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24 Mar 2018 03:12:15
We need a manager who we can ALL get behind, and there's too many already who don't want Sam here next season, including myself. There's no point in starting a new season divided and that will certainly happen if Sam is in charge and the season will start with negativity in the air.
Lets get a new manager and a new DOF and start a fresh with the positivity we started this season with.

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24 Mar 2018 07:15:58
Im not bothered whos in charge, us fans will destroy anyone after afew defeats, even the players, we need a good clear out and we as fans need to realise we are not going to do a city.

24 Mar 2018 10:44:46
I am with you Bebington. Ed002 calls some of our supporters toxic and I am starting to agree with him. The negativity from some towards a manager who inherited a terrible situation is really a toxic situation. Some just didn't want him before he arrived. There is no escaping the fact that we were playing terrible football before he arrived. We were 3rd from bottom and had played many games without getting a shot on target. In my opinion, this was mainly because of a terrible transfer window whereby we not only lost our top scorer by a mile, we also lost our 2nd best scorer. Then when we went to replace them, we ended up with no signing of a center forward, a load of number 10's and then had both our experienced full backs injured with long term injuries. The previous manager had made insufficient efforts in signing cover for these 2 positions so in effect, we were 30 goals down on the last season, had no target player, had lost our most creative player and both our full backs. Allardyce came in with a "negative" image and about 50% of our fans turned against him and blamed him for just about everything. Yes they have continued with a hate campaign against him and yes who would now want to come into Everton and take over such a club with hatred of a guy who has managed to recover a situation that looked difficult at the least? I can understand that some had a downer on him, but it is the amount of hatred and negativity that has surprised me. especially when considering all I have just said. I am 61 and for the first time in my life, I am doubting the past excellent support that our supporters have given. Dare I say we are starting to sound like the "prawn sandwich" brigade that other clubs are associated with. I think OllBlue is right that supporters are now divided and I don't see how Allardyce can get the others behind him. I fear for our club. because of the negativity of our supporters and that is something I never ever thought I would hear from others. never mind saying it myself.

24 Mar 2018 12:00:12
Degsy just what is this terrible situation our club found itself in when Sam took over as if I remember correctly we where 13th in the league and had just beat West Ham 4-0 it was Unsworth who came in at the worst point of the season and my reasons for disliking Sam is the 2 times he has been accused of taking bribes and his if we win it's down to him if we lose its down to the players the sooner the season ends and he is shown the door the club can move on.

24 Mar 2018 12:00:53
Think people are confused.
I see people. who disagree with other posters. Yes it's obvious to regulars if the site that there is 20% who love BS and seem intent on devaluing opposing views and then become hypocrites by constantly posting passive aggressive comments and tgen in the same breath, calling out the thumbs downs. Like a badge of honour.

They are then the same voices who call out the name calling and toxic comments. I've never seen such comments as they never get through the eds filters. So please stop being snowflakes. Especially when most of you egg and stir it up just fine by yourselves.

As for this "toxic" nonsense. Obviously the eds probably read some horrendous stuff and I'm sure it's depressing on days for them. But they also can't be naive to the nature of anonymous forums. Especially one for football which is a time bomb at the best of times.

So from what I've read here I'd totally disagree with most of above.
I have the right to have an anti Sam opinion. I believe it's an informed one taking in everything my eyes and ears have observed of the man since the mid 1990s. So please do not patronize me or others by thinking this is just a blind hate campaign.

I support the club. I support the team. I support the supporters and I support the knowledge that this is a long term project. I'm very much aware of expectations and realities.

Yes we are safe. Yes BS is the man who takes credit for that. Facts.
No I don't think he is the ma to take us forward. We have over stretched and changed too much too quickly. I'm sure the club and all who call the shots are learning everyday. They will get it right but hope not with BS.

If you think that making posts that you know are provocative and you then receive down marks or even robust replies. well as the saying goes. If you can't stand the heat get outta the kitchen.

People host pages like this and yet when it suits, cry foul all to easily if someone dares to disagree. Toxic? Just the buzz word of these times. Next year it will move on. Bit people and opinions will always remain. Can you handle it without crying about it?

