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18 Feb 2018 14:14:02
Hey Ed 025 don't know if you have seen the latest video interview with Mr Moshiri today but to me its a very exciting one for the Club, he gives an in depth view on the new stadium and his plans for Everton, i do like this guy he loves our Great Club and we are so lucky to have him on board, and a massive thankyou to Bill Kenwright for finding him for us, with all this doom and gloom on here its so refreshing to hear his plans, BRING IT ON, cheers mate.

{Ed025's Note - i have not read it yet GB but i agree there are good times on the horizon mate..

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18 Feb 2018 19:10:01
Only if we get the right people in the right places we have spent a fortune and gone backwards
I think his heart is in the club and wants what is best for us but he needs to slow down and get better advice.

18 Feb 2018 19:32:34
I am sure with the new stadium getting closer the rest will come, at least we have a guy in place who only wants the best for Everton, look on the bright side.

18 Feb 2018 21:30:30
Not seen the video myself yet mate, will do tomorrow. I quite like the guy as well, good owner for us.

19 Feb 2018 01:55:43
I've no doubt Mr Moshiri will do whatever is needed to take this club forward. The future is definitely brighter COYB.

{Ed0333's Note - Ive no doubts Mr Moshiri will take the club forward. I’m hoping he extends Sam’s contract for another 5 years.

19 Feb 2018 07:05:35
Ed0333, you are a very naughty boy and should stop antagonising the poor little Everton supporters with your naughty little comments. If I hear any more from you like this, I will make you go to bed early. and even worse, insist on you being an Evertonian yourself. just so you understand what it's like to suffer and be ridiculed! Now stop it!

{Ed0333's Note - I’m on the graveyard shift mate, I edit from around 10pm - 4am and people get naughty at night and I’m no different. I really like KFC I mean EFC as I grew up with Wilko’s fabulous team in the 90’s. If you take note of my editing I’m disparaging and encouraging in equal measure of all teams, I jest with and slag off Liverpool fans also. Come on degsyp lighten up a bit mate it’s only banter and believe me mate I know all about ridicule and suffering you don’t know my mother!

19 Feb 2018 09:47:33
That's okay Degsy. Ed0333 can be as sarcastic as he likes it doesn't bother me. The revolution has begun at long last and no amount of sniping, good humoured or otherwise, will dampen my enthusiasm. The future is definitely brighter.

19 Feb 2018 10:15:41
I am sure Everton fans would like to be back to pre Mr Moshiri days, I think not eh mate, as you say definitely brighter.

19 Feb 2018 15:12:22
I think you are right GB, Judging by the thumbs down it looks like the majority do actually prefer the club pre Moshri days. It would be nice if this could be debated but it looks as though they don't want to, that is their prerogative and we just have to accept it mate.

{Ed025's Note - we should not take thumbs down,s as gospel grumpy, some trolls visit the site and other teams supporters and they will give a thumbs down as a bit of divilment mate..

19 Feb 2018 16:47:47
Think you might find they were thumbing Ed’s comments, not yours mate.

19 Feb 2018 10:52:04
Message to Ed0333. No need to tell me to lighten up mate. If I was any lighter, I would float away! It must be the way I write these things. a lot of people tell me to lighten up. or calm down (if Scousers) . but in reality I am sat here with my little pinkies typing away with a big sarcastic grin on my face. Keep it coming nite-shift! We can take it! We are made of tough stuff! Maybe not as tough as you mate. Did you see my earlier post about Evertonians getting off lightly compared with say Leeds or Notts Forrest fans? I am guessing that's the Wilko you are on about. Tough times mate. You have my sympathies!

{Ed0333's Note - I’m so sorry fella I meant Howard Kendall. I had the wrong Howard in my head. I’m old enough to remember Kendall’s team in the 80’s and wow what a team that was. Talk about unison and a collective. Mountjoy, Southall, Reid, Steven, Gray et al. That is the barometer I use to measure Everton, halcyon days! Yes mate while you guys sleep I sow the seeds lol.

19 Feb 2018 21:13:36
I never even considered that Ed025, cheers mate.

{Ed025's Note - your welcome grumpy mate..

20 Feb 2018 06:45:36
Is right Ed0333 👍 It still gives me a semi recalling those glorious days 😂 What a squad 😍😍 If we can get somewhere close to that again before my time is up I'll be a very happy bunny indeed 🤞🤞.

