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09 Jan 2017 21:35:25
There is a lot of Blue emotion going on at the moment. It is quite strange really. Some Blues are saying Koeman has not got what it takes. Others are blaming Kenright and the board. Some blaming Martinez (I am in this camp. but for this post it is irrelevant) . The thing is, I can understand some fans frustrations. It does appear that some clubs have players lined up, do the deal and the players are announced. Maybe our targets have changed? Maybe we are aiming at a higher calibre of player? But maybe Walsh has still not got his plans in place? Whatever the reasons, we all want the same thing. I have seen some disturbing bickering on here at a time when we all need to stick together. Our red "friends" must be loving all this bickering, especially when they are flying. Can I ask you all to take a deep intake of breath, count to 10, (no make that 20) and remember that we all want the same thing. I can guarantee that every single poster on here (the Arsenal Dagenham Gunner excepted) wants the same thing. with the same passion as the next Blue. Things are happening guys. they are just not happening as quickly as we want. but I will give Niasse as an example of a rushed signing and say no more!

{Ed025's Note - good post that degsy..

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09 Jan 2017 22:13:36
We signed Niasse on the last day of the window as well Degsy. So far the two examples put on here are Niasse and Sissoko and both were last minute deals. One signed and the other one thankfully didn't go through. I don't want panic buys because we waited too long or dithered. I want the targets Koeman has already spoken about and not the rushed last minute deal that is going to waste money.

I am hopeful we will and won't go into a blind panic just yet but if the MEN is right and Schneiderlin did pass a medical on Friday and we are now coming to Tuesday and no deal has been struck it adds fuel to the fire. I can't even remember when that situation has ever happened before.

09 Jan 2017 22:20:28
Ed is it possible to put another link on the page along with everton rumours and everton banter?
Can we have everton moaners too?
Should satisfy a few on here.

{Ed025's Note - we do smit, its called "other posts" mate, all moaning posts should go there but sometimes other eds might answer the posts and i cant control that..

10 Jan 2017 07:34:52
Ed025 I wondered why all my posts disappeared onto that page! Now I know. Well I just think that's disgraceful and if you think I am going to waste my time and energy typing things on here only for them to disappear into cyber space at the click of a switch from some "jobsworth" Ed who has nothing better to do than move my very important posts into some hidden away page on a 2nd rate website that has no value at all with real fans and is self important and never gives a balanced view etc etc etc only joking mate!

{Ed001's Note - damn I got my hopes up then you were being serious and was about to move the thread to the others page just to wind you up! ;-)
Seriously speaking, the idea is just to keep the banter page from descending into bickering and infighting, and to allow it to stay more lighthearted and fun. The others page can be more loose, to allow people to have a proper discussion, without it making things tetchy on here.}

10 Jan 2017 08:37:13
Here here

10 Jan 2017 08:48:56
Look above at my post about bickering Ed. I know I have done my fair share in the past but I wanted people to stand back and realise we all want the same thing. success for our beloved club. yet we are in danger of completely missing the point and forgetting that to make a "club" . it means bringing a lot of like minded people together. The pressure and stress we suffer makes us fight against each other at times because of differing views on how we achieve the success we crave. At that point we need to take a deep breath and start again. Things could be a lot worst. we could all support Liverpool!

10 Jan 2017 12:16:04
You are completely missing the point Degsy. People are not bickering against each other they are having an opinion on the club.

Me personally, I think we have moved on brilliantly over the past year and think we will get even stronger. I've said it more than anyone on here how positive things are looking for our club.

My only concern is our transfer dealings that was highlighted by one of the closest people to them in our Manager. If you or any fan raised the concern it wouldn't bother me. The fact it is Koeman makes me believe there isn't something right.

You can have a go saying he isn't professional or whatever but the fact is he is not happy with how they are going.

Maybe if he was moaning about lack of goal scoring midfielders you take more notice of him? (only joking)

By the way there isn't a club, business or household were everyone is like-minded! How boring would that be!



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