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21 Jan 2018 13:33:26
Grumpy's Sunday Moans.

Ever since Sam has come on board he has had probably 90% of these forums regularly whinging that they want him out, win, lose or draw it's the same.

Whilst I respect your views, I can't help but feel they are making you all blinkered to what is going on, Ask yourselves why is it that 3 successive managers (all with good credentials) are somehow failing to manage this squad?

RK for all his faults did not suddenly become a bad manager overnight, he took an average squad to Europe and then became a bad manager, that doesn't make any sense to me as there has to be another factor that suddenly made him poor.

DU has fantastic qualifications with his exceptional success with the under 23's, and you would of thought that he would of been a natural successor to RK yet he failed in a spectacular way and set new records with us that no manager would be proud of, the amount of goals we conceded during his tenure. Again ask yourselves is it possible that one of the best under 23's manager became so poor overnight? Even managers with no premier experience have better success than he did.

Now on to the scapegoat, Fat Sam, He has a reputation of being able to get teams out of a relegation scrap, In fact every single team he has managed has been in a stronger position, with a more stable play style, when he left than they had prior to his appointment. He had a great start with us but it now seems to be on a decline, so has he suddenly become a bad manager overnight?

I know you Sam haters will no doubt come out with every reason under the sun as to why Sam has to go, but this post is not about him, he just happens to be our current manager who is experiencing the same team problems as the 2 previous managers.

So what is happening at our club? we have either been exceptionally unlucky and all 3 managers have suddenly turned into bad managers or it is something a lot deeper. Some people are putting our problems with SW, now this may hold some water as he is the person in charge of finding new players but in my opinion he is not entirely to blame, his dealings with players ends when they are signed. When we sign a player I am sure you will find they are actually good players (with the exception of Niasse whom I am happy we have at the moment) , so why have they suddenly become useless?

The fact we were and still are missing players who are naturals for the position we want them to play has nothing to do with how inept our players are playing at the moment, these are professional footballers and should be able to adapt their playing style to suit any formation, and most positions that they are asked to do. Now this is the problem our players for whatever reason seem unable to do, they are also struggling to play with any consistency in the position they are naturals for. It is generally accepted that Niasse is not good enough for the premiership yet our squad is making him look like a real good player.

So let us say that all 3 managers suddenly did not turn bad, it only leaves the players themselves. I do not know what has happened with them but I do know that all of the problems started with the influx of players we had in the summer. yea yea we got too many number 10's but remember they also are playing bad. The players we have know that they are good, they know of and buy into our ambition, yet can't hold a ball when they have it. All professional footballers have massive ego's and think they know what's best, for some reason we have a team that seem to undermine the manager and do what they think is best.

my theory

Every now and again teams such as Everton get a world class superstar joining them and we now have Mr Rooney. Love him or loath him his name and face are known throughout the world, he is a superstar. Now sadly for us Wayne is no longer the player he once was, but that is not to stop other players looking up to him and trying to learn traits he used to have. Wayne rarely stays where he is supposed to even Ferguson has moaned about that aspect of him, now we see other players doing the same, we play out of formation, a Wayne trait, Players try to keep hold of the ball instead of passing, Wayne can keep hold of a ball and slow down play when required. Wayne is an accurate passer of the ball our players are not as savvy as he is and do not really know when to pass or who to. Waynes cavalier attitude is rubbing off on our players and as such they are now in the mindset to ignore the managers advice.

Well that's my theory.

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21 Jan 2018 13:41:03
Blimey mate see my post above, your ears must be burning good post mate.

21 Jan 2018 13:55:57
Thanks mate, great minds think alike.

21 Jan 2018 14:10:43
Would make sense if Rooney had been there for the last four years, but he hasn't. The facts are simple really, we just haven't found a manager yet who can combine good attacking football with a solid defence. Sam can't do it, RK couldn't do it And RM couldn't do it. The search goes on.

21 Jan 2018 14:13:04
Interesting theory, Grumpy and you may be on to something. I remember when we signed eto'o and were made up to get such a big name at first, but he was apparently very disruptive in the dressing room and we soon couldn't wait to get rid, then improved when he left.

21 Jan 2018 14:38:01
You're right OnlyHaveEyes, I don't for one moment think it is intentional, If that's not the reason it's a heck of a coincidence.

21 Jan 2018 14:41:25
Ha. Conspiracy theory. I'm not sure I buy it though mate.
The fact is Grumpy we do not know if the new players are good enough, because no manager has given them a consistent run in the team. Unsworth and big Sam are happy to draw or lose with the same 18 week in week out.
Take Lookman, he comes on and makes a big difference in a massive game and then the next week he's not even in the squad.
Davies comes on and runs his legs off, yes he loses the ball but he gave us some impetus and forward passing. Where is he the next game? Not even in the squad.
How can big Sam expect these players to perform for him if, when they do they get ditched. He is killing their confidence for his own gain.
Add to that Schneiderlin who gets picked every week but has no interest in doing anything but going sideways or backwards. Why is he picked?

