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27 Aug 2017 14:12:20
Didn't Koeman learn nothing from last seasons hiding? 3 at the back once again and it looks like now we're on for abother hiding and its not even half time.

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27 Aug 2017 14:25:15
We look to be struggling, plus Chelsea look very solid at the back (and Mid) Not our day today unfortunately but hopefully we don't concede any more.

27 Aug 2017 14:28:20
Jimmyc for crying out loud stop winging. If you can manage a football team any better why have we not heard of you?
Moan moan freaking moan that's the only time we hear from you lot, go support another team where moaning is justified.

27 Aug 2017 15:19:39
So you're happy are you grumpy? Easily pleased hey. And if you wanna go back through the years on this site and check my posts pal you'll find out what types of posts i send. Freedom of speach mate just like yourself. I've followed my team which is Everton by the way for 53yrs through thick and thin home and away and away in europe spent a fortune all been worth it no matter what so no i don't think ill be going to support somebody else thank you just because you don't like what i said.

27 Aug 2017 17:41:56
It's not what you said in banter Jimmyc it's the negativity. Basically saying RK does not know his job, Saying we are going to get a hiding even before half time.

As for being easily pleased well yes I'm actually pleased with how the team is starting to gel a little, I'm pleased we got a point against City, I'm pleased we got through in Europe and I'm pleased that our manager has more knowledge of the game than you do.

27 Aug 2017 22:01:07
Grumpy mate you're a passionate blue i can tell, so am i. Like all of us we hate getting beat. The only team i managed was in the canny farm junior football league (long defunct ) i managed them to a cup final where they got walloped 6/ 2. Anyway all i was trying to point out was the 3 at the back formation. We tried it at home againsst stoke and it didn't work RK came out and said it himsekf that he'd got it wrong in first half so changed it to good effect sound spot on. Last year we deployed the same system agsinst the champions elect and got a hiding. Nearly 12 months later we line up the same way against them albeit different personnel but all the same its the same formation different players first half we are woeful and 2 nil down being overun in the middle of the park and we're punting long aimless balls upfield to nobody and not a shot on target. What did you want to hear from me? We are playing great and everything in the garden looks rosey? I said it as i felt at the time 3 at the back won't work as it didn't last time against a team like Chelsea hence 2 nil up at the break. Could you hand on heart with all the positivity in the world see us coming out in the second half and putting chelsea to the sword? RK is the man imo to take us forward he has done that in his first year ie in the way we play getting rid of most of martinez's buys abd the quality players he's brought in. But to admit to it himself 3 at the back was wrong against the likes of stoke who are shite then to go and replicate the same formation to a team who gave us our biggest hiding last season just didn't sit right with me. i won a few medals for playing football through my career and as i said managed a junior team to a cup final but i am no master tactician but surely even you could see from the start what the outcome was going to be today looking at the starting formation. keep the banter going pal that's what its all about, it would be boring as f@@k if we all agreed with everything said on here.

27 Aug 2017 22:39:42
I hear what you are saying mate. I didn't intend to come across so harshly and I apologize to you for that. I am a passionate toffee ( after the boys pen you either love Everton or hate them ) and sometimes lash out needlessly when others are only putting their point of view across.

28 Aug 2017 08:08:28
No need at all to apologise mate it's banter. 👍.



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