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11 Mar 2018 00:11:57
I don't know weather sam will be at goodison next season, but even if he is not, everyone should kiss the ground he walkes on.
He has saved us not just from relegation, but saved the dream. without prem status, their would be no money for a new ground, big players, and a return to our place at the top table of british football.
I hope everyone takes a good look at Leeds, 17 years now just trying to get back in the prem, never mind it's top table.
If you do leave, thanks sam, no the football was not pritty, but you saved us to fight another day.

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11 Mar 2018 06:47:59
Personally I don't think we would have gone down under either Koeman or Unsworth. As for kissing the ground he walks on, no thanks I'll leave that to you.

11 Mar 2018 06:52:12
Yes we should be safe, but that's more out of luck and piss poor performances by the teams below us than anything Sam has done. If a handful of those teams had performed better we would still be in it right up to our necks. Our away performances, when we have been set up to be Ultra defensive - by Sam - have been abysmal. His team selections and tactics have been baffling at times. His insistence on picking certain players despite them being clearly out of form has cost us valuable points. Fair enough he was brought in to do a job, and more out of luck than great leadership it looks like that's been accomplished, but kiss the ground he walks on? do me a favour.

11 Mar 2018 08:30:43
I think the truth lies somewhere between guys. It is true our defensive performances were dire for a while and are still not great. But Sam has improved our home record compared to earlier in the season. Tosun is starting to look pretty good. As is Walcott. Both excellent signings in my view.

11 Mar 2018 09:54:53
You don't have to play utter rubbish to be safe. Yesterday for an example saw us with more attacking players on the pitch than any other game this season. DING! and we won.

I hope to God this guy is gone soon and we get someone in who doesn't take 20 games to realise if you play with attack in mind you get bloody results.

11 Mar 2018 11:59:14
Problem we had is we were leaking far to many goals, so the first thing it to try and plug those wholes, which means more defensive players, yes it's not pretty but it's got us the points and we are now looking like we are safe, do we want to be playing like this next season, NO, Is Sam the right manager, No, but he came in to save us, let's not all sit there thinking we were to good to go down because we aren't, we invested in players like a kid who's been given £20 to go and buy what ever he wants from a sweet shop, and to be honest most of those player were rubbish, Sam has bought Walcott and cenk, which look very good signings, he cannot be blamed for what keoman brought in, what would you have done different, or any other manager, i'd rather be playing crap this year and be in the premiership next season, we need to look beyond Sam for the reasons why we were so close to going down, look at stoke And WBA, that could be us, give Sam a bit a slack he has made us safe and that was his job, all those who think we are up there with the big boys yet are fools, and really the ones shouting the loudest ever time we play bad, as far as I can see we owe Sam thanks, we could of had some one like WBA Manager and we would be down. We all get upset when we lose, but there's a reason, we haven't got players that are good enough yet, I hope next season we can get players in to compliment the ones we have.

11 Mar 2018 12:51:01
Good post Simon I for one agree with what you say.

11 Mar 2018 13:15:59
I think that yesterday exposed what has been wrong with the team and it should finally put to bed that nonsense about players not caring or trying. Yesterday there was a team with a left side out there and what a difference it made, both goals came down that side.
Previously we have been playing not the world's best right back at left back with an attack minded central midfield player in front of him. It was never a recipe for success. I am not Bolassie's biggest fan, I think he is a bit of a clockwork mouse, but he does know how to play wide.
Yesterday we put out a balanced side and whilst not fantastice, looked all the better for it.

11 Mar 2018 15:53:26
If we are to have a new manager next season, I hope he is known now and comes in at the end of this season and, not at the start of next season. We do not want another delay like we did with RK. A new man needs time with the players.

11 Mar 2018 17:31:05
Totally agree NickB57, the board had better sort out what they want to do now, and personally once we are safe, if Sam is going do it, say thanks get the new man in, end of season and break to find out what he needs on the player recruitment.

11 Mar 2018 20:05:25
Agree with the above posts. With it being a World Cup year pre-season will be tough as it is, so best to get the new manager in beforehand ideally to start planning.

12 Mar 2018 12:00:48
It's utter stupidity to think going defensive stops you from losing. Scoring goals and having players comfortable on the ball which creates ball retention stops you losing games.

Having a team full of defenders that don't have the confidence on the ball means, just like we have seen this season, you have little possession and very few chances on goal.

To think that this is the way to 'steady the ship' like Sam does only puts even more pressure on him and the team because you won't get the crowd on your side.

More evidence of how being defensive is the wrong way to go is down in London. Just take a look at the other Muppet Moyes and West Ham.

Just like Sam they're playing an out-dated style of play. Football has moved on. Hopefully, we will soon.



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