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28 Nov 2017 10:17:46
Sam Allardyce has told friends he "needs convincing" about becoming Everton manager WTF, he is after more money? last month we could have had him or Moyes, both would keep you in the prem but Moyes we could have had for buttons and got rid at the end of the season, Sam will be fighting for 3 years and lots of money, why are we in this mess, dreading Wednesday.

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28 Nov 2017 10:37:49
It’s obvious isn’t it mate
I been banging on as recently as yesterday about the board at our club .
Most of us could have handled the Lukaku, Koeman and recruitment of the new manager far better than the board, and I am convinced any other Prem board would have dealt with it far better .
Many have jumped on me to support the board but I just do not think they have any defence .
Acted like prize idiots the lot of them .
Are greates weakness is dithering, we are expert at it .
Evryone is saying going to be big Sam, so be it BUT. Big Sam may not want to come now as we did not actually show faith in him and we may loose out .
Any management team with a ounce of sense would have highlighted the two home games this week and had a guy in yesterday to lead us into those two vital games .
No doubt with our record it will be next Monday after two more defeats, yes it’s more likely than not with the confidence poor Unsworth is instilling and his tactics are if nothing else bizarre
Pull your bloody fingers out and get this sorted NOW
SUPPORTED SINCE 59 never been this bad.

28 Nov 2017 11:07:39
abut the same as you Trevor mate 59/ 60 for me, but very sad and disheartened at the mo mate.

28 Nov 2017 11:55:07
It does make you wonder. Bill God bless him, doesn't appear to want to let go of the reins and Mr Moshri does not appear to listen or accept advice off anyone else. On the subject of big Stan. What has the fella actually done wrong. Binned from England for telling the truth, did nobody pick up on that sting 'meeting' in which Allardyce told them he may be interested but he was under contract and anything would have to be run past his bosses (the FA) . The media behaved irresponsibly once again.

28 Nov 2017 12:13:50
sorry trebor mate.

28 Nov 2017 12:52:37
Our current form on the pitch has nothing to do with Lukaku, He has gone, we did not replace him, get over it. Try to be more concerned about how poor our defence is, We are not conceding goals because we do not have a striker.

We are trying to get a new manager but every single candidate that we know has made the shortlist is unacceptable with most of you even if they meet all of the unrealistic targets you all want.

And as for saying big Sam may not want to come because we did not show faith in him, Well i have heard some ridiculously stupid statements on here but that really takes the biscuit. Do you really think that talks would of been re-opened yesterday had that been the case?

How about me making a prediction for you. I will predict that in 24 months time Trebor will still be moaning about Lukaku.

28 Nov 2017 14:03:02
I have no doubt that the board wanted this sorted weeks ago. Their primary target was Silva and an approach was made after the game against Watford. If that was well received he’d have been in place by now. It hasn’t turned out that way but not for the want of trying.

I’m not sticking up for them as I too find it all very frustrating, but we need to see what has already happened before we start making comments that in view of the facts just aren’t true.



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