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14 Mar 2018 15:37:49
There seems to be this debate going on about sacking or not sacking Sam A. So although I am not saying we should or should not sack him, I think some of our fans see him as the root of our problems. When in fact I see things differently and will try to explain why: Our squad is quite terrible, and as many managers have said over the years, the league table does not lie! So here goes: We signed Pickford. He is a great shot stopper. One of the best. But he is terrible at defending set pieces. We have conceded so many goals this season from free kicks, corners and other high balls pumped into the box. We have the worst defensive record in the league bar none. Those statistics do not tell lies. We have conceded an average of 1.63 goals per game. In other words we need to score 2 or more every game to get a result. We had just about adequate cover for the right back position if Coleman got injured. But we had no cover for the left back position if Baines got injured. We had no natural left sided midfielder. So when Baines became injured, Martina stepped in and Siggy had already been moved to the left side because we had nonatural player for that position. Martina and Siggy is not what I would call a flowing natural left side. When Coleman got injured Kenny stepped in. To be fair to the kid, he tried his best, but there was mistake after mistake from him and we conceded another lot of goals directly from his mistakes. Prior to Walcott and Tosun being signed, we had a manager who ridiculed in public our only natural forward who scored regularly. He made him train with the kids. He played another kid as center forward who is going to be a brilliant player one day. But right now, with all the other inadequacies of the squad, looks just like what he is. a kid trying to make his name. Sam could have played Lookman on the left. but in all honesty, Martina is not that good at right back, so at left back is even worse. So to put Lookman in on the left (a player who is too young to know how to defend and also gives the ball away every other touch. but again will one day be a great player) would just make our left side so weak it would be untrue. Then there is Rooney and Klaasen. How do you fit them in the team with Gueye? He has been our best tackler now for 2 seasons. But you can't play Rooney, Siggy, Klaasen, Gueye, Davies and Schneiderlin in the same team. I would agree that Schneiderlin should have been dropped weeks ago. that is one mistake I do agree Sam has made. It took him too long to make that one change. But then, he has brought in our best 2 signings for ages in Walcott and Tosun. As for Bolasie. he flatters to decieve. He works hard and tries hard but hardly ever scores a goal. Never has done. which is another problem with players signed PRIOR to Sam. Sam has just signed Walcott and Tosun and they have goals in them. Besides Rooney, Siggy and Niasse. and the 2 fullbacks who have just returned from injury, we had few goals in the squad and that takes me back to my first point. when you have a defence conceding almost 2 goals a game, you need 3 goals a game for a win. So blame Sam if you like. But I will thank him for signing Tosun and Walcott. Whereas I will always blame Martinez and Koeman for almost taking us to the championship.

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14 Mar 2018 15:58:07
Have you not seen us play? We are shocking under SA. It’s the worst football I can remember us playing. I don’t care about the two signings. We play away from home and they might as well not be there because we just lose all the time. If SA was better than Martinez or Koeman then he would have done something about it but he hasn’t. He’s not better than them and his football is worse.

He blames the players and only admits his own faults when the media pressure him to do so. I can’t bare the football under this guy. Brighton result is all I have that’s remotely ok and then I have to remind myself that it’s Brighton for goodness sake - at Goodison.

I’m looking at the hope of getting 40 points! 40points!?

Please, someone just do the right thing and get rid. There’s better out there, surely.

