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10 Jan 2017 15:37:09
Well here we are again, 10 days into the silly season and the blue naysayers are out in force.

A blue naysayer is different to your typical naysayer in that they pretend it is the clubs best interests they have at heart, nothing could be further from the truth. Just because they put COYB or similar onto the posts they make does not make the post more valid, let me explain.

Quote " We have a so called £100 million to spend on players but we have not got any so far. RK is rubbish Coyb "

Quote " We have all of this so called money for players yet signed no one, another lie by moshri and Co, I love Everton "

Quote " Arguing over a paltry 2 million for Schniderline, get rid of BK. Everton are the best "

Quote " Moshri been here almost a year and still no agreement on ground we are a laughing stock, Everton forever "

Quote " Walsh not doing his job properly at our club, he got Southampton 50 billion players for a quid and got us nothing, Come on Everton "

Quote " I see we are going after players A, B, and C, Koeman and walsh don't know what they are doing we should be going after Players x, y, and z sack them both, long live the toffees. "

Quote " Whilst Walsh, Koeman and Moshri are in the club we will never progress, time for change I think, stick with the toffee "

Whilst the above quotes are not exact in the presentation they are a reasonable parody.

An alarming thing is that similar posts are popping up on a daily basis and appears to be gathering momentum, more and more people seem to be jumping aboard either this train or the " But " train, you all know that monster,

Quote " RK is doing a great job here BUT he is rubbish and should be sacked "

Quote " BK does a fantastic job negotiating BUT he is an old fart and should retire "

The nagging naysayers and the BUT brigade are formidable opponents, they will wear you down and turn you if they go unchallenged, so it is our job, no our duty to stand up to these fools no matter what guise they come in.

Let me address some common charges they bring during the silly season.

Q " We are supposed to have £100 million to spend on players "
A Say's who? Who from EFC has ever officially said this?

Q " We are arguing with Utd over a measly £2 million why not just buy him?
A Ok let's say we spend that extra £2 million. Now let's say we only have £40 million total to spend that is us paying out an extra 5% of our total transfer budget. Now if we are interested in 3 players and they will cost £45 million we need to negotiate every penny we can to get the price down to £40 million. Negotiating a better deal is the only way we will get the 3 players we want. It does not matter in the least if we can buy him 10 times over if the FFP says this season we only have x amount to spend on players then that is all we have.

Q " Why are we not looking for a player to play in? position, RK is a joke looking for the wrong players"
A Koeman is without doubt they ONLY person who really knows the order in which we need to buy in players and more importantly the budget available to obtain said players, he relays this to Walsh. On these forums we have some very knowledgeable people who understand the processes involved more than most, take Degsy he has been a manager of a professional football club in the past and understands the frustrations more than most.

Q " Why is BK still doing the negotiating for us? "
A BK has one of, if not, the Best reputations in the world for the negotiating of players, apparently he is absolutely ruthless and has the respect of every british and European club for it, Even the RS higherarchy respect him. He may take time but the £millions he has saved us because of that is amazing.

So to recap

1 We do have money, lots of it, but the FFP will not allow us to spend it on transfers.

2 Koeman knows where he needs to rebuild from.

3 Kenwright is still negotiating for us because the game has no one better.

4 Degsy really is very knowledgeable on how the internals of a professional club work.

I could go on but feel I really have little to add to what I have written so far. Be patient and COYB oh wait a sec did I just say coyb .

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10 Jan 2017 16:15:23
Great post Grumpy no doubt there will be more naysayers before the end of the window also all these so called experts, i say leave it to Mr Walsh and R K I am sure they are far more aware of what needs to be done than us, GuernseyBlue

10 Jan 2017 16:58:56
Grumpytoffee, good realistic post agree on your end comments.

10 Jan 2017 17:05:45
I'm with you Grumpy people are always trying to see the worse in the way the club does things, I'm looking forward to the future with Moshiri, RK and Walsh all here and trust they are doing everything for the good of the club too many fifa and football manager supporters on here sometimes.

10 Jan 2017 17:51:55
I agree with some of your post Grumpy but whereas I am made up with Moshiri, Kenwright as Chairman still, Koeman, Walsh and the stadium progression, I am concerned as already stated about our transfer business and how poorly we APPEAR to perform in each window.

I'm not saying anything is fact and everything we hear is mainly hypothetical but maybe we can all take off our blue tinted glasses off sometimes and look at things from another perspective.

I like Koemans supposed targets and if correct the ones that ED002 has mentioned as well and I trust all things that come from the ED's. I can still have concerns though and because I love the club I will speak out over them. If I didn't then I wouldn't be a true fan and if I thought something didn't feel right and didn't say it then again I wouldn't be a true fan.

Some people attack the club and people running through spite and a cloud of hatred that has developed over the years in a false perception that Kenwright has been trying to ruin the club.

Some of us other fans have immense pride in how we conduct ourselves and what must be the best reputation any club has in football in work it does not just for it's own community but for other clubs as well.

Our club in my eyes is the best in the world and no other will ever come close to it. The current people running it will make it even better. I trust and believe in that.


10 Jan 2017 17:52:04
Grumpy it isn't kenwright I worry about in negotiations although he is a little to cautious for me at times, rather surprising given his profession.

10 Jan 2017 18:01:43
Enjoyable read Grumpy. You must have too much time on your hands sending in posts like that.

10 Jan 2017 19:20:31
Certainly living up to your name mate! I am laughing my socks off. Do you have steam coming out of your ears?

10 Jan 2017 20:34:14
Fully agree GuernseyBlue I'm not sure what brings them out, I'm sure by the standards of writing on some of the posts that teachers everywhere will be mortified, at least no one has said "Dude" yet.

Thanks for your comment Alwaysblue.

Lee1878 I echo your sentiments and I think you are right that the majority of those posters are busy getting all their info playing "Football Manager"

BlueJohnUs I enjoy reading your posts as I am sure most of us do. I don't think anyone has any objection to people voicing their concerns regards our club What gets up my nose in particular is voicing them in such a way that the club is all but doomed, the manager needs sacking and we need yet another investor. It's those type of posts that make toothache a welcome distraction. Personally I have no objection to posts that encourage banter.

MEverton I suppose it is because it has always been his own personal money at stake, imagine coming close to bankruptcy on a few occasions over a football club.

Tedster, Training squirrels at this time of year leaves me with plenty of time, can't find the pesky buggers anywhere.

And finally Degsy. Yes.

10 Jan 2017 21:01:13
100% Grumpy. Right there with you.



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