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02 Feb 2018 14:47:16
I watched the Leicester game again last night and recorded the number of times we booted the ball upfield from our half. When we lost the ball to Leicester it is (L) and when we won the ball from the boot it is (E) .
During the entire match we had 42 boots up field 31 times we lost possession and 11 we gained possession.
During the first 20 minutes we had 16 (L) and 2 (E) .
During the period from 20 minutes to half time when we scored two we had 5 (L) and 4 (E) .
From half-time to 70 minutes we had 4 (L) and 4 (E) .
From 70 minutes we had 6 (L) and 1 (E) .
It is pretty obvious that when we boot the ball upfield we lose possession and when we are playing badly like in the first 20 minutes we boot the ball more. A lot of the time it starts with Pickford. If we have any ambition about becoming a top six club we better start retaining possession more especially playing the ball out from Pickford and the defenders.

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02 Feb 2018 15:28:36
What a waste of time you spent there.

We won!

Ok we only had 44% possession at home but Leicester won the title with less.

We had 9 shots to ther 8 with 4 on target to there 2.

We didn’t just play booted balls up, and the ones we did were to Niasse or Walcott as that’s the direction Pickford mainly kicks towards. So personally I wouldn’t bet on either of them 2 winning a header against a 6ft plus defender, would you?

People only looking for negatives after a win is a joke, it was a better game for us than previous, so here is hoping we carry on with that trend.

02 Feb 2018 16:04:49
It was not either a waste of time or negative just an observation. We were crap for the first 20 minutes and the type of play reflected that. I hope that Big Sam is more open to us improving than you are.

02 Feb 2018 16:09:27
To add to my post above after we scored the first goal we improved the distribution significantly so that is a positive is it not?

02 Feb 2018 16:46:48
Although I admire your investigation, it does not make for one necessary allowance. The "boots upfield" you mention might have been a mixture of clearances or efforts by players to pickout a team mate or indeed a half hearted clearance with the hope of picking out a team mate. Unless you can identify why we booted the ball upfield, then it is irrelevant data. I am one who loves statistics and data. but as the saying goes, "there are lies, damn lies. and statistics". Did you know 87.345% of statistics are created in order to falsify a claim?

02 Feb 2018 17:35:13
Degsy, during the first 20 minutes the boots up field were panic clearances in my humble opinion and I though that we played badly. After the first goal we were more likely to try to hit a team mate. I still think that we play much better when we keep the ball on the ground. It is all a matter of opinion and I think that I am entitled to mine.

02 Feb 2018 17:59:17
The team started nervously, and rightly so after the run they've had. That should skew the stats. Let's get some confidence going and then look at how they play. If it's still the same then we don't need to worry about big Sam's tactics as he will be gone in the summer if all we can is play long ball.

02 Feb 2018 21:34:08
Not related to how we played but a related to statistics
Three statisticians Go for a job interview and get asked one simple question
What is 2+2?
The first one answers “4”
The second one answers “anywhere between 3.99999999 and 4.00000001”
The third one answers “what do you want it be. ”
Big C 😉.

03 Feb 2018 00:34:44
So did the third one get the job Big C?



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