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20 Oct 2017 14:19:37
Many contributors are commenting that EFC players are not good enough but I would dispute that .
The likes of Sig have not become bad players overnight in fact he is still doing the business for Iceland 🇮🇸
You can not tell me that the Watford squad is better than ours and yet look at their performances.
It all comes down to the coach and what he gets out of the players
I am convinced the same players are quite capable of beating anyone if managed correctly .
I was a manager in my time and it is easy as others have said . You have to be supportive, and certainly not scream and shout as imagine is his trademark.
Psychology plays a big part, make them feel wanted, give them confidence etc
Sadly he not got the correct attributes and needs to go
Payers will improve IMHO.

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20 Oct 2017 14:58:13
which pro football club did you manage then trebor? XD.

20 Oct 2017 16:35:14
As you probably know WBlue I did not manage a football club but did several large hospitals and actually that is far harder to do!
What you manage is not the point it's all about the skills you use to bring out the best in what you got especially when you employed them yourself as Koeman did .
A lot of it is common sense .
Just look at what Burnley and Watford managers have done as they are managing their players were they are valued and feel part of a team .
Koeman sadly lacks these management skills and one of the worst things you can do as a senior manager is publicly croutes your team / staff as they will turn against you!

20 Oct 2017 18:04:13
Trebor. if u don't mind me saying mate you appear to be a wise chap. I agree with everything your saying. RK initially received plaudits for barricking Ross in public. problem is. he continued. and has alienated him. it's bullying. He then did the same with oumar niasse and Everton fans allowed themselves to be suckered into that . despite not witnessing the lad play 30mins of footy. I think the problem is that the biggest ego in the dressing room is RK. it's all about him when it's good and everyone but him when it turns bad. ergo his managerial and inter-personal skills are completely lacking. Add to that his complete lack of empathy with the fans, and it all makes a sickly concoction.

20 Oct 2017 19:43:53
I’m not sure if I agree with the policy of making the players feel wanted and putting an arm around them, in fact I think that’s part of the problem, they are employees there to do a job of work, contracted to contribute to the team in a joint effort to enhance performance, results, profile, etc, etc. It is NOT about the club pandering to the whims and demands of self acclaimed prima donnas getting paid vast sums of money for being, ( in some cases) mediocre at best. If they are not performing they need to be made aware, I remember a certain Sir Alex Ferguson and his no nonsense approach to his teams, no one can deny the respect, probably fear his teams had for him and his success and longevity speaks volumes about his career.
Not saying we need to crucify the players but they need to know who’s boss. Not too long ago we were applauding Koemans treatment of Ross and I still think he can do a job for Everton.

20 Oct 2017 19:43:53
Thanks for your kind words Jcl 1978 what is extremely interesting is Simon Jordan ex Crystal Palace has made a rather scathing attack on RK .
I don't normally take much notice of him but he sees it exactly as we do .
Why the hell can evryone see it Bar the board
Jordan has said RK not the right man, that he is basically a bully and thinks very highly of himself
He went on to say he even feels RK has lost it, that he is overweight, unshaven and terrible body language and is bad for Everton which is a marvellous club and should not be performing as they are
This is because it would be totally unfair on Unsworth who will he expected to work in an interim position to take over after the Arsenal and Chelsea games?

20 Oct 2017 19:58:38
Hope your right Trebor!

20 Oct 2017 20:08:56
Hugster, regarding SAF. nail on head. players had respect. and he earned that over the years. but he wouldn't have had the same respect in his first 2- 3 yrs. Putting money aside. if your boss publicly shamed you on numerous occasions in front of your whole company, or made you sit in an office all by urself purely because his predecessor hired u and he didn't think u were worth hiring, would u think that was fair? If u put the wages aside for a moment I don't see how anyone would agree that to be professional gentlemanly behaviour. none of us would like it.

20 Oct 2017 20:11:15
A couple of points to agree with Trebor. The players are good, in fact some of them are excellent. The manager does impact it massively, hence why Joe Royle made a nightmare situation for us into an instant derby win and the last meaningful silverware we won.

Simon Jordan is for me very annoying but a lot of the time bang on with his opinions. And I thought he was right about the way Koeman looked. Although I would wonder how much he knows him to comment on the other stuff.

I also think that good communication with staff at all levels is by far the most effective way to manage.

I will say though that I’m genuinely gutted it’s not working out. Most of all because like everyone else I want us to win everything there is. But also because I thought we were going places under him but now it looks like he will have to go.



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