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29 Dec 2017 13:39:58
pauly, easy to see why defence has improved there's eleven in it conversely the offence is crap for the same reason, if and when we start to do some attacking the same scenario as early in the season will hit us like a bag of shite all Big Sam's teams do the same where are they now Bolton, Blackburn, Newcastle, Palace, West Ham, he does a job but leaves no foundations for progress we're still in deep shit, wake up our football is the worst in the Premier look at the efforts on goal woeful.

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29 Dec 2017 15:26:14
Your list is interesting, however I give you another list, leeds, sunderland, a/ villa, sheffield wen, qpr, and a host of others, all relegated, and all finding it difficult to get back to the top flight.
Without Allerdice, there is every chance we would have joined them, then new ground and all that goes with it would have been lost, it's 16 years and god knows how many new owners in leeds case, and I'm getting to old to wait that long.
PS, Sam has only the mess left to him by the two tip tap nobs we dispached, so how about people cut him some slack for one or two transfer windows.

29 Dec 2017 15:32:05
Smokeandmirrors here is a footballing fact for you. Every single team Sam has managed were in a much better league position when he left.

I think the ONLY reason you don't like Sam is because a lot of other people don't. Sheep tend to follow other sheep. So you think we have eleven defenders, DCL not a defender, Rooney not a defender, Schneiderlin not a defender, Pickford not a defender, Bolasie not a defender, Ramirez not a defender, Lennon Not a defender, McCarthy not a defender, Gueye not a defender, Sigi Klassen Niasse not defenders. Our Squad of 42 we only have 10 defenders and 2 of those are loaned out and 2 injured.

Stay on the Hate Sam bandwagon if it makes you feel good as some people appear to be immune to common sense.

29 Dec 2017 16:06:26
Smoke I posted this in November in reply to someone else with similar perceptions:

‘Eddy you got it wrong, them clubs are a mess when he arrives, did you forget that part? he makes a crap bunch of players play as a team, takes them back to basics, when he leaves the club the next manager that comes in can not replicate what he has done with them same crap players, hence they are a mess and go down. ’

He took Bolton to Europe, let’s not forget this, so how when he leaves and they go slowly down hill is that his fault? Laughable at the least!

29 Dec 2017 17:29:16
So if i am to believe (the same 2 ) pro sam posters we will eventually play attacking expansive football.
After all he got bolton in europe.
I am not knocking him at all here but we must be 20yrs past those days of Bolton and i think they qualified once and it was brief.
SA has an 18 month contract and i can assure you he is not in the long term plans.
It will be backs to the wall and see if you can break us down or he risks attacking and going on a losing streak that ends his contract and carear.
He was a younger hungrier manager at Bolton and they were a club whos obly ambition was to remain a prem club.
Again ill reiterate that right now i like the points but the performances are dreadful.

29 Dec 2017 18:04:50
Big Sam has got RK's squad they are not playing any better football than they did under RK. The big difference is the squad has settled more, the players are more comfortable with each other now and are playing not to loose. Rhino did a good job settling the team and stopping the rot SA will build on that but I can't see us playing anywhere near the type of expansive football a lot of the supporters want until there no chance of relegation. SA as with DU had to shore up the defence and bring some confidence back into the dressing room. The only way to do that was not to concede goals SA has done a pretty good job so far on that front.

29 Dec 2017 18:22:40
How are you privvy to all that inside information Pauly? I had no idea that if he has a losing streak with us we will be ending his contract.

If he got us into Europe this season and top 4 next season would he still not feature in our long term plans?

I assume, correct me if I am wrong here, that by the 2 pro Sam posters you are meaning myself and GB? Well I for one have never said that we will be playing " Attacking expansive football" and I don't really recollect GB saying it either.

The only thing that you have not fabricated for effect in your post is the fact that Sam was indeed younger. You mentioned his ambition at Bolton was greater and then say they only ever wanted to remain a prem club whilst he was there. Can you see how it looks like you playing both sides of the coin with that?

An important thing you will no doubt learn when you are older and that is that your hunger and ambition do not go away, it becomes more intense to get the things you have never achieved, done. Ferguson was 26 years at Man Utd and his drive and hunger is still as strong now as it was when he first joined them. Perhaps it only applies to our managers who have no hunger or ambition.

oh well.

On the Internet you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid.

29 Dec 2017 18:24:29
I don’t get everyone wanting expansive football right now, our team is crap from a attacking point, just become better defensively, only a few games ago we were getting destroyed. All I’m doing is giving SA a chance, so is the board hence the 18 month contract, if he fails at least he stopped us from disaster this season. If he shows us something new from his locker then we will all be surprised, but he at least needs a chance based on how bad we are and the fact that team has needed a overhaul for some time now. Will everyone still hate him as much if he was to bring home a cup? Mourinho plays the same style football, just looks better with more quality players, Chealski love him for what he done there, now the Manx’s fan are getting served it they are going mad, as fickle as they are if he brings a cup they will all sing his praises again. Il judge SA 10 games into next season if he’s kept on after the summer, the team should have his imprint on it by then in players hired and fired.

29 Dec 2017 18:33:48
Pauly not many teams come up from the championship with limited resources and qualify for Europe, even if only once. Did Alex Ferguson become any less hungrier as he got older? I think you are right, he is not in the long term plans, but I also think the board has left the door open for him to prove he is worth an extension to his contract. He is a football man and will know what we fans expect, would be stupid of him to sit back and not give his last real chance at management a proper go. Again this season is as good as a right off, next season if still here will be the one I expect more. If not we pay up less than 12 months and move on.

