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25 Mar 2018 11:12:19
Ok let's hypothesise for a moment and say that if DU had done at least as well as SA would the fans here be shouting as loud as they do against SA? or would they be saying he still needs more time? (That does not mean there is hidden messages saying SA should have more time)

Ed001 You are right in saying that the fans only have themselves to blame in the fact that they convinced themselves we would be vying for a top 4 finish I assume you would agree with me and say that our squad is not good enough yet for that, I would also go as far as saying that can not be the fault of SA.

It's interesting to see that DU wins one game and is deemed to of turned us around yet SA wins 2 back to back and is deemed lucky. There is a massive dislike for SA that was with a lot on here before he even joined the club. SA is probably the most disliked manager in the premiership as he seems to be disliked by fans of every club, that may be one of the reasons fans on here only look for the negatives and fail to see the positives.

Now as I have said before a few times, I see what everyone else see's and have resigned myself to the fact that SA will be at the helm AT LEAST until the end of the season, now whilst I may not like that, I feel as someone who fully supports the team that I must also support him, he is part of the team, part of the club and not supporting him is not going to change that. By constantly moaning about him and blaming him for everything is not going to change the way he manages us, the same could be said of supporting him, but once again I will say it is the club I support and he is part of the club.

If SA is not part of the club next season it will not be because the fans on here hate the guy it will be down to the fact that Mr Moshiri found a suitable replacement, But, now here is the crux, what happens if the fans do not like the replacement? Most already think they played a hand in getting rid of RM and RK and when SA goes they will also believe they had a hand in getting rid of him. It will not take a long time before fans turn on his replacement, because of the simple belief that they think they had played a part in getting rid of previous managers. That then lends itself to the question of how long do we give the new manager? I have a feeling it will be longer than what most have given SA. People are now saying that they gave SA full and total support when he joined, some actually did, but as for the rest, really! What is going to happen if a suitable replacement is not found, who do we turn on then? who can we blame? because blame is what a lot on here feel they need to do.

{Ed001's Note - you seem to be missing the point. If Unsworth had done as well as Allardyce, he would not have cost tens of millions of pounds to do it and he would only be a caretaker until the right man was found. Allardyce has an enormous contract, which runs until the end of next season, yet he himself says he came in purely to rescue the club from relegation. So why, if he feels he is so good, did he not take a short term contract just to achieve what he claims he is there to do and then discuss the next step in the future?

And please stop with this crap about how you are a better supporter or arguing about how to support the club. It is not just tedious but makes you come across as a complete dick and ruins every discussion on here with your constant bull about how people should just support unconditionally or they are not true fans. If people question, it is not because of lack of support, it is because they want the best for the club they support and think it could be doing better. That is not being a bad supporter, it is just a different way of supporting. Peter Johnson would still be owner if everyone supported like you. Kenwright would never have come in if he supported the way you do. He put his money in because he disagreed with the way the club was being run.}

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25 Mar 2018 11:41:30
Ed001 thank you for saying what all us so called 'toxics' have been saying for months.

{Ed001's Note - the problem is that there are toxic fans, who will just bitch and moan about everything, but that does not mean all fans unhappy at the moment are toxic. I just wish Grumpy would stop lumping them all in together. Questioning things is not bad in of itself, we should always question things to make sure that the right thing is being done, in every walk of life.}

25 Mar 2018 12:11:54
Completely agree ed1. Not causing arguments but there are posters have jumped to sams defence unequivocally so far and There are total toxic fans who spout nonsense, just wanna slag Sam off and only wanna say destructive comments but the vast majority of fans support the club wholeheartedly but are not happy with certain aspects of the club.
As ed says unsworth had started to turn the ship around and we will never know if he would have succeeded but it has cost the club 10 million and some awful football to put Sam in charge. We never do anything easy. Always seems to be a roller coaster with our great club.
As a club we have to start to unite and we have Sam and these players until the summer (we may love them or hate them but they are our players) so we need to support them to get the highest league position we can and let the powers that be make the big decisions in the summer.

25 Mar 2018 13:03:20
Ok Ed001 it is just my opinion.

Everyone else keeps on repeating their own opinions including yourself, some come across as bitter whilst others don't. Just because I do not support the club in the same way as others does not make me a dick, just because my opinions differ from yours does not mean I ruin every discussion. If you re-read some of my posts you will see that I have stated that I have no problem with anyone being anti SA and that some are not just content with being anti SA but they are toxic with it, we both seem to agree on that point but I have nor will I ever lump the 2 together.

