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08 Jan 2017 08:58:30
Paul Bradley
161 Posted 08/ 01/ 2017 at 08:26:46
Flag this comment. Well said Ronald Koeman, for the first time we have a manager that speaks the truth, he is saying basically what we have been saying for the last two seasons, the squad is not good enough, the same squad of players that got Martinez the sack.
Koeman has been sold a dream to come to Everton to prize him away from Southampton. Now the owners are responsible.
When to look at the our squad of players with exception of the youngsters and Lukaku which players would play for any of the top 10 teams some would struggle to play again in the Premier league again.
As Evertonians we have to realise what we have, a mediocre squad of players.
Please do not turn on Koeman or he will off to a much better team, as he is not the type to suffer fools gladly.
In my Opinion the only real class act we have is Ronald Koeman

{Ed025's Note - good post that mate..

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08 Jan 2017 09:48:28
I completely agree, all these mugs calling for his head just ask themselves who is available to replace koeman?
The board need to fulfill any promises made about transfers and move heaven and earth to give koeman what he needs.

{Ed025's Note - your right pauly..

08 Jan 2017 10:32:53
Koeman will make us great again. The rest of the club needs to get its act together NOW.

I'm so frustrated today not because of the loss but more the fact the manager is trying to accelerate progress but the rest of the club from players to board are in a lower gear.

The players there now have no ambition and need rid of. We want ambitious players with fire in their belly. Just like the manager.

08 Jan 2017 11:21:56
It does make you wonder why if Schneiderlin wants to play for us, we have the money to buy him and he's not here yet. I'm not suggesting we won't get him, but whose delaying this. Moshiri is probably thinking the same thing. We need to put down this small budget negotiations mentality and adopt a more urgent approach. The money is there, the manager is there, so for crying out loud sort this out.

Gana has gone on international duty and we have not sorted out the deal in time seamlessly. That's poor and Koeman knows this. I like the fact that he's kicking off with this as the ambition is plain to see. Time for the old guard at Everton to either man up and get on with it or step aside so that a team with real urgency can be brought in to do the job.

{Ed002's Note - Everton are not in a financial position to be over paying for players - you all got sucked in to Moshiri supposedly saying that there would be £200M a window to spend or whatever - there isn't and Everton need to balance the books. With the transfer window open one week there is nothing but whining which is very embarrassing. Much seems to be in a misunderstanding about how the entire process works.}

08 Jan 2017 11:29:55
I don't know if Koeman has what it takes to make us great again. but I know he has the balls to say it as it is! Martinez inherited a great squad from Moyes that played as a team whichever 11 were picked. Martinez systematically replaced players with inferior players until it no longer functioned. His saving grace was Lukaku. Lukaku kept him in a job for longer than he deserved. Now we are paying the price of mediocre management. Koeman has spoken his mind and I agree 100% with him. A major overhaul is needed asap. But Koeman should not be blamed for this. he should be thanked for being totally honest in his appraisal.

08 Jan 2017 12:21:29
I understand that statement ED002 but Koeman is closer to these negotiations than what you are and he is frustrated at the lack of progress. That rings alarm bells with me as it clearly means there is a problem with how we are dealing with transfers and confirms in many ways the concerns fans have about how we failed in previous windows.

He is also firmly putting this at Walsh's and the board's doorstep at the lack of urgency. Are you trying to say that Koeman is whining as well and he has been suckered into the same supposed promises as us fans?

I don't have any interest in how much we have to spend on players and never thought we would be spending £100 or £200 mil but Schneiderlin for example has been available for a while. This should have been negotiated and acted upon by now. Koeman has said as much yesterday.

I believe the right people are at the club in most areas but our negotiators whoever they are, agents, chairman whatever, are letting the manager down.

{Ed002's Note - Koeman is acting very uinprofessionally and I had not realised that Koeman mentioned Schneiderlin yesterday. I have already explained that Everton came to the table in respect of Schneiderlin a lot later than the Everton fan realise - with West Bromalready having made an offer and then Marseille having someone as a guest of manchester United at West Ham on Monday - a day they discussed the player as well. Add to that an approach to Morgan Schneiderlin's agent by Inter (who would ideally have liked a loan to replace Kondogbia) and a general enquiry from Juventus there are others that Manchester United need to talk with. It seems that you clearly don't understand the process of how transfers work at all if you think that the "negotiators" have let the manager down - particularly when the transfer window has only been open a week.

