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17 Nov 2017 16:02:28
Well I've put on the old tin hat ready for the bombardment that will no doubt follow.

I see a few are saying how we showed heart by coming back from 2 - 0 to win the game.

What I don't see is people saying we should of never been in that situation in the first place, for crying out loud we were only playing Watford, our reserve team could beat them. We showed this so called heart for about 20 minutes and only then when they had their reserve goal keeper on.

This now begs the question that if Unsworth has the full backing of the players and they want him as manager, then why oh why did they not play like that for the full 90 minutes instead of 20? Had we of been playing stronger opposition then I fear we would not of been chasing a 2 goal deficit but a much higher one.

When people say we were lucky they are right, we were lucky it WAS only Watford, we were lucky they had only scored 2 and not more, we were lucky they were weakened with players going off, we were lucky that THEY ALLOWED us back into the game.

Before we start going on about the team showing heart and passion maybe they should show it for the full 90 minutes, because when they only so called show it for 20 minutes, Then to me it does not look like. It does not look like they have the heart, It does not look like they have the passion, and it most certainly does not look like they are in any way supporting the manager.

So far under Unsworth I have seen no improvement in the team, in fact we seem to be letting in more and more preventable goals, under his guidance the team loses it's way once they fall behind. Now a lot of this could be attributed to Koeman BUT let us be realistic when I say that there should have been signs of improvement somewhere on the pitch.

Unsworth has genuine passion and love for Everton, but then so do I. Sadly as a top flight manager that is not enough, if it were then we would be top of the league. He is an awesome manager at the under 23's but that does not equate to the premier league, it is easier to motivate your team when you have a carrot to dangle, an achievable reward for them to aim for. The carrot he had was the possibility of first team football, not a promise just the possibility, That in itself is a big motivator.

In the premiership he has no such carrot and it shows on the pitch. The top managers worldwide are all top motivators and as such can get the very best out of their players for the full 90 minutes. Unsworth needs to get another 350% to reach that. To do that will take a tremendous improvement in his current managerial experience, he needs more than anything to be tutored by another top manager, whomever that will be, before he can take over the mantle at Everton. I fear that should he be allowed to learn as he goes along it will have a detrimental effect on our great club, with a very real possibility of relegation.

Thank you.

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17 Nov 2017 16:51:41
Absolutely spot on Grumpy mate. Had there keeper not gone off then the result would not have been what it was.

17 Nov 2017 17:20:17
how about giving the players credit yes I agree we shouldn't of been in that position but Watford aren't a poor side they are decent and so what if it was only 20 minutes those players could of let their heads drop but they never they kept going and don't be naive to think we only won because gomes went off you do know it's 11v11 don't you.

17 Nov 2017 17:40:52
Yer we was very lucky that fat fella tuk the day off and give goal keeping a go and they let him. Are manager got a team that had there confidence truly bettered out of them and we was lucky a goal went in by hook or by crook that give us the confidence to believe it had nothing to do with the fact gk went off you would think they put Williams in goal they can't be that bad a team if we are willing to pay 10mill for the manager. The team unsy has got is awful that's has nothing to do with him unless we get a manager that can score goals it will not help us rant over.

17 Nov 2017 17:41:35
Well the fact there reserve keeper made two howlers, sort of gives it away a bit really. It's not naivety mate, I have watched this team all season and they are poor. That result will not change that.

17 Nov 2017 18:14:14
I have watched them all season too as a season ticket holder in the lower Gladys so that's a stupid comment and I didn't say we were world beaters I said how about giving them some credit and that's not us being lucky if their keeper made mistakes Jesus how about stop putting them down after coming back from 2-0 down and give them your support no wonder they hate playing at goodison with fans who breath negativity I for one will keep believing we can win every game otherwise there is no use supporting us.

17 Nov 2017 18:21:54
Give the players credit?

You expect me to give the players credit for playing for 20 minutes and not 90?

Why should I give them credit for trying for less than a quarter of the game? .

If we had shown that passion all season we would be in a higher league position and probably still able to qualify for the next round in Europe. it may be 11 v 11 but it certainly was not 11 playing against 11 for 70 minutes.

17 Nov 2017 18:25:13
The Watford game is done let's move on. Let's hope the team take that confidence and get a win against Palace.

17 Nov 2017 20:27:40
so grumpy your take on it is moan when we lose and moan when we win glad I don't have to sit next to you at the old lady.

17 Nov 2017 20:47:35
Agree totally Grumpy mate we were very very poor against Watford and definitely got out of that game with a flukey win mate.

17 Nov 2017 21:03:26
bluey the clue there is Watford are decent, we are far better than that and have the Squad that should easily beat anyone of Watfords calibre. Like it or not we were very very lucky against Watford. Whatever has happened to undermine a Squad of undoubted talent is way above what I/ we understand. What I do know is that we will not be in a relegation fight come the second half of the season. Prediction 10th.

17 Nov 2017 21:07:29
Bluey you are totally missing my point here.

Let me explain in a shortened down version.

IF and I say IF loosely the players really did have Unsworths back they would have played like the last 20 minutes for all of the game. They have now shown they are actually capable of playing well yet chose not to for the majority of the game. It is FOR THAT reason I do not think Unsworth is the right man for manager. The team has proven it can play, but only when THEY want not when Unsworth wants them to.

17 Nov 2017 22:38:20
Grumpy it is the U23'S That Unsworth knows well and therefore trusts and vice versa. I think that what we will see under him is a gradual integration of that core U23 making the transition into the first Team, the skill there is going to be massaging of senior ego's.

17 Nov 2017 23:31:41
Could be the changes Unsworth made that made the difference, hence why we played better, Unsworth has taken over a team out of shape and lacking confidence, he has had 4 games in charge, 3 of them away, yes we were lucky in the end but not a mention of possibly two penalties we should have had at Leicester.

Give the guy time to assemble his best 11 before dismissing the guy, let’s not forget he has a 75% win rate in charge of the first team in premier league matches.

If he gets a run of games, it will not take long to work out his best 11 and a system.

3 of those games came less than two weeks of taking charge and little time to work out a system n training.

18 Nov 2017 07:33:23
Good post Bazwil although I like Grumpy don't think he is ready yet. I wouldn't have any issue with him taking it till the end of the season. I think he has only managed 3 prem games and won only one which would be 66%.

18 Nov 2017 08:17:48
I'm with grumpy.

18 Nov 2017 09:59:14
Two I meant.

18 Nov 2017 10:47:23
we won we got 3 points doesn't matter how it came about.

18 Nov 2017 13:07:18
how can u disagree with that? 3 points is all's that matters.

18 Nov 2017 13:58:20
I think we should draw a line under this thread for now.

There have been some very good points raised both for and against having Unsworth in charge.

Thank you to all contributers regardless if you agree with me or not, it has all made for an interesting debate.



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