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24 Apr 2018 23:14:48
Quite a few posters on here are going on about Big sam and his negative style of football - its about time we started to blame the bang average players the club has purchased over the past year at stupid money - name a player in our current squad who would get a game in one of the top six sides - I could probably name maybe 2 players.

He has done a job with players at his disposal - the 2 players he has purchased ( walcott and Tosun ) have done quite well - the rest accept maybe Coleman and sigs are crap. koeman was the downfall of this club 200million plus on this lot of players is quite frankly embarassing.

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25 Apr 2018 00:57:14
That’s quite a sweeping. Statement!
Pickford is crap? He would get in a top six side
Gueye is crap? I think he would get in a top six side
I think the team needs an overhaul and yes Walcott and Tosun have been good additions but right now we are not near a top six side we need to build towards that and personally I don’t feel Large Samuel is the right man to take us there.

25 Apr 2018 07:03:14
so it's nothing to do with Sam's negative tactics playing 2 def mids in every game bring a def on for an attacker when 1-1 away to Swansea playing 10 men behind the ball every game nope that's right it's the players fault behave yourself yes the players need to up their game but it starts with the manager and he isn't helping them out when it comes trying to play any sort of attacking game.

25 Apr 2018 07:14:18
A point well made Bluey,
unfortunately I think Sam is often only interested holding on for the point too, his point well made as well!
often not pushing for that extra 2 points if we win!

25 Apr 2018 08:19:24
Southern Toffee Sam had a massive opportunity when he got the job to show he can manage a big club and help them try to bridge the gap on the top 6 but he has shown he just isn't good enough with his tactics of I will take a draw in every game and if we win that's a added bonus if we lose well I will blame the players one thing Evertonions expect is 110% effort and that has been lacking all season not just under Sam but he was brought in to get this group of talented players playing (and they are talented Klasson Ajax cap sandro Barcelona wanted him Keane Burnley cap sigs Swansea cap Rooney utd cap) now nobody can say these are bad players they were the wrong players to buy 3 in the same position but still all good players add vlasic lookman tosun Walcott Davies jags Coleman Baines pickford gueye and I'm sorry but these are all good players and it was down to Sam and his 30 staffs job to work out how to get the best out of them but he has picked basically the same side as before he got the job while alienating some of the players ie Klasson vlasic Lookman and prob some others who escape me at the min the sooner this season finishes the better and then we can go again I hope anyway.

25 Apr 2018 10:28:18
When Allardyce was appointed thos who opposed the appointment did so on the basisthat he is nothing more than Fireman Sam, a man who rescues struggling sides from situations where the end justifies the means.
His proponents argued that the reputation was unjustified. He had it only because circumstance had thrust him into situations where expediency was all. They argued that now that he was manager of a club with more resource we would see more of the Sam that was hinted at by the like of Jay Jay Okocha and Yuri Djorkaeff.
Relegation having been unlikely for some time and completely off the cards for the last three games then surely it is time for us to catch a glimpse of Sam, Sam the free flowing football man. Thus far he has been elusive.

25 Apr 2018 11:17:04
SA talks about being more free-flowing next season but hasn't done anything in his past career or this season to prove to me as a fan that he is capable of doing this. I simply think that this os the wrong type of job for him. To me it feels like he is saying what he thinks people want to hear. He hasn't done bad, he's done what was expected this season and now has hit the ceiling. If he gets another season I would be extremely worried about the decision makig abilities of the board. Extremely worried.

25 Apr 2018 14:08:56
He is what he is. We all knew before he came he would 100% put safe distance between us and the drop.
We mostly all knew that he would play negative football.

Most of us knew his transfer dealings were SUSPECT and he'd likely leave us with a infrastructure lacking in quality and togetherness.

Some of us knew that RK had a good chance to turn it around. Some of us knew it was a great opportunity to get rid of a man who wasn't singing the Everton song loud enough. (Biggest mistake we've made this season)

Now we start in the summer even further away from our goals. With time and money wasted and a style that isn't working. It's time for change. Not just a new boss but a blueprint of what we have to do and how we are going to do it. Then a new boss who is hired with the correct vision and skills to achieve all of that.

Yes I can see the irony of us lot ousting managers. Doesn't make us look like a very patient lot. However if the right boss took charge and had a wobbly few months, so long as the effort and direction and clear vision was there to see, then we must support. Let's be careful not to get a reputation.

It's been a waste of 12 months but I hope these disappointing times will un earth many valuable lessons for our future.

25 Apr 2018 14:17:44
This is the crux of it for Allardyce. The underlying numbers during his time at Everton are not so encouraging. They offer plenty of evidence as to why belief in his methods continues to elude him despite winning the majority of his matches at Goodison Park.

While Everton dominated the ball during the first half against Newcastle, Theo Walcott's winning goal shortly after the interval was their only shot on target during the match, and it was the team's second-half retreat that was more typical of Allardyce's time in charge.
Everton are a bottom-half team in terms of passes and possession since his appointment. Only Swansea have attempted fewer shots. Only Swansea have had fewer shots on target. Everton are also in the bottom two for chances created and dribbles attempted under Allardyce.
That is fact, not make believe which is were SA lives.
Stats don't lie, another season with him at the helm and his so called savior reputation goes out the window as we are not an attractive proposition for attack minded players which is what we need to win games and compete.

25 Apr 2018 18:35:29
I have seen everyone of these players play great attacking football over the past few years. I haven't seen any of Sam's teams play great attacking football for over 12 years.
That in itself paints a picture.

26 Apr 2018 00:36:48
On a plus side at least the only controversy so far is the questionnaire and he hasn’t been caught in any dodgy dealings or backhanders! . YET! 😂😂.



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