You have stated yourself in your answer that some have become toxic yet there are others on here now claiming they have never seen anything toxic and that basically it is being made up. So who is right? you, me and some others who say there are toxic posts or those who deny everything? regardless of if you like it or not Ed001 we do actually have common ground, we both have read toxic posts, and because of that if we ever meet you can give me a big hug instead of trying to break my nose.

On my part I will now refrain from any comments or joining in any posts regards SA, I shall also refrain from commenting when someone says they fully support the club. I may come across as a dick, but in my opinion the amount of true dicks on here out number me greatly.

{Ed001's Note - it is not what you say, it is how you say it and the fact that you just constantly say the same thing over and over about 'true' support. I have no problem with you as a person, as I said, it makes you come across as a dick, I was not saying you were a dick. If I thought you were then I wouldn't have spent so much time replying or even bothering to read or edit your posts. They would have simply been deleted. We all do it at times. I know I do it a lot. Get so carried away making a point and forget to think maybe I have already made it or maybe my wording is not getting my point across just putting people's back up etc. That was what I was saying to you. We get what you believe about support, so you don't need to ram it down our throats or it will get stuck next to degsy's point about Osman scoring goals.... ;-)

25 Mar 2018 13:11:25
ed001 very well put to many people on here would have us walk blindly into the night what a sad place it would be if everyone just accepted everythng without question keep up the good work mate.

25 Mar 2018 14:52:35
I will be the first to admit that you do let a lot of my posts appear on here, a few get out and out deleted but I do actually understand why now because of the last lot of comments you made on my post.

At the end of the day we are all human and it is because of that we all tend to think people don't get what we are saying because they do not agree with us. In the 75 years I have been moaning about things the trait of letting things go has eluded me I'm afraid to say. It will be a difficult thing for me to keep in check but I will give it a good go, I may slip up a couple of times but in the main I shall stop repeating things time and time again.

It is certainly possible that some of my posts may have given the impression that I included all the SA haters in the "toxic" remarks. I want everyone to be assured that I did not intend that and offer you all an unreserved apology. It was wrong of me to give that impression. If anyone on this forum believes I have over stepped the mark, then again I offer my full apologies as I have never intended to.

Last and certainly not least the Ed's on here do a wonderful job, they not only moderate us but all the other prem teams as well. No doubt they see what has happened here a lot of times with other forums but that does not make it acceptable. Seeing people arguing with the Ed's is one of my pet hates yet I have found myself doing the exact same thing, that is wrong of me and I offer all of the Eds my unreserved apologies.

I have nothing further to say on this matter and hope we can draw a line underneath it and move on. We need to end this bickering and toxicity that has crept in. Bloody SA has got a lot to answer for. And no I do not think he should be with us next season.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, that is very good of you to say so. As for arguing with the Eds, it really depends on the form it takes mate. The ones that are a pain are those that argue when we give out information because they don't like it. Rather than just grumbling about it, they decide to argue that it is rubbish because they can't accept it. Oh or the other one is when someone asks your opinion on something just so that they can start a fight about it, never got that one! But if you don't agree with our opinion and argue your case, it is how it is said that is more of the problem and you have never strayed over the line with me anyway. So take care and let's hope for a cheery toffee by the end of the season, with a good summer to look forward to!}

25 Mar 2018 16:19:12
I second that.

25 Mar 2018 19:02:38
Nice post GT.

25 Mar 2018 19:11:12
Thank you myteam, I appreciate that.

25 Mar 2018 20:29:39
In regards to Unsworth winning one game, one point you are missing is that 3of the first 4 games Unsworth took over we’re away games, add to that games in the Europa league that we were as good as out before we gave Koeman the sack, some of those games he tried various youngsters out, one of the few home Premier games he got we at least played some attacking football.

In his brief spell, he brought through Beningame who I thought did a cracking job but since Sam came in, he has been left out of the team.

Unsworth was unlucky in the timing he took charge, whereas for me Sam had a huge slice of luck in those early games, missed penalties, woodwork rattled, we had one hell of Lady Luck on our side in those early games for Sam.

So for me, it is hard to compare Sam with Unsworth, one came at the right time, the other at the worst possible time.

26 Mar 2018 03:15:16
Ed001 don’t mention degsy abd Osmans goals, he still mentions these imaginary goals every other post. That comment did make me chuckle 😂😂😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - I did wonder at times if they were related!}



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