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19 Oct 2017 02:10:46
Hey all, long time peruser but never contributed owt before; hope you'll bear with me (and the insomnia) .

It isn't turning out quite as we all hoped, is it? But, we've never been the brightest of starters, We can all see the problems: too many 10s, a vanity signing to stir the heart, ageing / absent wing banks, obsessive tendency to play two DMs and a manager who seems incapable of deciding precisely what game he'd like to play. And I have the horrible sinking feeling we'll get precious little return out of this run of games up to Stamford Bridge and the next round of the SuperSpecialFarEasternEnergyDrink Cup. I saw someone else here post they'd settle for 40 points now. I'm not disagreeing.

What I really want to say is though, all feck ups aside (how did we not get a Premiership 'ready' 9. when we had at least 15 months to prepare for that pandered peacock's departure; why no additional centre back, or right back cover; why no confidence in Lookman and Davies at the very least) is that WE ARE STILL INFINITELY BETTER OFF THAN WE'VE BEEN SINCE THE MID 80s. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

I am fully aware that I am a geek, but its the business / financial end that's piqued my interest in recent months, and all the signs say to me Moshiri is in it for the long term. This is not to say SW and Elstone shouldn't have a shot across their bows from the board, or that I have absolute confidence in RK's ability to turn things round, just that we may have to be a little more patient. This season might prove to be little more than one glorified bump on the road to a better future. A transition. Not the one we expected, sure, but at least now we have the MEANS to challenge again. We haven't lost that, whatever our form since August.

Keep the faith, inneh?


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19 Oct 2017 05:57:10
Great first post there mate.

19 Oct 2017 08:15:12
Good post Big DFs 1000 yard stare.

19 Oct 2017 08:29:03
Agree with most of that mate, good post.

We are 100% in a better place than the mid-80s and have a lot to be grateful for, particularly with Moshiri.

All I'd say re patience is that I'd have a lot more of it if we were showing signs of improvement, maybe even if we were just steady but my worry is we're regressing every game.

Koeman and the board made some baffling signings over the summer while not addressing what was most urgent - left footed CB, a RB and a number 9. Granted though they made a couple of terrific signings in Keane and Pickford, but his selections and formations don't inspire any confidence that he'll be able to turn it round.

19 Oct 2017 10:01:36
We blindly pursued the Sigurdsson deal all pre season and were forced to pay over the top for him, during this time we failed to secure more important positional signings, now to frustrate things further we do not play him in the position we bought him to play because we have too many players already.
I would really like to know for all we are paying him what is Steve Walsh's real input? I can't say we have seen a real gem unearthed?

19 Oct 2017 10:41:04

19 Oct 2017 10:51:43
early days but he is promising, but so was Lookman?

19 Oct 2017 12:13:44
Gana? Calvert Lewin?

19 Oct 2017 14:50:39
great post, however we are better off than we were in the 80's, but you have to look at spurs, who have have done exactly what we thought we were going to do over the past few years, challenged slowly for the top 6, then cracked top four and are now title contenders for the third year on the bounce. where as plucky little everton have floundered around mid table.



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