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16 Jan 2018 18:47:26
Well Big Sam is being backed with some serious money here in this window and good on Mr Moshiri in backing the guy, once this window is finished Big Sam won't have to rely on so many of the second rate players Koeman brought in, let's all judge him at the end of the season.

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16 Jan 2018 19:42:57
I'm glad it's not only the 5 of us (on here) who are willing to back him mate, you, me and 3 others. Saying that though he won't get everything sorted in this window.

16 Jan 2018 19:47:45
What’s with the thumbs down guys?

{Ed025's Note - take no notice chalkie mate..

16 Jan 2018 19:51:08
Fingers x he will mate cheers, at least he's made a start NZongi still being linked and what about Johnny Evans could be good shout.

16 Jan 2018 19:55:07
Lots of thumbs down there Guernsey think they are the Sam haters, the problem is you can't please everyone when we were looking for Rks successor every name that was mentioned different people had different views on why we should or shouldn't have hired them.
I'm happy to have Walcott sign lb next and I will happy till the summer as Grumpy says we can't sort everything out in this window let's just get behind Sam and the lads and see what happens.

{Ed025's Note - well said lee..

16 Jan 2018 20:04:41
With you there mate all the way.

16 Jan 2018 20:12:40
I think there may be more than three Grumpy. I am supporting Sam and his guys and hope that they do well. We do need a left-black though.

16 Jan 2018 20:22:31
hopefully next mate.

16 Jan 2018 20:39:31
Wish I was as optimistic as you grumpy but I wouldn't trust sam with a tenner to spend . and think he will ruin Walcott I'm just counting down the days till he has gone so i can enjoy the football again . sorry grumpy ho po e you prove me wrong.

16 Jan 2018 21:20:34
Ed you need to name and shame the thumb downs on this site. Or change it to a yellow and red card.

{Ed025's Note - i dont know who they are to be honest smit, its just a poll though and people have different views so i would not take it so serious mate..

16 Jan 2018 21:49:25
I hope we do manage to prove you wrong Skylark mate, But let's enjoy the banter and keep the post coming.

I know you love Sam and only pretend to be a hater lol.

16 Jan 2018 22:01:43
Yes grumpy I've been hiding in the stands cheering him on 😂.

16 Jan 2018 21:53:50
Well said mate.

16 Jan 2018 22:31:26
Walcot not signed yet. I must admit I did not think we had a chance with the lad but fair do's to Walsh, if he does get him. Tosun, Walcott up front with Bolasie/ DCL will be good as long as we have the provision from midfield. I would hope that Sam once he has his attack preference that he will then turn his attention to midfield. If he will not start Rooney from the bench then at least put him on the left and let Siggy be the playmaker No 10.

17 Jan 2018 01:26:11
I don’t dislike Sam and will give my support. I will judge him on what I see the team do on the pitch. He has inherited someone else’s players and deserves a chance.
As another poster mentioned there was no standout candidate for the job.
First thing I noticed when Sam had job is that he is a strong character who had respect of players as the boss. One criticism I have early on is that the players he has chosen so far in the starting 11 and playing an unbalanced team. We needed pace so why not start Lookman and play Sigurdson in the position we signed him for.
We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors so in fairness to Sam he obviously doesn’t think Loikman is ready to play from the start week in week out.
Also the obvious hope is Garbutt to play LB as I said we don’t know the whole story maybe the lad has an attitude problem, maybe not fit like Luke Shaw was in his early days at Utd. I will say this though if any player is not ready for first team when needed what is the point of having them in u23’s squad. Banigime looked good when Unsworth gave him a chance just hope Sam will give them all a chance to shine and not turn out to be like a Walter Smith preferring experienced players. I understand what Sam said about we lack players at their peak age 27-30 and maybe you need that balance of experience and youth as well as balanced playing team. I just hope he finds both soon and we can enjoy the remainder of season and start having hope again.

{Ed0333's Note - that was interesting reading Robbie, the only think I would disagree with would be when you said there was no stand out candidate for the job. I think there was a lot better out there who would have taken the job had you had been more diligent with the process. Don’t get me wrong I don’t bash Allardyce just because off his ‘business deals’ away from football but it’s his prehistoric style I take umbrage at, it’s an insult to soccer. His journalist buddies are so jingoistic about his innovative coaching methods but I don’t see anything forward thinking about his football. So he may use an iPad but wouldn’t you guys rather see Everton play slick, cohesive, enchanting football? Please don’t think I’m here to gloat being a Liverpool fan I grew up watching that great Everton side with Reid, Mountjoy, Southall, etc and I loved the tonkings they used to give everyone and the brand of football they played. I just pity the fact you have to put up with this when with your heritage you deserve better.

17 Jan 2018 04:00:30
At the time I would of chose David Moyes over Allardyce as he only signed a contract with West Ham until the end of the season. Moyes does seem to have that hunger back but saying that maybe he wouldn’t of had it here as he may have become complacent.
We need to support what we have and move on.

17 Jan 2018 07:35:11
I don't understand the idea that criticism of something that you see and don't like or disagree with constitutes lack of support for the team. I am not sure what "getting behind" Sam means. We have had no shots on target in the league in January. Does stating that fact mean I am not getting behind Sam?

17 Jan 2018 09:04:56
Robbie, great post. I also said over the last 4 seasons that we were signing players not at their peaks so I agree 100% with Sam. Players mature and produce their best football at usually 25-30. Everton seemed to sign kids or players at 28 onwards and none at the right age. Yes Lookman is easily bullied off the ball like many younger players. He needs to leard his trade yet. Sam is the one watching training and obviously feels that Sig is not strong enough for the middle. that's the one I would disagree with . but if we all picked a team and formation, there would be a lot of differences. Sam has a set of players who are performing now in exactly the same way as the 10 games before he arrived. He managed to grind out a few results with the sae squad and then we had a very difficult run of fixtures. We now have a couple of winnable games whereby we we can secure our top flight status and sign a couple of players. I honestly don't think we can expect any more at the moment. We need to secure our place first and then look to build and experiment once that is done. I am sure this is how he is looking at it. I am also sure that Koeman had lost the dressing room and without a change we would be sitting bottom of the table now and those moaners would have a lot more to moan about. And by the way, this is because of selling Lukaku, Barkleys injury then sale. and an inability to sign a decent left back and players to replace the two who left. and 4 years of signing players who don't score goals. In a crazy way, Rooney has been our saviour. Imagine where we would be without that one players goals. We have scored 25 league goals in 23 games. Rooney scored 10 of them. That leaves 15 from 23 games from the rest of the squad! Only Swansea have scored less. There lies our problem. I have listed our non goal scoring players many times and I also get the thumbs down from certain posters for my comments. but the proof is in the pudding. I can guarantee that certain players will not score a goal this season. I can guarantee that probably only one or two will score more than 3 goals this season. I can predict we will be one of the lowest scoring teams. Just because of the players we have signed. Look at their past careers and most have played a minimum of 5 or 6 seasons and averaged 0 to 4 goals max. Hopefully Tosun and Wallcott will be the start of signing players with goals in them. let's hope for many more signings of that quality.



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