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18 May 2017 22:07:00
Harry Kane to get golden boot award then that will teach rom to switch off again when transfer talks start did it last season and doing it again well done Harry for wiping the grin of his face we should be pushing him to China.

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18 May 2017 22:15:59
What a disgraceful post! Yes Rom wants to move to a bigger club but he's not a local boy, he never came through our ranks and he doesn't have any particular affinity to Everton, he is doing nothing wrong by wanting to test himself at the highest level. His contribution to us over the years has been invaluable and we stand to make a very tidy profit. To cheer on a player from another club just out of spite is disgusting for a real fan, you don't deserve to wear the royal blue!
For an accolade that is quite an achievement for our beloved club to be associated with, we should be cheering Rom to go out on a high and take the golden boot!

18 May 2017 23:13:33
Couldn't agree more WorcesterEFC. If Rom wants to leave to get champs league football doesn't mean the fans have to slate him and want to see him fail. Don't know where some fans heads are at, we do have some strange fans.

19 May 2017 06:55:22
Really guys you think I don't want him to be top man in the prem I really did but are you happy to sit there and except poor performances again and again we should be in a champion league place if you ask me but since rom and Ross have had there heads turned we have been garbage so am not going to sit here and say nothing I pay good money to watch Everton and I expect players to at least make an effort.

19 May 2017 07:28:37
Well I won't lose any sleep if he misses out on the Golden Boot, I got 4/ 1 for Harry Kane when he was out injured and wasn't expected to be fit so soon, with the games we had left at the time i just had a feeling Rom would so his usual go on holiday early mode, although to be fair, I didn't expect Kane to net four at Leicester!

19 May 2017 07:37:00
Got to laugh at all the "that'll teach him" posts. Are you all 12 yrs old?
You're reacting like you've caught your wife with the milkman.
The reason that he's been over taken for the golden boot is that he's not as good as he thinks and doesn't put a shift in. He's along way behind Kane (who missed 6/ 8 games through injury too) - however he's still second on the list and we would have to spend serious money to find a 24 goal player to replace him. so in the meantime he's our player an I'll support him and all the other lads til they do or don't move on.

Our biggest problem this summer IMO is that Rom won't be any of the top top clubs first pick. If Utd don't get Griezman. If Arsenal lose Sanchez. If Costa goes and they don't get Sanchez. If Bayern lose Lewandowski. Etc. They will be panicked into paying over the odds for Rom. So my feeling is no quick resolution. We are most likely to face another long summer of anxiety. Hope I'm wrong.

19 May 2017 08:04:40
I wish my wife had been caught by the milkman.

19 May 2017 08:47:32
Wow, really don't get why fans say this kind of stuff for the clubs leading goal scorer in the premier league era. People seem to forget the Spurs have more creativity and goal scorning threats than what we do. Also Kane has scored 5 penalties this season and Lukaku hasn't taken a penalty.

Crazy how a lot of people put the blame for most of the negative parts of our season on either Lukaku or Barkley. It's puzzling why they don't want to stay.

19 May 2017 08:57:43
something you guys are missing Kane takes spurs pens which has got him 6 goals I think so if Lukaku took ours he would most prob be in low 30's in terms of goals still to hit 24 without pens is a fantastic achievement and hopefully he stays if not good luck to the guy and we have to trust Walsh and koeman to replace him with the same kind of player.

19 May 2017 10:25:43
I agree with Buster Jones .
Lukaku is a mercenary . No values except in his pocket .
Our form has 100% been affected by his attitude .
If fans were saying this about along term servant or a Peter Reid I would agree with criticising Buster but Lukaku is not a Blue he is a greedy boy who used Everton and deserves all the criticism that is pointed at him .
In fact it amazes me that anyone supports him and The in reality huge numbers of knowledgeable EFC people I know have all been critical of him and will be glad to see the back of him .
We will remember Dean Hickson Young Latchford Gray Sharpe but Lukaku I doubt it .
Moving on to Barclay I have reached the opinion that I am actually saddened by his behaviour.
A true blue err I don't think so otherwise he would have signed some time ago
He may still sign after all he is showing off the new kit, but on the other hand we are talking Everton I don't think they capable of planning that far ahead!

19 May 2017 14:47:10
Regardless of his overall loyalty he is stil currently an EFC player. If you use the model that you only support those players who are loyal in the premier league era to one particular club then I'm afraid our club will be going backwards. There are mercenaries in the current game yes but how long has Lukaku been with us? 3 or 4 seasons? That hardly screams a lack of loyalty to me.

The guy wants to play at a level our club currently cannot offer him. I for one won't begrudge him my support for having an ambition that we are not able to provide right now.

19 May 2017 17:36:23
CToffee, totally agree with both your posts.

19 May 2017 10:13:42
Hi Ed I think that post above is one of the worst I have ever read on here, what an absolute load of tripe I know everyone has their opinions but to complain about our Club like that is absolutely disgraceful, enough said, roll on Sunday and fingers X we beat those Goooooooners cheers, GuernseyBlue.

{Ed025's Note - i have to say i wish the guy well and thank him for his service, and we are set to make a massive profit...its all good..



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