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30 Sep 2017 16:30:32
To all the blues who are adamant that we will be ok and RK is the man can you explain why players like Barclay, Mirralas are in the position they are, wanting to leave or unhappy, Naisse being treated appallingly and now talk that Lookman is unhappy
Surely there must be some issue with the players and RK
Even Davies seems petrified to kick the ball forward as if he is going to be screamed at if he makes a mistake.
It seems to me the players don't like RK and if that is the case it won't matter what anyone of us think!

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30 Sep 2017 16:47:17
Barkley has got more abuse from the stands than from RK, Mirallas has fell out with every manager we've had and it's attitude that's the problem, Niasse was not wanted by the fans until Lukaku left and pretty much everyone thought he was garbage and lookman is an U23 coming from Charlton that has to learn his trade.

Davies is getting the same treatment now from the stands to what Barkley got and what started to affect his performances when Martinez was at the club.

I'm not saying he is blameless but some of these players need to get some balls. If they were doing their job properly the manager AND the fans wouldn't be on their back so much!

30 Sep 2017 17:23:42
Well said BlueJohn top post mate.

30 Sep 2017 17:34:44
decent post bluejohn but u say if the players were doing there job properly, to many are being played out of position there is os no balance to the team at all, that is the managers fault, look at the limmasol game, to holding mids at home a poor first half, then what does he do in 2nd half kenny was on his own down that right hand side alls he had to do was put lookman on but no he puts klaasan on and tries to fit 3 number 10s in yet again, it just doesn't make sense, if we would have started that game width gyeye holding lookman an vlasic on wings and gylfi behind a front 2 we would have turned them over, that is down to koeman its not acceptable at all its not rocket science is it.

30 Sep 2017 18:59:55
The reason Lookman is not getting a game is obvious from the times he's been on the pitch, he gives the ball away too much. That means he has two kids on the right if Kenny is on there with kenny who ends up having to clean up the mess left by Lookman.

Lookman is going to be awesome but he needs to learn when to take risks as most of the time he does it in his own half but he's a kid and will learn.

Also I don't like two cdm's like everyone else. I believe and have said more than anyone on here that you either play one of them with Davies the no.8 or Barklay/ Klaassen with one of them.

The problem with the no.10 is that we signed Rooney. I wanted him to succeed but he has proved the doubters right as he gives the ball more than anyone. He looks mentally unfit to me and also looks like he's put weight on since signing.

I think Vlasic is a striker and not a winger. He also looks a damn good one and someone who can hold that ball up. Personally I'd be playing him before any other we've got. Also he makes quick clever runs and Sig is starting to pick them out.

In all of this though they are still footballers but they can't do the basics until something bad happens and then they kick into gear. That's not the manager thas all down to them on the pitch. It's not Koeman but Williams giving the ball away and conceding a goal, it's Rooney giving the ball away and us almost conceding a goal, it's Klaassen giving a free-kick away and us conceding a goal. These are the issues that are not helping but yes are part of a bigger problem. if we can sort this out though it bloody well helps.

30 Sep 2017 20:33:20
Not an Everton fan but although lookman may look erratic at times on the pitch he's one of maybe two players with any pace, without him it's sideways passes and no insertion. Vlasic has a bright future but it's definitely not as a striker.

30 Sep 2017 22:17:55
To be fair he doesn't look erratic he just gives the ball away in poor areas. He's only young though and you'd expect him too. I'm not having a go at the lad he'll get much better.

As for Vlasic It's just my opinion on what I've seen. He may or may not but for me he looks like a goal scorer and could develop into the role. As a winger yep he can do that as well.



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