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04 Nov 2017 07:14:25
So according to the press Unsworth has said Sandro has struggled to adapt to Premiership football. So either he's missing home or literally he can't adapt to Premiership football. Well if it's the later one. Of course he's struggling. Everton are rubbish right now. How can any adapt playing for a team that's playing shit. Rumour says he could leave in January. I hope not and once this debacle for a season has stopped then hopefully he can find form. This better not be a Niasse situation all over again. I hate being an Everton fan right now its a complete mess. i'm ashamed to call myself a Blue.

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04 Nov 2017 07:58:06
I totally agree Mowfee82
I been going since 59 I think and this is the worst by far
I have just read that BBC Panorama are doing a two part documentary on Moshiri and Usmanov on Mon!
I can think of no other club who for first time in decades had some money and got into this mess.
Supporters from all clubs moan but there is something deep seated wrong at Everton.
Everyone has blamed the players but the whole board are to blame for many disgraceful decisions culiminating in the Lukaku debacle .
In July 2017 my aim was top 4 my dream win the league
In Nov 2017 my aim Finnish 4 th bottom
My nightmare we are relegated.
A clean sweep is needed
The whole board are a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves.
How many sets of fans would be as tolerant as we are being
What is the answer?

04 Nov 2017 07:49:13
Then go support someone else. Sorry to be so harsh but that is a ridiculous statement. How can you be ashamed to be an Everton fan.

04 Nov 2017 08:25:49
We are BIGDUNCSMUM the laughing stock of the league . I am visiting down south at mo and the only talk is of us blues and that we are a disgrace .
They can’t understand why we putting up with it .
Anyway I have sympathy for Moyfee remark and remember we are all frustrated and angry at the moment and to be fair to him the board have acted totally incompetently over many years.

04 Nov 2017 09:39:35
Trebor, you "can think of no other club who for first time in decades had some money and got into this mess. " QPR, Leeds, Blackburn, Villa, Sunderland?
And I'm sorry, but if your aim was top 4, it was unrealistic. We all dream of winning the league, but we have to have rational targets as well as aspirational ones. If we set these ridiculous bars for "success" then everything feels like failure.
Too many comments on here about how this is the worst it's every been. Absolute rubbish. Do you not remember the very real expectation of relegation on the final day of the season? How was that season not worse than this? We have had far worse squads than this. I would go further - most of our squads over the last 25 years have been worse than this. If you've been going since 1959, then you must remember the days of Ablett, Samways, et al? Or when our star signing was Andy van der Meyde? The decade when we had ONE top half finish and escaped relegation twice by one place? With no real hope of proper investment or improvement? Jesus, blues, stop wallowing and get your heads up! Times are bad but we've been through worse and there is hope and scope for improvement.

04 Nov 2017 10:16:58
I accept all that COYB I think what I was trying to say was my aim and definitely my dream were just that aims which we should all aspire to and dreams because without them why bother BUT I DID COME ON HERE AND SAY WE MUST BE REALISTIC as others were talking of top 4
By worst team ( you are correct I have known far worse teams talent wise and I was at Wimbledon game ) I mean the whole club as a team and also given we had a huge amount of money to spend .
The management made many mistakes the biggest as we all know being Lukaku sale but the players possibly through little fault of their own are not performing given their obvious talent .
What Steve Walsh does is anyone’s guess and it’s the whole package of little said about the ground issue
Form of players and tactics being used .
We do have a very talented squad COYB compared to many previous squads but they not performing . As Kevin Radcliffe said yesterday he cannot think of a worse team performing in the whole Prem!
I think this is what I was trying to say
Yes we got far better players now but they not playing for the Blue shirt .

04 Nov 2017 12:59:18
That is the big issue guys. Everyone goes on about no number 9s but we've got 4. Niasse, Rooney, DCL and Sandro. They say we have no pace but we've got Sandro, Vlasic, mirallas, Lennon and lookman and to some extent Niasse. We have some of the best midfielders in the league apart from the top 5/ 6. What we need is a manager and team that can come in with a plan, stick to it and we will fly up the league. The Xmas period will be key due to the number of games played in such a short time. This is where teams gain or lose massively so as long as we're sorted managerially by then we will be fine.



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