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09 Feb 2018 08:25:20
I don't know if I'm moaning just because I really dislike our manager and think he was the biggest mistake our club has made since we signed klodrup but does anyone else think he doesn't keep himself updated with ongoings at the club a few examples
1 he was asked about Garbutt at the beginning of January he replied I don't know he doesn't train with the first team
2 he was asked if mangala had a buy Claus he replied I don't know I might find out later today or next week
3 are you glad unsworth turned down the Oxford job he replied I don't know anything about it that has nothing to do with me that's down to the board and David now surely these are the things he should know about surely he should of had a report on Garbutt as we had no fit Left Backs surely he should of known if a new loan signing had a Claus to buy and surely he should of spoken to unsworth as first team manger I'm not sure what this man does on a day to day basis as if it's training the first team reg tactics he isn't doing a very good job is he.

{Ed002's Note - Managers of the first team will not have a detailed knowledge of the other sides, the kids, the women etc.. That is perfectly normal. Managers of the first team will not be involved in contract negotiations nor be party to their detailed contents. The manager of the first team does not discuss job opportunities that other members of the staff may have.

Is it just ignorance of the way football and football clubs work. This whining is getting rather embarrassing.}

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09 Feb 2018 08:42:58
question then ED02 as a new manager coming into a club and knowing your LB is injured doesn't it make sense to get a report on any LB in the u23 squad that you might be able to use does it not make sense that when he signs a player on loan to find out if we have the option to buy does it not make sense that if your u23 manager might be leaving to have a chat with him as you might have your own idea as to make the u23 manager if he leaves you say the whining is embarrassing it's not whining it's pointing out things this man should be more interested in you need to understand fans love their clubs you look at it from the outside Everton has been in our life since I was born if we win we look forward to buying 3 or 4 newspapers we watch match of the day sat then sun morning we watch the extended highlights on the Everton page we watch goals on Sunday but if we lose we go home and we don't watch any football for about 3 or 4 days so when you say the whining is embarrassing it's not it's that our club is family you need to understand that.

{Ed002's Note - Managers will utilise the experienced players in the first instance. If the kid is not already training with the first team squad then his coaches at Under 23 or whatever don't see him as ready. Managers do not get involved in contracts. I guess you just don't get how professional clubs are run.}

09 Feb 2018 09:02:17
i don't know how professional clubs are run I'm just a fan but ED02 your wrong on this instance Garbutt is 24 and was highly rated a few years back I watch every Everton game and a lot of u23 games and Martina isn't a LB so surely if your struggling to bring one in you get that kid up to the first team at the beginning of January and see for yourself as he has been playing well he has now been training with the first team which should of been done much earlier and you talk about how professional clubs are run can you seriously tell me Everton are being professionally run we are shocking at the minute Sam was a panic appointment Sam hasn't a clue what is going on outside the first team I'm sorry ED but a manager needs to know what's happening at all levels he should be having meetings discussing players that might be ready then again this is a man who talks a good game but can't implement it.

{Ed002's Note - If Garbutt is so highly rated and fit then why did Unsworth not push him up to the first team squad when he could? You can't blame Allardyce for that. Managers do not need to know what is happening at all levels - that is not their role and that is particularly true at clubs like Everton who have someone specifically employed to perform that role.

Your problem stems from you clear dislike of somone who has been at the club a few weeks and your problem is both irrational and unfounded.}

09 Feb 2018 09:16:58
Good post Bluey. Manager is a plantpot. No mention of Garbutt? Every team in the prem will expose down the right side as per usual. Just don't get it! Why not try Kenny at left back? Just hope we can get the necessary points to stay in the prem. If we do stay, the board will have to get a manager in that will get us playing attractive football. All the other managers that have taken over prem teams since Alladyce was appointed are playing better football than us. It does make you wonder what goes on at the training ground?

