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29 Dec 2017 22:27:49
So speaking to the more realistic Evertonians (no not you GB and GT) , what do we think needs to change to make us more productive in front of goal?

Is it just a striker with Tosun looking the likely character? Or do we think it's more than just him? Are our current crop of wide men enough and is Yanick ready or will he need more time even a month or so to really get back to his best?

Also do we have a left back at the club to fill Baines or is it a must fill position?

Finally what does Sam need to do to get us playing up top (no need to comment GB and GT, we know what you think) ? Change of formation or personel? In a game tomorrow where the opposition like to have the ball is the same type of football going to leave us with little opportunities again?

Please no praising or slaying from anyone about the manager. Let's talk about football for a change.

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29 Dec 2017 23:34:35
I think it is probably a mix things:

1. Getting 1 or 2 fresh players in (coming from either our long term injuries, a new face, our young potential, or our players who haven't adapted to the Premier League yet) . Probably late Jan before that is in place.

2. Continuing to develop our confidence as a squad with the momentum that we have built recently. With that confidence should come a little more ambition from the players on the pitch and also in the way we set up tactically for the games. Again probably still a few weeks away possibly longer depending on how the Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs games go.

3. Some more time on the training pitch so Allardyce can work on our attacking play which probably doesn't really come until after the busy christmas period is out the way.

4. A run of winnable games against the teams we can realistically compete with. That probably comes mid feb to mid march - Crystal Palace, Watford, Burnley, Brighton, Stoke. There is also at least a week in between each of those games so there is plenty of time to prepare tactically for each one.

I would say other than in late Jan against WBA at home where I would be really disappointed if we are as bad as the last game and possibly also against Leicester at home we are probably looking at mid feb before we can realistically expect to see tangible improvements to our attacking play.

I don't particularly think Paul Merson is a footballing genius but his quote about our game against Bournemouth tomorrow generally sums up how we are seen at the moment. "You can put Everton down for zero (goals) ".

Hopefully because little improvement until mid feb is what I expect to happen that means the opposite will happen and we will play the reds off the park at Anfield next month and beat them 3-0. The best thing about football are those positive surprises that get thrown up every now and again!

30 Dec 2017 00:07:06
I believe we need confidence on the ball all over the field. If 8 games without loosing doesn't bring confidence I don't know what will.

In my opinion we need to get the ball to sigurdsson as often as possible we aren't using him enough an he is having to chase an go looking for the ball. So by the time he gets it he's goosed.

We also need to be sensible at the back but not look to get rid straight away if we have time tar a touch an the sting out the game. That old saying you can't concede if you have the ball. This is something we are not doing enough of.

Our midfield need to get a lot braver and want the ball of defence and Pickford more often and quicker. I never see a midfielder come looking an bouncing the ball of a centre half and moving to open gaps or create space. It's non existent. That's how you create space for players like sigurdsson tiger on the ball.

I'd like garbutt to get the chance but not sure if he's good enough either so for me it's a must fill position.

Tosun I can't comment as I know little about him and don't go about watching YouTube clips they make anyone look great.

I think it's a great post by the way and looking forward to seeing everyone's opinion.

Everton the gear.

30 Dec 2017 00:18:45

Good post I would agree with all of that and probably add get Rooney on the ball in deep positions too. Also I would like to see some more fluid movement from the attacking players ahead of our midfield to provide a few more options for forward passes which people have to be brave enough to try.

30 Dec 2017 00:43:51
Great posts blues! 👏🏻 I hope we get what we want in January sick of drawing with teams who are beatable. This is EVERTON ‘Nil satis nisi optimum’ nothing less blues I didn’t want Sam but I kind of love the man because he says it how all us fans think if u don’t want to fight for the shirt. LEAVE. All the best boys and hopefully 2018 is OUR year COYB.

30 Dec 2017 09:03:01
BlueJ. The defence seems to have realised what their job is, CB seems to be covered, LB is a concern so get Garbutt registered and maybe A. N. Other to come in. Certainly need an addition to Siguurdson to enable that transition from defence to attack and finally somehow, somewhere (in January! ) we need to find a beast of a striker, that done and I can well see Calvert playing off his shoulder.

30 Dec 2017 09:15:11
I'm a little concerned we will need another striker who has had time in the EPL as with what's happened with Sandro could be similar to Tosun. He seems a bit more agressive than Sandro but still he's got to get used to over here.

We can't just play with Sig and DLC we need more attacking threat and whereas Lennon has done really well defensively he doesn't have enough threat going forward. Yanick is back but looks a good month or so away for me. So I think more pace needs to come into the club.

Not sure about Nzonzi. 29 and with talk of 25 plus for him seems a bit much for me. He's coped well in Spain where he gets time on the ball. However, he never set the world alight when he was here the first time around. Plus we have a lot of midfielders already at the club. If we do bring him in I'd say Besic, McCarthy, Snids and Barkley all need to go. I like Snids and Barkley but I think the fans have washed their hands of them. Usually the time to go when that happens.

Before Sam I would have said we need a left back that drives forward but that isn't how Sam plays. He likes his back 4 or 5 to stay back and defend. So I'm not sure what we do here. I think the fans want a Baines of the past who can do that but will be disappointed when not allowed to move forward as much. So Shaw for me who I don't think is that great, will be the wrong option. I'm not sure who fits the bill here.

Tactics wise we just need to be calmer on the ball and not autokick up the field. Play some football on the deck, get the ball to Sig, Rooney and Yanick instead of direct to DLC everytime. Plus as Sam said yesterday, start playing the attacking football before he came to the club. If he can marry his defensive organisation to that he might be onto a winner.

30 Dec 2017 10:09:17
Nzonzi is one of those very effective ball winners. In the air and on the ground. In some ways very similar to Fellaini. If we are after him, I can't see Gana in the team long term. He is also one you can chuck up front with 15 mins to go if necessary. I would be surprised if he came to us. I also think some of our fans don't want that sort of player. but can we turn into a footballing Man City without signing the expensive sort of players they have? As much as I preach football and condemn "hoofing" it, when you don't have the players capable, then needs must.

30 Dec 2017 10:47:46
Spurs are a good example of a good mix between counter attacking play and possession football.

They kept to their footballing phylosophy and developed the players over time.

I'm hoping we follow this path rather than the short term fix.



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