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21 Apr 2018 13:13:26
Arsene Wenger to us? What do you think? I'm not saying that we should get him, but surely there would be benefits:Being able to help attract bigger names. Being able to integrate or young players and bring more youth through. (This is very important) would give us an identity which we are severely lacking. Has proven and invaluable experience. Plays expansive and attacking football. I wouldn't be disappointed if we appointed him. Just speculation and fun :)

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21 Apr 2018 15:10:01
How dare any body put a thumbs down haha.

21 Apr 2018 17:09:28
Because he's 106 years old.

21 Apr 2018 21:13:30
Yeah I've been thinking about this all day. I'm starting to see the merits to it.

Based purely the fact we are in a transition period and it's going to be a few years before we would likely to push the top4.

So maybe his age isn't such a bad thing. He could over see the club through the changes. Changes he's helped implement already and experience of off field issues like new stadiums.

He wouldn't be playing anything like we do now. It could likely be a stroke of genius. I'd be shocked if he would leave us after a hypothetical 2 year stint in worse shape. Actually I'd be shocked if we hadn't become a very progressive and attractive proposition to the calibre of manager that we just seem to fail to convince to join us.

He is very well respected and has a vast knowledge of players. He'd maybe fail defensively. And that would be an issue and one he's been unable to solve in recent times with Arsenal. Anyway I feel the damage he would do would be far outweighed by the good.

Got a feeling he will angle for the French job. I'm sure he's always said that he'd do it if he can one day.

21 Apr 2018 22:15:03
Given the mess we are in, we will struggle to attract a manager with both EPL and european experience, and could risk another RK scenario. Most would prefer us to be at a better standard before coming. I would take Wenger on a two year contract for the transition he could help us make.

New coaching methods, EPL experienced, style of play, player attraction, man management. However I would insist that someone like Unsworth / Howe / Dyche was made his assistant so they could learn from Wenger to hone their skills for when they take over. He also knows Morishi from his Arsenal days.

22 Apr 2018 01:08:24
People have mentioned his track record in developing young players, but he’s physically ruined most of the English ones he’s had. Walcott, Ox and Wilshere to name a few had horrendous injury records under him. Not sure if it’s his methods or coincidence, but other than Henry everyone else he’s bought that’s been successful at Arsenal was consistently performing before he signed them.

22 Apr 2018 05:07:14
Why do we want another transition period?
We've had Martinez for 3 seasons, Koeman for one and a half and Allardyce for what seems like 10 years but is only half a season.
If Wenger came in how long for? He is 67 going on 68 so what - 2 or 3 seasons?

Then what? Another gamble on a new manager who might not like the team Wenger has put together so change yet again or do we think he can work with a young apprentice like Unsworth or Arteta? Where's the evidence Vierra came and went at Arsenal. So did Arteta, so did Henry - it didn't seem to work with them, his protégés so why do we see it working at Everton. All that would probably happen is he brings in Bould and the rest of his team from Arsenal which I can understand some saying isn't a bad thing but, personally I'm fed up of short termism and want someone who could (no guarantees) be with us for some time and build a team/ organisation that can last.

22 Apr 2018 13:06:54
Some good points both ways. I would like someone that values youth and is willing to integrate them into the team. One big plus for me this season is the young lads. I think the point about the transition periods with another manager coming in after the next and having players he may not want is valid for any manager. Any manager is a risk. Nobody thought Koeman would have ended up getting sacked in his second season.



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