08 Jan 2017 14:12:47
To be honest unless we are actually party to the negotiations we don't really have a clue what is going on. We only get snippets of information or miss information depending on the source and we either believe it or not. The only thing I know for a fact about the Schneiderlin saga is RK stated he liked the player and thought he would be a good fit for the way he likes to play. Everything else IMO is speculation. If RK wants him and the club thinks he will be a good asset to the club then I think they will be doing everything in their power to get him. As ed002 states there may or may not be other parties in the equation and its a sellers market. We as a club have an opportunity to go after a player but that's all, we don't have any special privileges just because we are EFC. At the end of the day the club will have a budget and a set of targets we may or may not get these targets but that's life. Professional football is a business on the whole run by businessmen they will do what they can to make the business more profitable. My impression is that AL was at the top of the wanted list as paying £9-11m for a 19yr old with no PL experience is a hell of a gamble. This IMO proves to me that the board are backing both SW and RK in a way that we have not seen for a long time. I do think some of us need to take a chill pill over the transfer windows especially the January window.

08 Jan 2017 14:43:37
If these negotiations take so long how can players be sold late into the final day of the window and replacements brought in all in a few hours . I really hope by the end of January our dealings will have put all our worries to bed . Let's face it we've been promised the earth before, how many times have we been promised a new stadium. We had Tesco as partners at one point. Sometimes it's hard to remain optimistic, we've been let down too many times in the past .
Bill Kenwrights description of Moshiri talking transfers was like a kid in a sweet shop, I want him and him and him, doesn't sound like someone who would miss out on a player for 1 or 2 million .
I think Bill saved Everton and during his reign we went from relegation candidates to consistently qualifying for Europe, I'm not a Bill basher but until we become New Everton and spend some real money I will remain very concerned.

08 Jan 2017 14:45:13
My point is what you have just confirmed ED002. We came to the table for Schneiderlin later than everybody else. West Brom and others already going in for him before us. We put a bid in after West Brom, why?

We want him yet we are allowing others to get in there first. Along with that and because of our dithering others are now joining the race.

I may not know the process and don't profess to but the fact we are reacting for a player we want after another club has entered the race especially as we knew Koeman was after him a month ago is frustrating. It could also send the wrong message to the player in how strong our interest is.

Even more worrying if you are right that Koeman is acting unprofessionally in reacting the way he is, is that this would suggest a break down of trust between him and the board. Maybe there is a big difference between both expectations and why is he not being kept close to the negotiations.

Yesterday was not just a throw away comment by Koeman. If Koeman didn't say anything yesterday then I wouldn't be reacting like this but the fact there was clear anger there over how we are conducting transfers and his "need to open our eyes" statement I am worried.

{Ed002's Note - Because Everton were not interested in him.}

08 Jan 2017 16:00:38
Maybe 002. I suppose that's the frustration for us fans. We never really know what's going on inside the club. We don't know the details of how these things work. Also the clubs are tied up in that they can only release information once it's fact.

Add to all that the utter rubbish that is fed to us by the media 99% of the time.

{Ed002's Note - I explained the situation with Schneiderlin all of the way through BJU. None of it should have been a shock.}

08 Jan 2017 17:39:41
I agree with Ed002 with regard to finances and transfers i.e coming late to the table. The last only highlights that with everything else going on, rebuilding backroom staff, DoF, Manager/ Coach etc! the eye has been taken off some of our 'frontline' staff, with our history of dither in transfer windows it was rather surprising when Ed002 confirmed that Mr Kenwright and Mr Elstone are still our prime transfer negotiators. And now when Mr Koeman needs it, we appear to have fallen back into the bad habit of none communication and a perceived executive lethargy by the fans.

08 Jan 2017 18:24:41
Great post. Some chairman and directors take offence when a manager stands up for veiws that fans have said for years. let's hope last week and yesterday is the turning point to a brighter future.

08 Jan 2017 18:40:04
Well said Degsy I agree 100% with this post, it will be a long job sorting out the mess Martinez left even if Koeman is the right man.
The thing is you can only buy so many players at one time as it is a team we need to build so I do feel a mix of local lads is important and I am glad to see Holgate and Davies given game time as these guys must be part of the future.
Even City with all there money took 3 or 4 years before they started to achieve any success, and they are now under achieving in my view because they have no local imput and therefore no real heart.
Both barcalona and Madrid do bring players from there youth teams into there first team which blends well with the high priced stars, so good luck Koeman it is a big job you have taken on



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