No room for abuse and yet no room for people who poke a hornets nest then have the audacity to complain to teacher. Grow up.

24 Mar 2018 14:07:21
Good posts Bluey and MTBTY

May I remind everyone of our motto Nil Satis Nisi Optimum roughly translated Nothing but the Best
Big Sam is Nothing Near The Best we can get
Even degsyp on another post agreed we do not play good football under him, we will not win trophies under him and we will not get into the top 4 under him.
Why is it then 'toxic' to want him replaced? I think the real danger to the club are those not wanting change as I haven't a clue what they want from the team or the club. They give blind faith support so it is not constructive or argue against themselves like degsyp.

Remember our motto NSNO.

{Ed025's Note - all this about or fans being toxic is a load of crap bw, we are just like every other teams supporters in the fact that we are happy when we win and angry when we lose, i want sam gone but consider myself someone who wants the best for my club and is of the opinion that a different manager would facilitate that, who in hell would be happy when your team is losing and playing boring football?, we are not zombies and i dont give a toss who thinks we are bad fans because we dont just sit there and accept it mate..

24 Mar 2018 14:32:23
Perfect ed025. As clear as the nose on the end of my face. Exactly! Every club is the same and fans banter and sometimes it's unhappy. People who throw "toxic" about are just as bad if not worse. Good reply.

{Ed025's Note- i have my own opinions on how i think everton should move forward MTBTY and nobody can deny me that, some will obviously not agree and thats ok as they are entitled to their own opinion, but if someone wants to call me toxic for being passionate and wanting the best for my club then so be it, all i can say is there are one hell of a lot of toxic,s out there mate..

24 Mar 2018 14:49:12
Exactly ed 025. I still support my club, go every home match. I have the right to want better from the club. Part of a managers job is to be under such scrutiny. As for ed 002 saying were toxic, I just don't think he likes merseyside to be fair. (clubs atleast)

24 Mar 2018 13:41:58

Are you really saying the thumbs down actually work? Do you really agree that people should get a thumbs down for stating facts, because it has reached the stage on these forums that certain posters will get a thumbs down no matter what they post.

I don't think anyone on here has a problem about any anti-Sam posts, what people have a problem with a lot (not all) of the posts have become venomous in their content. 3 maybe 4 people will give a different view when these posts turn that way, that is nothing to how many shout and cry when a neutral or positive post is made about SA. Any positive post made about SA usually (not all the time) ends up with the poster getting insulted, really grown that is.

The majority of posts on here have a way of turning into anti-SA posts, somebody will inevitably turn a post into that subject, For an ED to say the fans are becoming toxic then that should speak volumes, yet sadly it falls on deaf ears because then we get 100+ posts from people trying to justify how they are not being toxic. Being toxic does not mean you and others do not like SA, being toxic is the way you all openly portray that dislike, being critical of something should never involve personal traits yet against SA that seems to of gone out of the window.

Personally I think that drink driving is far worse than taking a bribe, yet Rooney who was convicted in a criminal court does not get a tenth of the abuse given to SA who has never been convicted. SA just like Rooney has been punished for his wrong doings and that should be the end of it, yet the fans, especially on here continue to try and punish SA over and over again, that in itself is toxic. In 1995 Duncan Ferguson went to prison for 3 months, he has a criminal record yet I have never heard you berate him, He was declared bankrupt 2 years ago should we all have a go at him about that? Peter Beagrie appeared in court in 2017 for smacking his mrs about, not a word mentioned here. Darron Gibson done for drink driving whilst playing for us got banned and has done it again, what reception will he get if he plays against us again? If we are going to keep bringing up past wrong doings by people then we should be fair and include everyone in this not just select those we do not happen to like.

I agree with everything Degsy has said, I also agree that you have the right to disagree with him and post on here your views, Would you agree that I also have the right to post this or do I get another meaningless thumbs down?

