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28 Dec 2017 12:56:03
Message to all the Sam Allergy knockers. some quotes from him after the West Brom game: 8 games before he arrived we conceded 28 goals. 8 games since we have conceded 2 goals. He says he is concerned about our lack of possession and that players are told which areas to play the ball in but as yet we are still giving it away. Our possession against WBA should have been better. Players have to accept that responsibility to try and retain possession and not win the ball only to give it away again. But we must not knock the resilience of these young players. Especially considering the injuries, suspensions and illness that caused a change in shape and formation of the team. Increasing possession is a priority but remember how many young lads we had out on the pitch. Kenny is top drawer. these were all made after the WBA game. To me they are not the words of a manager who wants to play hoof it football. It is a manager who understands that the team he is picking is not his first choice and with all the problems of injuries, illness and suspensions (not forgetting lack of form in a few too) is still managing to find a way through. But he is certainly not instructing the players to go and play long balls to Calvert Lewin. That is because the players are either not listening to him or are reacting to situations because of lack of experience. With 6 players in under 23's age that is not surprising to me.

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28 Dec 2017 14:22:55
Best post I have read on here for ages mate, never a true word spoken, some posters on here have to get real there is a no quick fix solution, Big Sam has come in, and even the moaniest Everton fan can't say he hasn't done a bad job stats say otherwise by the way, he has been nothing short of Brilliant for Everton and long may it continue, we don't want to go back to the RK or RM era do we, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

28 Dec 2017 15:57:40
We do want to go back to playing football though you two.

He's done a good job of sorting the defence but as a lot of people are saying he has to make us more attacking which he hasn't done so far.

He needs to show everyone that he can make an exciting attacking team that can have more than 1 shot on target in 180 minutes. Its how you win games!

28 Dec 2017 16:08:57
If you read his statement BJU it shows he wants that but does not have the players at his disposal to do so.

Believe and Sam will deliver.

28 Dec 2017 16:21:05
And so say all of us.

28 Dec 2017 16:21:36
BJU, I totally agree with you that we don't want to continue into the future with this type of football. What makes you think we will? Like my post says, Allergy himself is saying this football is not what HE wants. My post is saying that everything people are moaning about his past history. He has only been with us 8 games and with all the points I mention, has so far done a great job securing us points. even with the squad that had previously conceded 28 goals in 8 games. So give the guy a break is my suggestion and don't give the players a hard time when in reality he has them over achieving. However, if he signs Peter Crouch and we start lumping the ball to him 30 times a game from our own 6 yard box. then get on his back.

28 Dec 2017 16:23:31
I think after the window mate we will have the recruits for better football, Big Sam to be fair has come in and steadied the ship.

28 Dec 2017 17:16:39
To be fair I haven't once said he hasn't done a good job. I've praised the way he sorted out the defence. However, unlike some on here like grumpy, GB and yourself I'm not ready to give him a 5 year deal or be happy with the type of football we are playing.

I'll be happy and dancing the Sam Allardyce tune when he's got us winning and playing football this club was known for.

I want to watch a team playing like Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and United than a team playing like Burnley, WBA or Palace.

And that's my point to you guys. Don't be complacent and accept what he's done so far as the job is already done. He is a long, long way off being congratulated and patted on the back. Judge him properly and don't be afraid to call him on things like 1 shot on target and poor possession. You're not moaning or being negative your just stating facts and areas of improvement.

Acceptance of mediocrity just puts us in a category we never want to be in as a club or supporter.

28 Dec 2017 17:47:26
He just does what it says on the tin mate, and for that is what he has done, he is going to be very successful at Everton, wait until after this window and he will have us progressing up the table at a rate of knots.

28 Dec 2017 18:34:53
Is this guy for real?!?!

28 Dec 2017 19:10:14
Exactly right GB.

Roll on his contract extension.

28 Dec 2017 20:11:53
Big Sam is alive and kicking mate.

28 Dec 2017 22:42:18
BJU I think we are all saying just accept what he has done rather than talking about 5 year contracts. In fact looking at our next fixtures, it would not surprise me if we had a little set back anyway. Thing is, the squad was without Bolasie for so long. The squad this week was ridden with flu. He had to pick a load of youngsters. No Rooney, no Coleman, no Baines. and yes it was terrible to watch, but needs must. We really were looking bad. but you cannot really blame Allardyce for anything other than organising defence first and settling the ship. I would say give him until at least this season and see what happens. Imust add that I do think his so called negative football image is a bit unfair. I think he plays effective football with what he has. As yet the squad is poor for Premier League standards. One promising kid as a center forward and another who was told by his manager that he was not good enough. A left back that is obviously poor. Yes I think he has done ok so far.



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