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03 Feb 2018 06:35:47
The Lookman loan-transfer is interesting to me because it's revealed something about Everton fans' changing attitude to players and also how managers sometimes see things differently.

Older fans will remember two crowd favourites - Alex Young in the 1960s and Duncan McKenzie in the 1970s - both of whom were idolised by the fans, but who frustrated their Everton managers.

Of Young, the manager, Harry Catterick, stated that he was one of the most skilful of players, but bemoaned his lack of competitiveness, especially in the tough away fixtures when he failed to cope with the ruthless tackling of 1960s defenders.
As for the fans' hero-worship, there's a photograph of an Everton fan carrying a placard imploring the club to sack Catterick and keep Young when the former had dropped the latter from the team. Young was the "Golden Vision" to loyal Evertonians.

Regarding McKenzie, the manager, Gordon Lee, was never enamoured of "stars" and often preferred more workmanlike "team players" in his side. Conversely, the fans adored McKenzie's skill on the ball and would chant, "We all agree, Duncan McKenzie is magic! "

Moving onto more recent times, and we have Romeu Lukaku and Ross Barkley.
Lukaku was "admired" and "thanked" by our fans for his goal scoring feats, but his tenure at Everton wasn't as emotionally close to the fans as was that of Young or McKenzie.
As for Barkley, his time at Everton - and more-so his departure - has split the fanbase. On the one hand, he was "one of our own", and undoubtedly technically gifted, but on the other hand he would regularly draw the criticism (and anger) of many fans for his poor decision-making and ineffective play.

Then there's Lookman, I have no insight to his attitude or how he trains, but he's looked promising when he has played. I think it's fair to say that, like many young players, he needs to develop consistency and get a more-rounded understanding of first-team football - but that (obviously! ) only really comes from playing.
Personally, I'd have liked him to be a regular on the bench and get some playing time from there during the rest of PL season.
However, he strikes me as a young player in a hurry - someone who is not only ambitious, but also possibly too impatient in wanting to reach the top before he's actually ready. Time will tell on that.
I'm hoping that he does develop - personally and professionally - by spending time away in Leipzig and that Everton can successfully use him when he returns. I've little doubt that we're a stepping-stone in his plans to eventually play at an "elite" club (Real Madrid? ) , but I want Evertonians to enjoy his play for a few seasons before that.

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03 Feb 2018 07:49:19
It is interesting that it was reported that he was homesick earlier in the season, but now he hauls himself off to Germany. Sam said he had the opportunity to go to Derby, maybe he had the attitude that going to Derby was a step back to his Charlton days, which if true does question his attitude and his decision making.
Let's hope not eh.

03 Feb 2018 09:05:26
I'm probably going to get a few thumbs down for this post, as a few people on here think that Lookman is the next Messi and should be starting every week. But the simple fact is, right now, he's nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe he has all of the qualities to get to the top, but for every quality player who gets there there's 10 Jack Rodwells.

I personally don't even think his performances this season have even been near Deulofeu's first season here. I just hope that his impatience isn't his undoing. If he hardly gets any game time in Germany, then he will have pretty much wasted 6 months.

03 Feb 2018 09:47:27
I am not sure that Lookman thinks he is something that he is not Blue Tommy, but you are 100% right that he is not first choice and has flattered to deceive when I have seen him. Yes he has obvious ability, pace and a decent shot on him. He will probably develop into a fine footballer at the highest level. but right now he is an aprentice and no more. He is easily closed down and inconsistent. Other more mature players offer more than him over 90 minutes. But as an impact sub he could be useful. I just hope that he goes away. learns a bit more and is happy to return to us as the fine footballer that we all want for 90 mins a game.

03 Feb 2018 14:05:03
My understanding is he is sulks when not picked and this then effects his training, which then leads to him not getting picked the following week. His inconsistency in training is down to his attitude. His attitude has a knock on effect to team morale. He is one of the players SA keeps referring to about certain players basically spitting there dummy out whilst others commit themselves accordingly ever time.
Maybe it’s down to the way other clubs have mollycoddled him due to him being such a young talent standing out in lower teams, the way these agents make them feel the most important person in the world with all there crap to keep the players happy and the agent financially well off.
But he is a talent, only young, obviously nieve and immature. Let’s hope he comes back a better more mature player.

03 Feb 2018 14:26:29
Well successive managers have certainly seen players and positions the total opposite from what we the majority see on match day. Schneiderlin not a glimmer of last season, yet is in far more times than benched, Williams inconsistent and again more times than benched. Martina consistently picked yet woeful in many fans eyes. Siguurdson a no 10 yet successive managers play him as a left winger. Conclusion has to be that these same players are doing something in training that influences, hence the disparity of view.

03 Feb 2018 14:31:48
Where do you guys get all this information about Lookman's attitude and sulking. I have only been privy to what I have seen on the field and that has been decidedly promising. I have not detected any attitudinal issues so I should be grateful if you would enlighten me.

03 Feb 2018 14:46:19
I am guessing there is a lot more to it than what successive managers have seen in training too ducksflysouth. The fact we have only 1 left footer in the squad. that's why Martina has been consistantly picked at left back. Add in no center forward for the 1st half of the season. The fact we had 5 number 10 potential players. We also had 3 or 4 kids in most games so a bit of experience like Schneiderlin may have been thought necessary by the 2 managers. Niggling injuries . and as you say maybe bad attitude in training. or even an inability to carry out basic tasks in training. eg if the coach says we are needing to play a high pressing game . and then in training, a player just can't cope with the system, then perhaps he is not picked for that game. There are lots of reasons as to why certain players are in or out of the squad, but yes training is one of the ways a manager evaluates a player and his ability to perform the following Saturday.



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