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10 Dec 2017 19:03:19
Liverpool fan in peace, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Everton showed little or no ambition and for a Derby I expected more. The penalty was soft but a penalty none the less, if Lovren just stands his ground he probably gets done for diving but he felt contact and went down, that’s the modern game and I can imagine if it goes against you you would be saying the same.
Good luck with big sams footy I don’t think it’ll be long before yo u get frustrated with the kick and run tactics. i think with your form you would see it as a very good point but if that was any other season you would be unhappy with the approach.

All in all a disappointed red, enjoy your point and we will do it all again in the cup.

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10 Dec 2017 19:20:51
He has had two weeks to lift a team shot in confidence, he has to work with what he’s been left, Sam got his tactics spot on, pick up results, build confidence, then build where needed in January, if I was a Red I would be more concerned in Klopp changing a winning team and dropping two of your Fab Four.

As or Sams footy, he can only set up with what he has to hand, no Baines, no Coleman. No top striker, no MCCarthy, no Bolasie, Judge Sam, when he can bring players in.

Decent to come in peace, but have a good look at Klopp, he cost you today.

10 Dec 2017 19:21:34
Have to agree to be honest. But that point in this moment in time is like 3 for us. He can only set out with what players he’s got. With the players named from the starting line up I can only say I’m ecstatic with a point. After he’s had a transfer window etc, I will have a different opinion!

10 Dec 2017 19:29:16
3 weeks ago we were just above relegation place, we’ve had a few good results and just started building some confidence back up, on the other hand you have been scoring for fun And tearing teams to shreds! U expect more from a derby? A 4 or 5 hammering at this time wouldn’t of done us much good would it? Sorry we didn’t try at take you on at your own game! We got a new manager that’s trying to put his stamp on things! And it’s going to take time! I can understand your very frustrated but you’re going to get teams that set up like this against you! You need to find a way to break them down!

10 Dec 2017 19:33:24
Wyfed and that is the crux mate. We bought and brought in god awful players and Big Sam is left with the mess. We have to struggle through until January or/ and until he and his staff can get us fit. The way Liverpool have been demolishing Teams I would say Big Sam played the right tactics today. As they say you can have the ball all you want but at the end of the game the result is the result.

10 Dec 2017 19:33:45
Fair points, but this one isn’t on Klopp for me, he was a couple of mistakes away from getting three points by resting two players. Last year we couldn’t rotate, now we have a bit of depth and if Mane squared it or Lovren isn’t clumsy then we win, you offered very little threat. Football is fine margins and today they weren’t in our favour, .

Good luck for the rest of the season, except against us and I am intrigued to see what he can do in the window with cash. He has never had the opportunity but the summer proves money is t everything and he also proved it’s not all about money at Bolton.

10 Dec 2017 19:36:47
I am over the moon with todays result. let's be honest playing with martina and williams and we kept liverpool down to three shots on target. With our dodgy defense i thougt today was a great defensive performance. Sam got it spot on. We were terrible let's be honest but it was a great point for us.

10 Dec 2017 19:37:40
Agree with some of the above but if we played the way klop would have liked then we would have been slaughtered with the team we have at the moment and think once we inject a fe more quality players it will be different, re the pen well the amount we get i take that any day, after all we are still a very long way off the amount we have had against us, all in all it was a game of horses for causes but it won't always be that way.

10 Dec 2017 20:22:35
It was a sensible way of playing. Imagine trying to pick us back up after an anfield thrashing? You lot are just bitter and frustrated you didn't and couldn't get your way. Liverpool are poor at game management, and are prone to errors defensively. No balance and not good enough at playing through tight spaces.

10 Dec 2017 20:33:51
Bitter? I am not sure how that came across in my post.

We all knew Sam would set you up to defend I just expected some threat from your team. Course we are disappointed as we all want to win and it was individual errors that cost us today nothing else.

10 Dec 2017 20:59:15
I did say you lot not specifically directing at your comment. However your post seems bitter to me, at least an undertone. Not rude, impolite or offensive in any way but a slight essence of spitting a dummy out. Not nearly as some others posting on here though. You come across nice on the face of it but a little bit patronising, in my opinion anyway as interpretating text is not the most accurate method of communication.

10 Dec 2017 21:12:52
Appreciate the honesty mate, written communication is sometimes hard to interpret. My post was just to highlight that it was disappointing from our point of view and it will be interesting to see what Sam does in the market.

Sam frustrated us massively and that was the game plan fair play in that regard.

10 Dec 2017 21:30:25
Ill tell you how your bitter wyred, you come on here sayin liverpool fan in peace then proceed to have a dig at us, showed no ambition, gona get bored of allardyces hit an run tactics. allardyce got his tactics spot on today, ye we would love to go out and play yous off the park but that's not going to happen at the minute with everything were going through as in confidence, players injured, square pegs in round holes, a lack of a 20 goal a season striker. Allardyce did what any manager worth his money would do against yous in this current form, sit back in numbers, frustrate the life out of you an hopefully get a goal on the counter or set piece. Its not our fault your team is so one dimensional and the german cheerleader hasn't got the tactical nous to change and tinker mid game to suit what he's playing against. So do us all a favour an go back over to your own shite. sorry i mean site an pass some tissues round the rest of the cry babies who thought this game was won last night. we do not choose we are chosen. We are born not manufactured. COYB.

11 Dec 2017 02:20:21
Red it was a push, so how can it be a dive if he didn’t push him? Haha what a load of crap. If he didn’t push him he would have turned him inside out and scored a world beater him self, how about that for a IF?



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