20 Feb 2018 10:40:03
I am more sanguine about Moshiri. It is not even clear that he has invested his own money and is not just a conduit for Usmanov's money. If the latter is true, then if the Kroenke v Usmanov face off at Arsenal is resolved in Usmanov's favour then there is a fair chances that funds for Everton may dry up or worse still that the Usmanov camp will want to take their funds back out.

However, if for the purposes of this discussion, we assume that Moshiri put his own money in then there are some other concerns. Firstly, there is talk of Moshiri having "put £80 mill into the Club" to repay debt and stabilise the balance shee. Does "putting in" mean investing capital or loaned money to the club to repay "external" creditors? As Moshiri's share holding has not increased, it seems likely that any injection of funds is a loan. Owing money to a shareholder is definitely better than owing money to an external creditor on God knows what terms. However, it is stiil a debt and the terms are still relevant.

There are some things here that cause me disquiet. We are told that Everton's balance sheet and income streams were insufficient to encourage banks to lend for the new stadium. They drew no comfort from us having a "billionaire owner". The council has had to underwite any loan via some special purpose financial vehicle.

Why is Everton's fianacial osition not strong enough to lend to? Financially, football clubs are strange beasts. Like regular businesses they have fixed assets, for example Goodison. However, an asset such as Goodison may have little value. This is because it has a specialised use. To use it for any other purpose entails demolition costs and where it is sited is not the most lucrative place to build. However, a lender can take a mortgage on Goodison. It isn't going to be transferred to another club in the summer window.

That is not the case with the other major asset that appear on the books, the players. Players appear on the books at the cost of transferring them in and then that cost is written down over the contract of that player. So a player like Calvert_Lewin who cost £1.5 mill on say a 5 yr term is written down at £300k per year so at the end of year 3 he shows as £600k. On the market he might well sell for £20 million pr more but as an asset to secure a loan £600k.

Then we come to the fact that you can't take a mortgage out on a player. What you can do is take out a debenture. A debenture is a floating charge on all assets of an organisation which don't have fixed charges (i. e. mortgages) on them. The owner of the assets can still trade those assets i. e. the club can sell players until the debenture holder "crystalises" the debenture. At that point dealing in the assets without permission of the debenture holder is frozen and the debenture holder has first call on the sale proceeds.

The fact that Everton's asset base is not sufficient to secure borrowing makes me wonder if there is an existing debenture holder who would have to be paid off before any lender for the stadium. I ask myself who might be the club's major creditor and therefore likely debenture holder?

If I am adding 2+2 to get 5, I apologise.

20 Feb 2018 13:27:42
Apparently Moshri gave the club an interest free loan to pay off the £80 million we owed. As far as getting a loan for a new stadium goes a few things would come into play.

1) How much do they want to loan £300m - £450m
2) what would the repayment structure be?
3) How would that effect our expenditure?
4) How long would it be over?

Spurs I believe have something in place similar to a bank loan but different in many ways, they can draw anything upto £400 million to build a new stadium, the main difference between them and ourselves is that they have already ploughed some £350 million into the project in land acquisition. Payments for them are over 5 years is LIBOR + 3%, So for every £100 they borrow they payback interest + another 3%. That is an expensive way of borrowing but is normal within London businesses.

20 Feb 2018 16:20:45
Unless I'm missing something basic Glennk isn't £300k x 3yrs £900k.

20 Feb 2018 18:00:05
Wow Glennk and co. lots of very interesting comments and questions raised there. I have to say that none of us mere mortals will probably ever get to know the important answers. Suffice it to say that we do appear to be planning a new stadium. We do seem to be signing players (and selling/ realeasing) too. I guess my big fear which I have raised before is that football clubs seem to be better suited to signing 2 or 3 players each transfer window and they do take time to settle in. If you remember, Spurs started their project probably 10 years ish ago. They are still in the middle of it. They also rely a lot on Harry Kane. a homegrown "one of us" player. If Rooney had stayed with us. who knows how we would have done? I would guess we might have done a bit better. but that aside, that is why we really need to unearth a couple of youngsters and one very special youngster. and then do our damnedest to hold on to him whilst we build a team around him. Keep watching the youth and see why we are paying high fees for the likes of Lookman, DCL and Onyekuru. Davies will be key as will Baningeme. But we are talking another few years away. So much more goes on in the background than what a lot of people realise.

21 Feb 2018 23:02:21
Big H £1.5 million start figure written down at £300k per year for 3 years is £900k leaves a value of £600k.

22 Feb 2018 00:52:53
That told me 😂😂🙃.

22 Feb 2018 06:58:57
But nicely, I hope.



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