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25 Feb 2018 16:27:54
People have been posting about the improvement that Allardyce has brought about so I thought that I would have a look. Initially, I am just looking at stats; no thougt of playing style whther we have been lucky or unlucky or whether results are deserved or underserved.
When SA took over we had played 14 games for 15 points. Since he took over 14 games for 19 points. It isn't a huge improvement but it is an improvement ad maybe sufficient improvement.
If Allardyce's stewardship had not produced that additional 4 points we would have been between 13-15 depending on goal difference. In truth from 30 points at this stage we would probably survive but it would be a bit more sweaty that what this promises to be.

Allardyce took over after the emphatic victory over West Ham and enjoyed a short term upturn in the team's fortunes. It may well be that had he continued Unsworth would have reaped the benefit of the post West Ham confidence boost. In truth the point is moot and we can never know.
Looking forward we have 10 remaining fixtures; 5 at home and 5 away.
If we are as pessimistic as we can be so that any surprises are pleasant ones, we should discount any return from the home matches with Liverpool and City. that leaves Brighton, Newcastle and Southampton. Now whilst you would see all those as winnable, if we consider in full on pessimistic mode, we must surely win 1 and get a couple of draws. That would give us 5 points and take us to 39.
We have the 5 away games to get 1 point to get to the holy grail of 40 points. I know that we are worse than awful away but surely there must be 1 point away at Burnley, Stoke, Swansea, Huddersfield and West Ham. So in the end those 4 extra points whether due to the Allardyce factor or a wave of confidence generated by Unsworth look to be 4 points of gold.

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25 Feb 2018 16:54:31
Good post mate.

25 Feb 2018 17:20:32
Interesting post Glenn, nice one.

25 Feb 2018 17:40:23
Hi Grumpy mate, what's going to happen to Big Sam do you reckon, i'm like you I will give my total support to whoever is in charge.

25 Feb 2018 18:58:39
Glennk and not to say given Sam and Unsy's combined results that Koeman would have achieved the end result if given time. I would even include Brown Shoes in that, we did after all finish 11th in his bad season.

25 Feb 2018 19:19:16
I know I'm not Grumpy GB but he's done little to show that if he sees out his contract things will improve on what we are seeing now. If being predominantly ultra defensive and still losing is the kind of football you want to see he's definitely your man. If that happens I'll support the team fully as I do now but I won't like it.

25 Feb 2018 19:53:11
I think he will leave in the summer mate.

25 Feb 2018 20:13:00
I think so too. I can't see Moshiri putting up with this any longer than he has to even if it costs him a few ££.

25 Feb 2018 20:23:48
Realistically GB it will all depend on availability. What we need in a new manager will be someone who wants to manage us to move us forward not someone who has come on board for a good pay cheque.

It is imperative that the next manager we have is the right one and meets all of the brief and not just parts of it, if that manager is not yet available or if indeed they do not wish to join us then I can see SA staying on next season, Unless something remarkable happens next season with SA in charge then I do not see the club extending his contract.

If there is a manager who meets the brief and is willing to join us for the right reasons then SA will be out. In my opinion the board have been clever in giving in to his so called demand of an 18 month contract as it gives them a lot more time to find a suitable replacement. With so much in the pipeline the next one really has to be the right one mate.

25 Feb 2018 20:33:45
Agree mate I see now that Sam has lower points per game average than both Koeman and Martinez, i reckon he will be on his bike mate.

25 Feb 2018 20:51:08
Agree Big H especially with the new stadium in the pipeline, Mr Moshiri will want a top coach and I am sure he can persuade him to come to Everton.

25 Feb 2018 21:22:31
If Sam is only going to get the remainder of his contract then the club would be suicidal in keeping him.

How do you sell a club to a player when it's just a 12 month contract?

If we want to sign good players we have to sell them a longer term vision than 12 months. Also why would we sign players for Sam's vision to then have to do it all over again in 12 months with a new manager. We are bleeding money right now and it will very soon start to dry up.

We need a new man in place this summer that is going to bring a fresh new vision and project and then back him properly in the summer.

To give the new man a chance of success he has to be given time by the board and the fans. That may mean we accept the hiccups along the way. However, for us to accept this we need a brave board that understands what we want which is a brand of football that gets you excited and then give it time to make it work.

{Ed025's Note - great post that john..

26 Feb 2018 06:59:07
I can see allardyce going a few days after the last game (unless we finish 7th) with Walsh shortly after that.

26 Feb 2018 10:46:52
It was less than 5 weeks ago the majority were saying we should sign this player and should sign that player BJU.

26 Feb 2018 11:23:10
BJU, that is exactly why we will be looking for a new manager come the summer, it makes no sense to support a manager and his notions for 12 months to then rip it up and start again, that's what I'm hoping and praying that we do.
Pay them all off and start with a new manager with a 4 year plan.

26 Feb 2018 12:32:27
And i think Grumpy the Tosun deal shows how important it is we get a new strong manager with his own ideas and back him. Not a manager brought in to support walsh and the board.

We as supporters will wish for new players and there was a need for pace and width. Thankfully Theo came in because if we didn't we'd be 1 point of the relegation places.

Koeman wanted a striker a left back a centre back and left winger in the summer on top of what we bought. Walsh got none of them.

It's time Walsh and the board to take a look at themselves. I like the board and all of them on it but they've got to understand Walsh is the DOF and it's the manager who picks the team and who plays in it.



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