24 Mar 2018 15:09:17
Strange my posts do not appear.

It has been noticed from someone who has no support for or anything to do with Everton that some fans have become or already are toxic. Now if you think that applies to you then there must be something wrong with something you did or did not post.

A few posters on here have posted they do not like SA nor do they agree with what he does as a manager, they then leave it at that. Others berate him with pointless name calling and insults and wanting him sacked, whilst at the same time shouting they want what is best for our club. They then start another post saying the same thing then another and another, if that is not enough they then hi-jack other posts saying the same things. I will tell you what would be a good start in making our club better and that would be to end this ridiculous cherry picking of the bits to support. Like it or not he is here so at least back him up and support him don't use every little thing to moan about him.

24 Mar 2018 15:28:24
You 2 are your own worst enemy.
More fabrications to suit your "Oh poor me" agendas.

Sorry lads. People mostly disagree with you. And you 2 mostly ruffle back and try to assume that negative posts are as much about you as the subject they're really about.

I give up. I've not seen the name calling. I've not seen the bullying. I've not seen anything other than you 2 (mostly) acting like these are your pages. And this throwing your weight around but clearly can dish it out but suck at taking it back.

I'll leave you both alone. Can't reason with you. If you now have the hump about a feature if the site. Thumbs up or down then again it says more about you 2 than the rest of the posters. Stop living for it lads it's sad.

24 Mar 2018 16:18:42
My personal view and not in the slightest toxic is the man simply is not good enough to take us forward.
We need a forward thinking manager who isn't afraid to attack away from home and who doesn't pick the same players regardless of form.
Stoke went down to 10 men, yet they were the side who went with 2 up top and not us! Its tactics like this that highlight how negative this man is. As for the bribes, I couldn't care less about his past, if I wanted to live in the past I would become a kopite.
Sam hasn't improved us or changed anything that Koeman was doing and I'm sure we would be in the same position with or without him and that includes the 2 signings we made, as they are signings by the DoF not the manager.
Tell me, what games have we won under SA that we wouldn't have expected to have won even if Koeman or Unsworth were in charge? I put it to you that there isn't any.

24 Mar 2018 17:30:03
So the fact that Theo Walcott has gone on record and said he only joined Everton because of SA really makes him his signing.

Bluegray I honestly do not have any problems with people expressing their views on here but draw the line when they then say they fully support the club. They support bits of the club that suits them that is all. If someone fully supports the club then they should support it in it's entirety.

I see the same as what others see, I am as disillusioned with everything that is going on the same as every one else, but because I support Everton that means I also have to support the manager regardless of how bad he is. I only care about Everton and feel as soon as we start breaking it all down into different sections, and then choosing what bits we should or should not support, it will only end bad for us. Rifts appear where there should be none, arguments get formed which leads to falling out with each other.

Where does it end? This is what we should be asking because let's us just for a moment say SA gets fired tonight. A new manager then gets appointed in the summer, no matter who is appointed they will not get everybody 100% behind them, we all have our preferred candidates and not all of them will be appointed, would it then be right if all those who did not have him as first choice did nothing but have a go at him? I am sure you would be one of the first to rightly say we must get behind him and give him 100% support regardless of who he is. SA has never been given that luxury, If we are prepared to give our support to one and not another then we will find ourselves in trouble.

{Ed002's Note - I think it is fair to say that everybody knows that Glenn Roeder is back on the market again and speculation is now bound to arise.}

24 Mar 2018 18:11:49
Question is Ed002 do we really need another ex defender as our next manager lol.

24 Mar 2018 19:20:33
Love your post Grumpy mate, but, lol, Loyalty is good but Blind Loyalty is no good for anyone?

24 Mar 2018 19:26:39
I'm sure my words will be agreed with by fans here.

I support my club 100%
I support for the time he is our boss, BS 100%
I support the ambitions and plans for our club.100%

I didn't support 100% the appointment of you know who.
Because as a football fan, an informed observer of the game for 40 years, I was able to have an opinion on the selection. I understood 100% the reaction and 100% why he was appointed.
I'm sorry but wanting my club to replace the guy in the summer isn't in anyway detracting my real support of my club.