I personally think big Sam has lost most of the players which explains the drop off in desire. Tosun and Walcott will be exempt because they were bought under his watch.
And finally. Any manager worth his salt would have a half dozen Lbs identified, whether they be a replacement for Baines or a stop gap, after all that is what Sam is good at, coming in at Xmas and buying players that improve the squad and keep teams up.

21 Jan 2018 15:09:45
the problem there then is the players smit, RM lost them, RK lost them, didn’t perform for DU (see Snids and Mirrales incident) now SA has lost them. So if your right in my eyes we have a group of players that sulk and don’t play for the manager the minute they don’t like something.
You just answered your self why Davies is not getting a game, giving the ball away? Let him play because he pushes forward, it’s ok if he gives the ball away, don’t sound right to me, lad might need to be taken out the limelight for his own protection. Lookman made a difference but he certainly didn’t light up the field. Again still young. Remember these kids are 19/ 20 and you want to just throw them out there, clubs have a duty of care to protect them, we don’t see what goes on off that pitch, so maybe you need to take them blinkers and blue shaded glasses off to look at the bigger picture.
See you don’t mention Vlasic like you normally do? Maybe that’s because he again didn’t exactly light up the pitch, looks like a kid with great potential and as every manager says you need to be careful how you handle potential. Don’t believe SA is killing there confidence, but believe there is more goes on at a club than what we see. I recently spoke to someone who works in finch farm and they said it’s great there under SA and everyone loves him, they also commented on RK and he did not get the same glowing review.
Not going to argue against you on everything mate, totally agree with snids, man too slow and just don’t move around the pitch and plays no passes that help at all, why is he picked? Baffles me too.

21 Jan 2018 15:28:12
Get a room you two. Agree with everything Smit says. It does seem like he's lost the dressing room already. Davies should start most games because he's the only midfielder who drives forward. Lookman should start certain games and come on for others, always in the squad though. If we're not careful Sam will alienate all the young talent, the future, and they will become disillusioned and move on.

21 Jan 2018 16:00:08
Davies wants the ball which in my eyes is more than anyone else in our midfield. Gana is good but doesn't want the ball he wants to win it, which is whatcha does and what we bought him for. Schneids well, need I say more.
I'd have Davies play in every game this season Schneiderlin has played in and I would bet we would have played better. Taken out of the limelight? The lad can't get a game, there is no limelight.
Vlasic. Yeah play him, but, for God's sake play him in his position, he's young so don't stick him on the wing, he isn't a winger.

I bet it is great at finch farm with S. A. there, well for 18 of them anyway.

21 Jan 2018 16:08:54
Not a conspiracy theory Smit mate just my theory.
If we include RM there have been about 60 different players coming and going as well as being in the squad who have played for us. RM had a decent first season with us then lost it on the second, RK had a good first season and lost his mojo so fast in the second season that something must of happened. Because both managers had good first seasons it must rule out that we have bad players. The players we have bought in were good players at their previous clubs, now they are not. This is not down to all 3 managers within one season, it can't be. There is something very wrong within the club that we do not know about. All I did was offer a theory of what that could be as I don't see many new one's out there.

21 Jan 2018 16:34:06
Got to agree smit, I would prefer Davies in over Snids all day. I’m just trying to point out mate that there is more to a clubs, teams, managers and players week than just 90 minutes, this is what we don’t see. Wasn’t Vlasic used down the wing against us?

21 Jan 2018 17:12:20
He was bestyrne and that is why he is perceived to be a winger but follow his career and he is a central attacking midfielder.

Grumpy. How about this for a theory?
Martinez did well in his 1stvseason because the team still has the discipline and defensive nature of Moyes sprinkled with a bit of Martinezs attacking flair. Season 2 and 3 and the players have lost Moyes discipline and defensive training.
Season 1 for Koeman and he brings in a less attacking style and installs some defensive traits but, the team still have the Martinez attacking training in them. Season 2 they forget how to attack and defend due to the turnover of players. Big Sam comes in and installs some defensive discipline but, the team don't have the attacking traits to call on so we are poor going forward.

The answer. Start a fresh with a manager who has a style and strategy that suits Everton.

21 Jan 2018 17:33:56
Would be better in the summer then smit, when it’s better suited to chase managers. Still think we have got this DoF set up all wrong as well as the wrong person in the job, but that’s just my view. Whilst that’s messed up I can not see any manager settling the team.

21 Jan 2018 17:52:19
Totally agree bestyrne Walsh has to up his game or go.
Big Sam is coming to the end of January without a LB and whether that's Walsh or him. It can't be right. I would presume that because of the striker issue that it's Walsh and not Sam.

21 Jan 2018 18:09:14
Not worth getting in a LB who is no good mate. None are available now, in the summer we will rebuild.



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