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19 May 2017 01:54:19
I fully respect people's opinions over Harry Kanye passing Lukaku in pursuit of the Golden Boot. I also agree with the view of some fans who say we shouldn't hold it against Lukaku for wanting to leave Everton. but. In my humble opinion, Lukaku has contributed to our dip in form over the last 5/ 6 games, as has Ross Barkley. Lukaku has become a legend in his own mind when it is obvious he isn't the finished article by far and I don't think he is being fair to Korean. the man who has improved and moulded him over this season by instilling a total belief in the player and insisting publicly that Lukaku could become the best in the world. I also believe this to be the same with Ross Barkley who has unsettled things with his failure to sign a new contract. Barkley needed bullying, and Korean has unlocked the talent we all know Barkley possesses, but has rarely shown, until the latter part of this season. Lukaku needs to reflect on why Chelsea actually let him go in the first place and the fact that Everton were the only Club who were prepared to pay the fee for him. Lukaku has been good for Everton, but Everton has been equally as beneficial to Lukaku. and since he went public about not wanting to sign a new contract with us, its had a negative effect on the form of the whole team, . same with Ross Barkley. I watched Spurs against Leicester tonight and the input from Harry Kane was impressive, as it always is. Dell Ali was behind Ross Barkley in terms of England pecking order, but he has left Barkley in his wake in all parts of his game. The Spurs players have all signed long term contracts to be part of the plan Pochettino has laid out for the long term future of the club and they all want to play for him and represent the club. We have one of the top coaches in world football in place at Goodison now. big investment. a new Stadium around the corner, but 2 of our main players who Koeman would want to build a new team around don't want to stay? How can the man ever be expected to be able to make the club successful if players aren't prepared to commit to a project which won't be successful overnight. It taken Spurs nearly 3 seasons to reach the level they are at now. by keeping the same group of players together from a young age. just like Fergus on did at United with his Class of 92. I will watch what happens over the next 3/ 4 weeks with great interest. like a lot of Everton Ians. Our best players need to stay so we can attract the better players from all over the world to come and play for this great club. Everton. I believe also that the severe injuries to key players hasn't helped either. Just my opinion folks COYB.

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19 May 2017 06:24:58
Not seen you on here for a while GV. Good post.
Think there is some unrest at Tottenham with some players over pay. Not a total surprise that with the modern footballer, agents and Levy in the equation.

19 May 2017 09:09:35
You do make some good points mate. But as usual for Everton over the last 30 or so years, the timing seems to go against us. Remember we had many many years of lack of investment. We also the plumeted down the leaguee under Roberto Martinez. and in my opinion weakened our squad considerably. It has aged and Koeman really had to sign some players as stop gaps. eg Williams. In reality, we have sufficient funds for signing players. We now also have more funds coming in from sales by the looks of things. However, we are not Champions League. That's the one thing that Lukaku wants. As for Barkley, he might still sign but he might be sold. I am sure there are more personal reasons for his wanting to leave. Those reasons may come out at a later date. He obviously loves Everton but you can see he is struggling mentally and fights in clubs etc don't help footballers. You are 100% right that we will be losing (if both go) 2 of our best players. That will be a tough ask to replace them. But Mr Walsh has consistently done this in his career to date. So I am expecting 2 good players at least. Probably ones we have never heard of? If anyone has been watching Oliver Watkins at Exeter City for instance? The lad has banged goals in all season in League 2. Ok a much lower league, but the quality of his skills is obviously at a higher level. Apparently Man Utd and Arsenal have been watching him and Leeds and Bristol City want him. I am not for one minute saying he is the answer and we should sign him. But I am saying players like him are around. Lookman and Calvert Lewin are ones for the future. Gueye a great signing and also Schneids a great signing. let's see if Barkley goes. let's see how much we have come in and let's see which players Walsh identifies. You are partly right in saying Spurs took 3 seasons to get there. Actually they have been chucking money at players for about 8 seasons. They regularly out bid us for players. I suspect Koeman will need replacing before we get to top 4 but at least we are going in the right direction once again. I suspect 5 or 6 seasons to get top 4. Because as fast as we are progressing, teams like the other top 6 clubs are also progressing and investing. We were late to the table, but not too late.

19 May 2017 09:24:13
Pretty fair reflection that, degsy.
There are gems in the lower leagues which we can blend with the youngsters coming through and any, so called, big name signings we bring in.
That is the tough job sw and rk have to do over this summer and the next few Windows (glad I'm not the manager)
We have to remember that although we have money, so do most other clubs in the league and we can't just throw stupid money around with ffp rules, etc.
We may or may not reach the dizzy heights of the 80's again but it's fair to say we are very close to making it a regular top 7 in the premier league.
And regardless of what happens to our beloved club, we will all be there cheering them on for as long as football exists.

19 May 2017 10:12:12
Agree with most of the posts. In my opinion we are looking at the wrong players to build the team around Rom and Ross are good and will get better but are just not consistent enough. For me Gueye, Davies and Holgate are the ones that show the most promise, they certainly have the ability and are far more consistent than the other two.

19 May 2017 14:39:30
I think with Ross he is a bit unsure of what he is. He can't control games like say gerrard did and he isn't a flair player like a Silva or couthino. And if he wants to play at the top level he has tom take the next step to becoming one of them. Look at Rodwell plenty of promise but as soon as he stepped up a level he just couldn't do it. I see the same happening to Ross if he leaves this summer.



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