I've not called for his head as some did once we hit 40 points. Not that some recess of my brain wouldn't have liked that but I'm aware of unnecessary damage being done.

Clearly upstairs didn't want him until they painted themselves in a corner. Clearly 18 months is small change and shows the clubs faith in his appointment.

If he is cleared to continue next season, I'll support him 100%. But if he carries on doing what he has done his whole managerial career, I'll retain my right not to like it and I will come to pages like this to spout off with the rest of you. Exactly in part what these pages are for. No marches no walkouts no blimmin planes with get out banners. No toxicity. No crying to eds and my cronies about thumbs down.

To some of us it's not a surprise to others it's still a sold hope that he will take his chance and prove he is a big boy who can run at the top end of the Premier league and I would obviously welcome him proving me wrong 100%

Ps if you can find an interview of a new transferred player stating anything buy praise and admiration for the presiding manager, please send me a link. Players play the game and Theo is doing just that.
He's come because we we're the most attractive club to want him.

{Ed025's Note - i agree with all of that mate..

24 Mar 2018 19:39:38
I am surprised no one has approached Glen Hoddle, feel there could be a decent manager in there and knows the game inside out.

{Ed025's Note - he would be one of my top picks bignev, unfortunately he has his feet well under the table in the tv punditry lark and is apparently not looking to manage for the forseeable future mate..

24 Mar 2018 20:40:09
Both Tosun and Walcott seem to rate SA very highly and both are well documented. Just because we were the most attractive club to want Walcott does not mean he is a bad buy. These new players train with SA every day and know him a lot better than any of us on here.

If SA was doing something wrong at the training ground something would of leaked out by now, but not one single player has spoken out against him even anonymously. If you google Theo Walcott and Sam Allardyce you will see plenty of reports to support what I am saying.

24 Mar 2018 20:57:42
Hoddle as DoF would be a great addition, with a young Head Coach working with the first team, someone like Fonseca maybe. Its never going to happen but one can only dream.
I wasn't happy with the initial appointment of Sam and gave him the benefit of the doubt and for the sake of my club I wanted to be proven wrong. That didn't happen and now I want again what's best for my club and that is to get a long term replacement to take us forward.
Sam will take the credit for keeping us up, but were we ever really in that much trouble? There was always 3 teams worse than us and that remains the same. Let's forget this season and make plans for next season.

24 Mar 2018 21:24:50
Been busy all day so not had a chance to log on but, OMG this post has gone mental.
I have to say MTBTY, that reply says it all.
We are talking opinions, everyone has one and everyone can come on here and give it. As long as it isn't abusive, this is what the site is here for.
If you post an opinion then don't get offended if someone doesn't like it, after all it's an opinion.
Toxicity by it's very meaning would be a poisonous, venomous attack on something Everton related. This is not something I have seen on here.

Has Sam saved us? Who knows what would have happened if Koeman, Unsworth would have stayed in charge. Personally I think the outcome would be similar if all 3 would have been in charge, but again my opinion.

As for supporting everyone who is part of the club 100%, well that is a dangerous approach. Follow that and players who down tools get your support, managers who aren't good enough, get your support. Shareholders who strip a club of its profits, get your support. Now I am not saying all the above are relevant but all have been witnessed at premiership teams. So supporting mediocrity 100% will only see us going backwards.

We have a Motto, NSNO. let's not inadvertently change it to only the best we can get will do.

24 Mar 2018 21:40:39
I don’t think it is dislike fans have to SA himself, rather than dislike for what football he brings to a club. I have heard from coaches at Blackburn who said he was well liked by all the staff. He was approachable for anyone at the club who had a problem and, would offer help to anyone, employee or fan if he could. Such was the man. As for the football side he is not the type of manager I want at my club, does not play the type of football I want at my club, will not make my club a regular top 4-6 finisher, and will in my opinion never win a major trophy. People should understand we are not all toxic to the person but more to the appointment. I respect all posters who have the courage to put their feelings down in writing. Debate has always been a healthy way to see other’s opinions. This season has been painful but will be over soon and hopefully we can all plot to kill the next poor bugger who gets the job lol.