14 Mar 2018 16:52:23
Did you not read my post Toffee Ace? I am not saying we have not played terrible football. I am saying we have played terrible football. But I am saying what can one man do about it in the short term? He/ we still have a terrible squad that is slightly better than a few weeks ago before we signed Tosun and Walcott. I also remember us playing terrible football under Koeman earlier this season. In September we beat Sunderland 3 nil. Then we lost by 4 nil, 3 nil, 3 nil, 2 nil, 2-1, 5-2, 2-1 and then managed a 1 all draw with Brighton. seeing as you point them out! That's 7 consecutive defeats followed by a draw with Brighton. Then we lost at home to Burnley. After this we managed a mixed set of results against the weaker teams that we are also managing to beat at home. Sam A was not here with us for the 12 months without an away win so how is he to blame for that? He has been with us 2 and a half months. He has managed (I agree some terrible football) to take us from 3rd from bottom to 9th. I do agree that we have a terrible team. and maybe tactics. but you cannot blame him for the 4/ 5 months at the start of this season where we got ourselves into a mess. nor for the other 23 players that Moyes, Martinez and Koeman signed. And like I say, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear!

14 Mar 2018 17:14:50
I do think there is a lot in what your saying Degsy. Your going to get nothing but grief over it though as most people just want him gone. I can't help but think its all going to end bad with big Sam. Sooner or later.

{Ed025's Note - just so long as it ends mate..

14 Mar 2018 17:43:21
I think you are right NBTB. I think some see him as the devil incarnated! I am more pragmatic. I think we have neglected things post Moyes. Martinez was very very lucky to sign Lukaku who sort of papered over lack of other good signings. Then Koeman had a quite terrible transfer window where he lost Lukaku, Barkley and signed 5 number 10's and no decent defenders. which was what was needed. He also paid over the odds for some players. and this is where I will get shot. Pickford is to blame for quite a few goals. From balls played in high or through quickly where he is not the best at judging when to come out. He also tries to kick out from the back and often hits the wing too hard and the ball goes directly out for a throw to the opposition. I know people are talking about what a great shot stopper he is, but he has been at fault for some key goals this season and the cause of losing possession quite a lot with his clearances. When we are playing the likes of Burnley, I feel Robles would be better for the high balls being pumped in. Oh Walcott is already our highest shot accuracy. and how long has he been with us? Pickford has a pass accuracy of just 46% just to back up what I am saying.

14 Mar 2018 18:18:16
Degsy I think you are bit harsh with some of the signings of both Martinez and Koeman. They both signed some good players and some great prospects they did sign a lot of dross though aswell. It would be interesting to know how many of Koeman's signings where forced on him via Walsh and if Walsh had anything to do with the signing if Walcott and Tosun. I also think your being a bit hard on Pickford I can think of a fair few goals where players were given free headers from inside the 6 yard box which really is down to some pretty crap defending and not necessarily Pickford's fault. With SA he's pretty much dammed if he does or dammed if he doesn't but he certainly does not help himself with some of his selections.

{Ed001's Note - if it is in the 6 yard box, should the keeper not be able to come off his line to deal with at least some of those free headers?}

14 Mar 2018 18:21:41
Excellent post degsy mate, shame you get shot down on here by some posters.

14 Mar 2018 18:21:41
Excellent post degsy mate, shame you get shot down on here by some posters.

14 Mar 2018 18:59:49
Ed001 the ones i'm thinking of where off a second or third ball where he was not in a position to challenge. I would expect a keeper to command the 6 yard box most of the time and especially of set pieces.

{Ed001's Note - ok mate, that's why I asked. I just find that watching Pickford he looks rooted to his line far too much for my liking.}

14 Mar 2018 19:03:55
Degs. Fair play that you agree it’s terrible football. I just don’t like Allardyce as our manager. He was waxing lyrical about how many points he achieved in his first run of results verses how poor we were before them. Then he goes all quiet about the same stats when the losses became more frequent. Degs, he does my head in. All about him when we’re winning and all about the team when we’re losing. The only thing that’s consistent is the poor football. I shouldn’t have began my post the way I did I as you clearly watch them. But I stand by my points and I want him out.

14 Mar 2018 19:30:10
Unfortunately managers are judged on results and although he has saved us, his pts per game average is poor. Shots per game, poor. Chances created, poor. Couple that with the style of football being served up and the fact he disrespects the players and fans in his post match interviews leaves most of us wanting him gone.
Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming him for the majority of the issues you raise in your post but, I am blaming him for the above poor stats since he came in.
He is an experienced manager on a lot of money, he should respect the players, fans and the club and he must do better. Simple.