29 Dec 2017 18:42:32
Bit paranoid aren't you grumpy?
I think sometimes people really really want something to work and can lose sight of reality with regards to certain situations.
Privvy to certain info? A bit yes.
Heres a little tip for you. johnny evans. If i'm wrong ill stop listening to my "info man"
Dont get too carried away because he is not there long term.
I know you are fond of him and prob around the same age (hence why youve assumed i'm ageist) but he is there to shut the door.
Whilst this is the case like i have previously stated the football will stink.
This gives FM enough time to concentrate on securing his top target.
Do you honestly beleive the new coming era gor EFC will be led by the 3 amigos? Wake up.

29 Dec 2017 18:47:59
I won’t knock you Pauly as you may well have an info man, but he must be high up and in touch with the board as I don’t see them wanting leaks, which seems to be the case here. Out of interest, who would be FMs top managerial target?

29 Dec 2017 18:54:52
Bestyrn youd be surprised how many teams have actually done that.
For eg ipswich? 01
It can happen very easily.
Not knocking his achievment at all here just stating what some are clinging to.

29 Dec 2017 19:02:25
Bestyrne you don't need an info man to know SA is short term surely.
He wasnt first choice. Nor was he second choice. He is a stop gap based on his "fireman"status. Its how he sold himself to our club.
The info i get isn't much as youll notice i'm not a rumour printer but i do hear good info that is always 100%
To prove a point i hace just stated J Evans same source. I've heard a lot but i don't post. I've said this 1 because grumpy wants me to look like an idiot. I won't say where it comes from because i don't know if there would be trouble caused but you see him every game.
I have nothing to prove here as i am not a rumour poster. I just enjoy the site.

29 Dec 2017 19:04:19
Last one for bestyrne
His top target is diego simeone.

29 Dec 2017 19:12:34
No I agree, it’s proven with the contract he was given, but in the same respect if he does something out the ordinary do you dismiss all chance he gets an extension or the chance to see out the remaining 12 months with chance of an extension. I’m not bothered if he stays or goes end of season, I believe we needed him when we got him due to the team performances and team it’s self. Would I like to see him do well? Of course, if he does well then Everton do well. Would I like to see good football? Of course, good football gets you singing louder. Can he do both? Only time will tell, 8 games gone is not enough to judge him, that’s were I’m at. Just need to give the man a chance.

29 Dec 2017 19:44:29
As a fan i totally agree that i would love to see any manager get it right at our club.
I just believe that that wasnt the deal that was agreed.
Simeone amd fonseca are the 2 top targets. Both are interested but it was the wrong time for an approach to work.
Simeone's reps sounded us out.
Just keep that in mind.
Fonseca just took donetsk into the knockout stages on his first attempt.
Things will be different come may for him.
Again keep that in mind.

29 Dec 2017 19:49:01
Pauly if I have overstepped the mark and you feel I was making you look like an idiot I have little choice but to apologise for that as it was never my intention.

What may actually surprise you is that Sam, like others, was not my first choice, it was Raffa. But unlike many others I have, and will continue to give Sam my full support. No matter how much people slate him on here he is in charge and no amount of moaning or insider knowledge is going to change that. For some reason people do not want to accept that.

At the moment I am sure he is playing the best possible tactics he can, especially given the team he has inherited. I am also sure that he would be much happier if those games drawn were wins. I honestly believe if WBA had met us 10 or 11 games ago they would of beat us. Sam is slowly stopping the rot and given time and money will build a good team.

As for age I am actually older than Sam and as such maybe have more sympathy for him or could it be more desire than most for him to succeed. Before I go to see the great referee in the sky I would like us to win the premiership at least once. Because time is not really on my side I find it very easy to support whomever is in charge.

You do right in not revealing your "info" man but sometimes they are not always right. I thought Johnny Evans was a Man City target, I may be wrong but if we get him ahead of them then all the better.

Finally will Sam be our long term manager? that all depends on how well he does, If he brings in silverware and European football then yes he will. Sam is very highly respected by a lot of managers out there and they see him as a threat, to me that speaks volumes.

29 Dec 2017 20:05:30
Grumpy i'm not really upset.
I am a fan and i am behind him no matter what i may say amd sometimes it is in the heat of the moment but i think even Sam knows he is a stop gap amd he can only salvage the season and ensure safety.
I still whole heartedly believe the panic button was pressed far too quickly and only because the top 2 targets couldn't move at that point in this season.
I sincerely hope it ends in mutual satisfaction for both parties as the more i hear the man speak the more i warm to him but we are about to move upwards through FM ambition for this club and SA will never be the man to do that.
Could you seriously watch that type of football for the long term?
You wouldn't see us win the prem before you play your harp and neither would i and i'm only 42 amd neither would my son or his future son.
Attacking football wins games through goals scored. Its fine teaching a team not to concede but its not conceding more than you score that ultimately wins trophies.
West brom were made to look good as were southampton. My point has always been that the type of football he serves up is no where near the club motto which after all is what we all adhere to as fans.

29 Dec 2017 20:24:47
Pauly, Simeone is the man I’ve been calling for for the last couple of years, il find you and hug you if that one comes off, il even drive the taxi for SA out of finch farm. Have to agree with timing of approaching them and I believe Simeone has achieved all he can in Spain and hope we are of real interest to him.



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