, he wasn't for me but fans are fickle and if we go with the notion some fans gave then, lukaku doesn't score in a game, sell him he's crap, we concede a goal, let's flog the entire defense and keeper. Get a grip, even top quality players have bad days. i remember Hibbert keeping Ronaldo in his back pocket. some fans need to get a grip before drooling crap out their mouths. Davies will become a top quality player for us, Mark my words.

31 Dec 2016 01:41:55
I'm lost as to why you would want to attack an 18 year old who has had fleeting appearances in the first team. The lad has not looked out of place when he has been used and, if anything, he has re-energised the team when introduced from the bench. Why did you think he was not up to it tonight Svenny? I didn't think he did much wrong apart from one stray pass. Many others on here feel the same as me. This kind of attitude is not helpful to the progress of any young player, we see how the idiots get to Ross on a weekly basis. If you are going to slate the lad then do it constructively, give valid reasons for doing so. I'm afraid I just don't see why you would have a go at him, the lad hasn't had much of a chance as yet and here you are, ripping a kid who has less than 10 appearances!

31 Dec 2016 08:43:49
I'm not attacking Davies I'm attacking us Evertonians who because he's 18 for whatever reason want him to play and throw around comments like "he's the future"
Sorry if he's our future then our future is to be a mid table side for all eternity. I want more.

31 Dec 2016 13:26:33
Alluding that 'he is bang average' and 'because a kid wants the ball passes it sideways and has energy we should all bow down' is pretty much ripping him Svenny.
Why shouldn't we support the young lads coming through? We are, after all, supporters and there isn't much better than a local lad coming through the ranks and playing for the first team. None of us know if he will make it but the lad hasn't looked out of place so far. If he continues to progress then he will be a part of our future, like it or not.
So there is no real justification to be so harsh, be critical if he plays badly but at least give the lad a chance.



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