14 Mar 2018 19:30:46
That I understand Toffeeace. And I concure. With regards to Pickford, Ed001 has actually said what I was tring to point out. Anything in the 6 yard area should have the keeper getting at least a punch on it. We have conceded quite a few from direct corners and free kicks being lumped into the box and headers won. Yes you can blame Williams, Jags or whoever, but there comes a point where it is the keepers responsibility to take control. Van Dijk beat him in the 6 yard area, the Burnley lad a couple of weeks ago too. And I remember earlier in the season a couple of others. For a keeper he is about the shortest in the Premiership. if not THE shortest. I think other teams have targeted that. Also he is not quick off his line at times. A bit dithery. Yes as a shot stopper he is fantastic. but goalkeeping is much more than that these days. They need a voice (which he has) and they need to be off their line or stay in a fraction of a second and he dithers a bit. that's both on through balls and corners and free kicks. Statistically we have the worst defence in the league. Some of that is mistakes from Martina, Williams and Kenny. but also from Pickford. I knew when I wrote the first post on this that I would get slaughtered. because his shot stopping is so good. but like I say, defficiencies in other parts of his game let him dowm. against teams who target them. And re the good signings by Martinez and Koeman. I have said this before. we still rely on Jags (aged 35) , Williams (aged 33) , Baines (aged 33) , Seamus Coleman (aged 29) , Holegate (aged 21) , Kenny (aged 20) , Keane (aged 25) and Martina. who it doesn't matter how old he is. Defenders are at their best aged between about 24 to 28 usually. We are lucky that Baines, Jags and Coleman are still able to play when not injured. without them we would be in a mess. Keane was signed for the future. I hope he improves because I have been underwhelmed with his performances so far. He has played like a 20 year old not a 25 year old. Williams seems to have lost the plot completely. Like I say. the Premierships worst defensive record by goals conceded. And probably about to lose our 3 best defenders to age. maybe Coleman can go on another couple of seasons but we will need a left back and another center half pretty soon.

14 Mar 2018 19:51:09
Remember Degsy, Pickford is young so you would expect his shot stopping to be good and deficiencies in his decision making will come with age/ experience.
He is yet another young signing that has been thrust into this team.
I will pass judgement on him when he has a settled, capable back 4 in front of him, week in week out.

14 Mar 2018 20:06:34
Yes Smit666. I hope he can be coached to come and punch/ catch crosses. assuming he is physically capable. that's why in my first post I suggested Robles for a place against teams who have Andy Carrols and the likes to aim at. Watch how we defend free kicks and corners. We look like we will concede at almost every one. Its skin of the teeth stuff!

14 Mar 2018 20:25:41
Good post Degsy,

Sadly I feel you are swimming uphill mate.
People here do not like SA full stop and will use any possible excuse to justify themselves. If we won the treble with him, people would still moan. As you have correctly done, you have pointed out things that can not possibly have anything to do with him, yet you see people trying to turn it so the blame lies with him.

When SA first joined us he was singing the players praises from the roof tops saying how well they performed along with the effort they put in, Some on here moaned he was not being honest and that he should berate those who do not play well or perform, Now he does just that he gets moaned about for doing it.

Who would be a manager eh?

14 Mar 2018 20:44:28
Funny old world mate.

14 Mar 2018 21:16:42
We needed the guy to make us safe but the initial contract offer was to him derisory so a compromise was struck and 18 months to me is commonsense, that with bonus will see him sufficiently rewarded when Mr Moshri gets rid at the end of the season. We are practically if not mathematically safe now. I am in no doubt whatsoever that moves are already afoot for a major clearout from Manager to playing Staff. I have deliberately left out the DoF because I have my doubts he will leave without a fight.



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