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07 May 2018 07:48:51
Lots of shouts for Arteta now. Vierra and others also wanted by some. Allardyce is certainly not wanted by many. My own view on it is that our problems run much deeper that whoever is manager. You can see fear on the players' faces and a reluctance (Coleman excepted) to bomb forwards. The problems run deep. I firmly believe this all started when Moyes left. Martinez signed some quite dreadful players and we relied on Lukaku almost single handedly for goals. At the same time, we allowed him to leave without having a suitable replacement. The same could be said about Barkley (who also contributed with a few goals and assists) . Since Moyes, we also have allowed our back line to "mature" to the point we still rely almost 100% on 2 players who probably won't be suitable next season and another who has maybe one or two seasons left. Over the last few seasons there has been too much change within the club in my view. Structure, players, managers coming and going. I do understand that we all want to look forwards and that things have conspired against us somewhat, but in football, it is very easy to upset the applecart. Myself? I would go for an ex Evertonian now. to try and instill some continuity. I would offer Arteta the job with Unsworth as his number 2. Arteta speaks about 6 languages and is much more intellegant than the average footballer. He is an ex Blue. He has done all his coaching badges. He has been trained at the club playing the most attractive football period! Unsworth has the passion and I suspect would sweep the floor if offered that job. But I also expect things might have to get worst to get better! My optomism gene was removed some years ago! Coincidentally when I chose to support Everton!

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07 May 2018 09:06:10
I have to say for me Arteta is a great shout as I was saying the other day when I posted on here, the only issue I think of is no management experience however if Brands is coming in it will allow Arteta to coach and focus on that, cut his teeth on his premier league management establish a squad without the European distraction in the first year all he a bit ask though but I feel he’s the type of guy that would excel at the challenge.

07 May 2018 10:01:20
I think it is insane to put Arteta and Unsworth together. One or the other but with an experienced head as a no2 for them.
I feel taking a punt on Walsh has probably put paid to an inexperienced manager coming in. Moshiri won't want his fingers burnt twice.

07 May 2018 10:19:20
My problem with Arteta is he doesn’t seem to be vocal on the touch line, which worries me, maybe in charge of his own team he would change. But when the reds knocked city out and Pepsi was in the stands, that was his chance to shine and all he did was keep shining his seat with his arse. We need the DoF sorting first and then see his ideas, if he dictates the style of play then an inexperienced coach could work. Then a team overhaul for the new DoF and coach is needed.

07 May 2018 10:47:58
I'd take Arteta any day of the week as manager, it's about time young coaches were given a chance and out the days of Allardyce, Pardew, Hughes and those sorts of people. With the right people around like Brands and Unsy, he could be a success imo.

07 May 2018 11:39:36
I would rather take a risk like arteta than have a lot kf the names banded about.

07 May 2018 11:50:50
Like I said, we can debate who and when for manager, but our problems run deeper than the manager. But I guess we need to do something. so hemce my post. I wonder if Arteta would split the fans as much as Allardyce has?

07 May 2018 12:56:34
For me, Degs, our problems started when the board, in their wisdom, decided to give the DoF role to an inexperienced, chief scout. Walsh has failed, for me, in this role and it needs addressing. Hopefully, the links to Brand are true and he is ushered in as a replacement very soon.
The problems never started once Moyes left, our problems began in Roberto's second season when he offered no plan B when other teams had worked out how to stop and beat us. Koeman was a little unlucky in his second season, the first 8 games or so, coupled with an early start for European qualifiers, meant we would be up against it from the very start. The confidence drained from the players and he eventually lost the dressing room.
Arteta needs to cut his cloth on his own somewhere else before taking on a club like ours. If he was as well thought of as a potential manager then surely he would have been considered for the Rangers job? Another of his old clubs. I'm leaning towards Rafa, as much as I disliked his jibes about our club, as he has the experience and would get us organised defensively. I know plenty will shoot me down but I'm just desperate to see the back of the clown we have in charge right now!

07 May 2018 13:13:46
I agree on the Arteta shout degsy as I'm all for giving young managers the chance to bring their ideas to the game, they may have some that have never been seen before, and we know the game is constantly evolving with these young guys tactics! It helps that he's an ex blue and understands what this club and it's fans demand from their players. Although to say the problems started when Moyes left is a bit far off the mark. The relectance was always there when he was manager anyway, if anything he had the biggest role to play in our acceptance of mediocrity. 0 trophies in 12 years, only 1 cup final and never beating any of the top 4 sides at their place just stinks of fear and an inferiority complex.

07 May 2018 13:52:03
Do we really need a risk? I'd have a zero experiences Arteta over a USA experienced Viera.

Im sure both will be big coaches in the years to come but it's possible they won't.

As for doubtin that a negative manager is having a mental effect on the senior players? Are you insane? It's a clear correlation.
Plenty of attacking, passing, possession football has been played by these players (either in our previous incarnation or for previous clubs) so that's just a nonsense excuse.
It's 100% a coaching problem, that in turn has now grown into a. physiological one and the pressure of the fan base. Fix the root course and the rest falls in place.

A mix of some players not good enough and total garbage football being coached. I don't like BS but it wasn't just him that didn't like some players. sorry but I think we have a few pups that for some reason fans demand to play. Luke Garbage for example. The guy is useless but because we don't trust our coaches, we scream for him to get a place.