09 Feb 2018 09:51:35
Ed002 it would appear that some fans are hellbent on not wanting Allerdyce at our club. Perhaps because of his reputation? Perhaps because of recent performances and decisions he has made re formation? Even Ed 025 is on the side of Allergy out. However, there are plenty of Evertonians on here with a realistic view and see things like I do. that harmwas done by previous managers and Allergy has come in to try and stop a rot that is deep seated. I would also suggest that mant Evertonians have (myself included) have been let down in the past by this club and are suspicious of many decisions. and after all this is a banter site and if everyone had the same view, there would not be much to debate. and that is part of banter is it not? So whilst I understand why you say we have too much whinging going on. maybe what I have said explains why? If you are continually promised something and it never materialises, you do become somewhat negative. Keep up the good work and try not to get too negative about negative EVERTONIANS IS MY TIP!

{Ed002's Note - They problem remains that everyone will perform to their best if the fans are onside - right now they are not and are seemingly heading back to being toxic. It is recent history repeating itself.}

09 Feb 2018 09:54:11
see again your wrong ED02 yes I never wanted Sam but when he came in I gave him time and he has proved me correct he isn't the man for the job and regarding Garbutt he wasn't registered so unsworth couldn't play him when he was in charge I love the input you give and I respect what you say but you also have to give respect as well just because you want to defend someone all you have done is called me a whiner and said I'm irrational and my post is unfounded which I totaly disagree with and cheers shamrock I thought the same he keeps persisting with Martina who isn't good enough that's not his fault he can only do his best Sam is banking on home wins to keep us up my guess is he will continue to change the team away from home and he will play what he sees as his strongest team at home.

{Ed002's Note - It is a lost cause for people like you. I fully understand why the club are reluctant to share information with the fans.}

09 Feb 2018 10:01:34
Ed. Just on garbutt. He was not in the named squad so couldn't be played by unsworth until January when Sam was in charge.
Also I remember Ferguson at utd (I think) had total control of the club and watched the kids and reserves play. I know football has changed immensely in recent years but if we have a massive injury crisis surely he should know what back up he has or if any of them can be brought through to the first team?

{Ed002's Note - As I said, if he had not been pushed in to the first team squad then it was because the coaches did not see him as ready.}

09 Feb 2018 10:54:27
by fans like me do you mean fans who live and breath Everton fans who spend a lot of money on watching my beloved club fans like me who only want what's best for our club I asked 3 questions and you called me a whiner and irrational so thanks for that enjoy your weekend ED02 I'm sure you will have a lot more irrational unfounded posts by whiners as you put it from now til the end of the season.

{Ed002's Note - Fans who whine and are clearly not supportive and behind the players, the staff and the team. The toxics did a lot of damage before and there appears to be a return. Vast numbers of the Everton fans somehow convinced themselves about the £200M Moshiri was going to give the club to spend on players every window to provide instant results, were delusional about the likes of Diego Simeone joining as coach and are now bitching because Sam Allardyce has not got the cluyb in to the top for after a few weeks in the job. It is founded on a gross lack of understanding about how the game, the finances and the clubs work.}

09 Feb 2018 11:33:26
Pretty sure Garbutt was on the bench against Leicester? Didn't feature against Arsenal. Is Alladyce too scared to give him a go? I think fans are being realistic on here and have every right to moan, especially when you're paying good money to watch them!

{Ed002's Note - If all you want to do is whine and moan and bleat about the manager there will be better sites than this for that.}

09 Feb 2018 11:57:25
well that's where your wrong I never expected instant success I didn't expect Moshiri to come in and do what city's owners did because I understand that wages ffp play a big part in what we can spend and I'm bitching because first of all Sam was a panic appointment and he should never ever be considered for a club like Everton due to him twice being caught being very shady to line his own pockets and secondly he is all about himself his tatics are from 20 years ago come on ed we didn't have a shot on target this year until jonjoe kenny had a shot v WBA then in our next game when spurs battered us and again we had no shots on target he comes out and says we went too attacking and we will have to be more boring surely even you can see why fans are turning against him and Steve Walsh.

{Ed002's Note - Allardyce was not a panic decision, they took their time. Quite frankly you can moan all you want about him but this is not the place. Take it to the official club website.}

09 Feb 2018 12:50:36
Allardyce was not first choice and I have it on good authority he was not everyone’s choice, and that the board were split on this. Hence the short contract.

{Ed002's Note - I explained the situation at the time. You might want to read the posts.}

09 Feb 2018 16:26:45
Don't need too.

09 Feb 2018 18:18:09
Not to detract from the ongoing discussion, I would just like to say, this is the funniest discussion this year.



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