24 Mar 2018 23:02:22
I like both Walcott and Tosun. Actually I was one of the morons that was buzzing last summer with all our signings. until the last 72 hours when it was apparent the club were struggling to provide the 2 players the head coach had been asking for the entire window.

Some might say the spark (or lack of) that started this mess.

25 Mar 2018 03:35:39
Good post smit666
I'm tired of reading posters who say they support everything at the club, even the tea lady.
If the tea lady is making crap tea she should be reminded of our motto NSNO and strive to make the best tea possible
Same for the directors, the management, the team right down to the supporters
I've supported Everton all my life and will do so until I die but will continue to wish that they take our motto to heart Nil Satis Nisi Optimum every single day.

25 Mar 2018 07:05:33
Wow opened up a can of worms with that post! Great to see everyones opinions though.
Grumpy, Degsy, do you both want Sam to be in charge next season? What would be the point if he only had one more year? He'd sign players who the next manager might not want and then it would be start again 2019/ 20. Not being funny but I'd like to know what you think? Shall we give him a long term contract? Do you honestly think he's the manager to take us forward?

24 Mar 2018 20:48:52
Ta Ed.

25 Mar 2018 08:45:50
Read my other posts. I would have hi here but think the anger against him is too much for the club to take. As Ed025 says. he seems to be marmite. The anger (I won't use the toxic word) against him is so much that I think we probably do need someone else. Myself? I think he is a decent manager and has an undeserved reputation. but some people don't want to hear that and start turning on me if I say it. but you did ask.

{Ed025's Note - lets not take other peoples views as a direct insult on what you have said its just opinion, we all have them and though some are stronger than others we all have the good of the club at heart..

25 Mar 2018 09:15:30
Ollblue does it really matter if we want him here next season or not? The point is he is here now, whoever is here next season will also get my 100% support. The point I am trying to make that seems to be falling on deaf ears is that if we continue only supporting managers we happen to like then all of this will continue. Usually 3 or 4 managers are banded about with one manager getting roughly 40% of our fans blessings. Would you think it right that the other 60% behaved in the same manner as they have done with SA?

{Ed025's Note - thats a good point grumpy..

25 Mar 2018 11:04:35
To be fair Grumpy, I think most fans who didn't want him as manager, myself included have given him time and the benefit of the doubt. This though has been erroded over the weeks with his actions and team performances.
Safe to say, those who think we were destined for relegation, will think he is our saviour. Whilst the ones who didn't see us in the same predicament see the performances as not good enough. Most views are formed from their understanding of our pre Sam predicament.

25 Mar 2018 11:23:38
Hey Ed I agree that we all have the club at heart. but some (not all) of the fans that don't want Sam Allardyce here turn on fans who give the bloke a bit of support. Yesterdays posts accused me and Grumpytoffee of crying, fabricating agendas to "suit oh poor me". someone else said "stop being snowflakes" and mixing egg or something. whilst my use of the word "toxic" was probably a bit strong, my opinions encourage debate and contradictory opinions. I do not expect rudeness and insults. They were just yesterdays insults. I could reply saying things like "you are an idiot" . or you don't know what you are talking about or similar personal insults. I thought banter referred to banter about players/ the club/ manager. not my personality or views. If Toxic was too harsh a word, then maybe insulting would be better?

{Ed025's Note - supporters are a passionate bunch degsy and as in life people always think they are right, for me, yourself and grumpy make some very good points about the situation and i respect that mate..

25 Mar 2018 12:04:05
Degsy. I think Toxic was a bit too harsh, but as you say so are some of the insults. I find your posts entertaining most of the time and you do make some valid points. That is balanced with some dubious stats and fondness of the past.
All in all a good poster on here.

26 Mar 2018 09:27:37
Grumpy what you don't understand is players are told to say that when they join, they're not exactly going to say yeah I've just joined but i'm not the biggest fan of the manager are they? most people when they join clubs say this, and enough about arguing about thumbs down its your obsession that everyone agrees with you



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