07 May 2018 14:04:08
I take all the points you make bluepotato and BitterBlue. I have to admit that when we signed Walsh, I thought it was a good signing. The way he orchestrated some of Leicester's signings was a real plus. But the transfer window where we let Lukaku and Barkley go. and at the same time not sign replacements. was sheer amateur. Lukau should have been allowed to go once we had the replacement (Giroud) signing on the dotted line. As fo Barkley's replacement. we ended up with about 5 flippin number 10's. and the squad's only left footer is Baines. Criminal! Added to which, Cuco Martina and Kenny as your cover for left backs is also criminal. I know people will say Kenny is one for the future. and he may well be. but in my opinion, he was responsiple for abou 5 serious mistakes in as many games early in the season. As was Martina. In my opinion, the improvement under Allardyce is down to Baines and Coleman returning and also to Jags getting his form back. It is clear Williams and Keane cannot play together and in fact I think Keane is not the £30 million player we expected. In my opninion he is no better than Duffy who we let go for peanuts! let's hope Holgate keeps improving and indeed Kenny too! A player like Shaquiri in the number 10 position would be good. we should have signed him first time round. And a couple of left footers to balance the side.

07 May 2018 14:54:10
Bit harsh on Kenny there mate! He was part of a shambolic defence which was always 2 players down when Williams and Martina were picked to start games. He, for me, has been one of the positives of this season, admittedly there aren't many to choose from but he looks like he will be a decent full back given time. I totally agree that we let people go without replacing them and the buck has to stop with Walsh. I was quite happy with his appointment but he has struggled in his new role and that has caused us to go backwards, he needs to be replaced if we want to progress, with someone who is experienced in such a role.
Jury is still out on Keane for me, he lost confidence like the rest of the squad but has improved a little since Jags, Baines and Seamus have returned to the first team. There is hope that, under a better manager, he will continue to imporove and become more like the player we actually bought. And therein lies the rub, we had a lot of new faces last summer that we shouldn't just give up on. Personally, I don't think Shaquiri shouldn't be signed, we have enough number 10's as it is. Couple that with unfavourable reports with regards to his attitude, I'd rather we give DK an opportunity to show that he can cut it at Everton, plus we have GS to come back in when fit. You're right though, we need a couple in who are predominantly left footed. Interesting summer ahead mate.

07 May 2018 15:05:16
Can't argue with any of that degs, the (slight) upturn in form is definitely down to the return of Baines and Seamus.
Shaquiri can blow hot and cold but for 12m its a no brainer, he can be world class on his day. Only 26 as well so would definitely make a profit if it didn't work out.

07 May 2018 15:54:52
If we are being linked with Viera and Arteta, then for me I would prefer Silva, someone who rallies on the touch line and gets stuck into the training sessions as well.

Anyone thinking not for me, before you do check his coaching methods out on YouTube, might surprise a few of you.

07 May 2018 16:13:29
To answer your previous reply Degsy, Kim Jong un would divide us less than Allardyce at this moment in time.

07 May 2018 17:47:03
Smit is on a roll today! Made me laugh that did haha.
bignev, admittedly I haven't looked at the vids you suggested but it's still a no for me with regards to Silva. He got Hull out of trouble for a while, played some decent football but then they tumbled back into the relegation mire. We know how that went. He started off brightly at Watford but, again, results began to drop off and they went quite a while without a win. I don't believe that any interest from us was the main reason but, if it was, then it would only add to the reasons why we shouldn't take him. He reminds me too much of Martinez and I don't think that I could take that again, not his 2nd season anyway! I fear that we will be stuck with SA for a bit longer yet, devestating!

07 May 2018 18:12:13
I was thinking similar that those Pro Big Sam must be a small percentage and those against Arteta would be a similar small percentage.

07 May 2018 22:19:24
I have to say I am not so much pro Sam. more I am aware that our problems run deep and would not be cured by a simple change like a manager. I think a lot of Evertonians think our squad is better than it actually is. The return of Baines, Coleman and Jags has stopped us leaking goals and even at 33 Baines offers more with his left foot going forwards than any other fullback we have in the squad. Likewise Coleman at 29 is still super going forwards. Jags is still solid. But surely Baines and Jags will not be 1st team autos next season? Coleman probably has 2 seasons left? We all know the squad is lacking and when the 3 were injured earlier in the season we saw what happened. Re the Kenny comments. I agree that he might be a fine future player. but he WAS instrumental in quite a few mistakes that caused us to leak goals just like Martina was. and Williams come to think of it. and Keane. and Pickford. but I struggle to identify any mistakes that Baines, Jags and Coleman made that led to goals? Maybe I have selective memory? Pickford certainly improved latter half of the season. Earlier on he was slow off his line. Awful on crosses but a great shot stopper. Enough of my rambles though. I just hope we get the manager situation sorted. or fans accept Allardyce and let him get on with it. and we keep signing players of the quality of Walcott and Tosun. 2 of our better aquisitions. And yes Shaquiri would please me if only to see his missus in the stands!

08 May 2018 00:53:00
ANY manager is going to be a risk for us, let's just get someone young and exciting in, Arteta, Silva, Vieira, whoever. A new appointment will give us new hope and hopefully rub off on the team, if we stick with soft lad the season will start negative and the atmosphere will me be horrible.



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