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07 Mar 2018 19:49:37
I've been an Everton fan from a young age (since 1963) , but my actual recollections of matches are only since 1966.
From those 50-plus years, I could list loads of disappointing results, countless near-misses in our club's pursuit of trophies, plenty of injustices (bitter blue or what! ) , managers who came close (but eventually failed) , and way too many players who didn't live up to expectations or just weren't good enough.
Throughout all those years however - even when mediocrity was our level or (worse! ) when relegation threatened - I saw the players (whatever their limitations or lack of confidence) pretty much always trying and I saw the managers (whatever their eventual failings) trying to do what they thought was right. Our fans were great - Goodison Park was a bear pit and our away support excellent.
Now, despite Mr Moshiri's investment and the optimism and raised expectations of last Summer, there is an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and doubt at our club - and many of the fanbase have lapsed into apathy.
It's going to need all concerned - club, players, fans - to rebuild confidence. A few wins will obviously help the mood, but there surely are far deeper issues to be addressed by Mr Moshiri in order for our club to become genuine challengers in the PL and in Europe and to progress as a 21st century professional football club.

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07 Mar 2018 20:49:26
See where you are coming from mate, I too am a young 68 yr old and have supported Everton for as long as I can remember, and I too can recall the trials and tribulations of being an Everton Fan in the 60s and 70s and with all the good times that came with it, and yes its going to be a long hard struggle to get back to that, but I really think we now have a guy who can make it happen in Mr Moshiri, come hell or high water and hey WE ARE EVERTON.

07 Mar 2018 21:53:59
I remember watching the 66 cup final in horror and running up to our attic in tears at half time only for my Dad to coax me down to watch the second half with a promise of a glass of Jusoda and a jam butty! The rest as they say is history. I’d agree with the OP. What I’ve always remembered through all the low times is a club which had pride in itself and whose fans supported the team whatever dross was served up on the pitch. Am I getting old and nostalgic? Maybe. But what is probably true is the recognition that those days have gone and the days when HK would celebrate a win by taking the team out for a Chinese and s few beers are now in the past. We need to move on.

07 Mar 2018 23:17:20
I was 75 yesterday and remember the good and the bad times well.
The days we remember with fondness are gone now and I think we are going through a transformation. The Everton of old is being pushed aside and Everton as a business is now at the forefront.

We are at an age where fans want instant results and expect a bigger say into what happens, no longer do fans trust those with running the club, even though we have seen it all before and got through the other end unscathed. Todays fans demand a scapegoat at a whim and only talk about being patient, whilst at the same time making demands. Because of this impatience, I feel that the emergence of this new fan, has no respect for our history, I believe they want to be part of anything good that happens without experiencing the associated pain that usually pre lives success.

I am sure that we will have the glory days again, and I welcome that happening, I also think that the new type of fan we now find ourselves with is actually a good thing, We need to give our heritage the respect it deserves, but we also need to stop dining out on our past. It's been too long now and that, along with the fans, is forcing through changes are long overdue.

We the senior fans have become complacent, it is time to see what the younger ones can do.

{Ed007's Note - 75 yesterday! Congratulations and a very happy birthday to you mate. It's great to see old school friends of Ed025 using the site.}

07 Mar 2018 23:59:00
I remember Goodison being half full in the dark days. I remember the fans getting on the players back. I remember being furious at those fans for not bothering to turn up to matches until it was almost too late.

Thankfully, there were some of us that went to every game and tried to get them over the line.

I love our club but our away fans are 100 times better than our home ones and if you've been away then you'll understand what I'm saying. If you haven't then you probably don't.

It's never been any different. In every decade I've been going there has never been any generation better than the last or any worse.

There was more violence in the 70's and 80's and racism at Goodison was rife but it was a different era and we have learnt many lessons. Patience from fans is the same now as it was in 82/ 83 and late 70'S that I can remember. However, now fans wrap up much warmer for the winter games.

What I do love about us though is when the times are good we are amazing and when we play our main rivals or its that last game of the season and we need a result to stay up we really do become the twelfth man. Just wish we were like this at Goodison for 90 minutes and throughout the season.

08 Mar 2018 01:01:00
Grumpytoffee: Happy birthday, mate! You’re probably one of few fans who can remember Everton being relegated in 1951 and then being promoted in 1954. If anyone knows the emotion involved as a fan it’s surely you.

08 Mar 2018 08:40:04
Thanks Ed007 I'm sure Ed025 was my teacher,

I remember those times Bobby with trepidation, it was the worst day of my young life when we went down and one of the best when we went up, It was genuinely a different system back then, one where you did not have to wait for transfer windows or the such, personally I think it was better that way.

BJU is right the mid 70's until the early 80's saw the violence and racism both inside and outside of Goodison, and sadly that is also a part of our history, not a part to be proud of but non the less it's still there. The fact it went on at every club does not make it right, thankfully views regarding racism have changed and it is frowned upon these days.

{Ed025's Note - belated birthday wishes for tuesday grumpy mate, i would think i am maybe your long lost son than your teacher though, i am becoming miserable and a real moaner so your DNA is being carried on down the line.. :)

08 Mar 2018 10:26:31
Trust me I have never christened any of my son's Ed025, although the figure is probably close. Thanks for the Birthday wishes and try to get used to being miserable and a moaner as it only gets worse, even our cats give me a wide berth when I'm in a grump.

{Ed025's Note - im sure they do mate.. :)



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