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09 Jan 2017 08:01:55
Koeman is stating what every Evertonian is feeling, he can't turn good players into world beaters, he can't make Everton into a top 6 club with the normal quality of players in his quad, when the players cross the line it's up them to show their ability, if I was the owner of a football club he would be my type of Manger, so get off his back and back him to do his job he is well paid to do,
I am sure his strong message to the board will get a positive reaction, he's the first manager I've known to publicly have a go, they will now back him or sack him, for me they will back him to the hilt, as our team does need major surgery

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09 Jan 2017 09:18:45
I am firmly on the Koeman side here. Good manager, like what he's done and hope he stays for a long time. Yes we need players and hopefully Koeman gets his desire. I never said anything negative about Koeman and in general don't put out negative posts. I have however one slightly negative thing to say about Koemans comments.

Why does he feel the necessity to make his comments so public? I am not questioning the validity of his comments because I AGREE with them. What I'm wondering is why is he making comments about them so publicly? Is covering himself? Shifting the blame? As an insurance policy so if things go bad the players will get the blame and not him.

The only reason I ask this question is because when I think of other managers they generally don't be vocal about the problems in clubs unless the feel under pressure.

Imho Tony Pulis is a perfect example. An absolute top pro. Very rarely if ever hear him say we need players and the players aren't good enough. Brilliant manager to get the best out of his players. Every team he takes over jump places in the league and are very well organised and hard to beat.

Look at the table recently. You have the top six, then us, then Pulis with West Brom. When he took over at Palace a couple of seasons ago they looked like getting relegated. Within a few weeks when he took over they climbed the table and finished in 10th I think. The were the first team to break us down properly in that season if I remember correctly.

It was Martinez first season with us. Towards the end of the season when we were flying CP beat us off the field. That was the beginning of the end for Martinez imho.

Pulis didn't give out or say the players aren't good enough. He got on with it and didn't make many public comments about the team.

Look at West Brom. Wouldn't think they would be where they are in the table. Don't hear Pulis giving out about his players.

09 Jan 2017 10:11:35
Tony Pullis is always saying he wants players! As for his record look more closely at it! WBA should be no where near our league position if we had a team worthy of our name, it will come, but it will take time of course . I was dissapointed by Saturdays result as we all are, we need players who will die for the cause at the moment we haven’t got them .

09 Jan 2017 10:17:32
Interesting to hear the manager having the same frustrations as the fans, in that he is getting frustrated with the lack of secured deals.
I'm sure there are reasons but when obvious signings seem imminent it still seems to take us an age to get them over the line!

09 Jan 2017 10:23:38
Pulis is probably the worst example NBTB. He's slated every club he's been at over transfer policy including his current club in his first window with them and they had to release a statement over it.

I get what you mean though. Personally, I think he is not happy with what happened in the summer and is worried this window will go the same. I know I am.

09 Jan 2017 11:09:37
URAN what a post mate couldn't agree more with u we have a top manher an there is people calling for his head beacause they can't face the fact the likes of barkely and gery an proba the stattin 11 apart from idrissa an coleman arnr good enough are squad is poor an he needs backing

09 Jan 2017 11:14:21
Koeman is right that we need players, but there is a correct way to conduct yourself. You do not air your dirty washing in public. Our club is better than that and it should be done behind closed doors.
I would suggest that this is a piece of damage limitation by Mr Koeman.

09 Jan 2017 13:24:42
Exactly my point Shropshire Blue. He should keep his mouth shut and get on with it. Yes, he's frustrated like all the fans but why talk to the media about it. What good is that going to do?

By all means make it known within the club. Let Moshiri, BK, Walsh all know about. Hell have a row over it. But don't go to the media mouthing about it. As Shropshire says washing his dirty clothes in public.

The only explanation is he's looking after his own reputation. Quite sulking and work with what you have. Ok, Pulis might not be the best example but the point is he manages to exceed the teams potential. Koeman could take a leaf out of his book. Work on the players at your disposal rather than complaining and whining about what you have.

For the record I'm very happy to have Koeman at the club. Don't want him to leave or think he should. Hope he's here in 10 years time. In fact I wanted him before he was appointed. Thought he was the best man for the job and still do.

Imho some things should be kept quiet. What's to benefit for the club? Nothing that I can see.



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