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19 May 2018 11:31:50
It is often incorrectly said that 'Kenwright saved us from Johnson'. What is definitely true is that KEIOC saved Everton from Kenwright. We highlighted the lies put the pressure on in the public inquiry to stop it happening. We saved Everton from Kenwright.

{Ed025's Note - the thing is stig is that people like yourself and the BU (bullies unlimited) are trying to save people who dont want to be saved, they are extremists who try to force their ideals on fans to fulfill their own agenda, i honestly cant see what bill kenwright has done thats so wrong, for me he has been the rock that the club needed when it was in big trouble and i for 1 am very grateful for all that this good man has brought to this great club,but i dont intend to try and convince others to think the same way as me as thats down to personal choice mate..

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20 May 2018 07:42:18
Ed is right Stig. You are coming across like a troll.

Don't know what you have against the man; he is as much a supporter as you but has invested far more money and time into the club.

If it turns out you have sunken millions into the club and most of your life than I take it all back. Otherwise, it may be time to give him credit where credit is due.

20 May 2018 08:09:49
oh stig get a grip kid, the man has done everything in his power to better everton, has he made mistakes along the way? probably but every decision he has made he has had evertons best interests at heart never personal gain. people like the blue union and keioc are an embarrassment to the club with there bile and hatred of a man who bleeds blue and would die for the club. that's my opinion but u won't agree as anyone whos opinion doesn't match the BU or KEIOC agenda isn't valid is it mate yous no best.

20 May 2018 09:26:20
Bill has been our Savior over the years and to cap it off he finds Mr Moshiri and we all know what a Gem he is, I would hope that when our new stadium is built Bill will at least get a stand named after him, he. Certainly deserves that, I would like to say a massive thank you to him for all he has done for Everton and if he goes wish him well.

20 May 2018 09:32:35
More realistically Mr Kenwright has this Club in his soul so much so that recently (last few years) an otherwise astute business man actually let his heart rule his head. To be honest we the fans are partly responsible for that. We have become impatient and some to be fair downright obnoxious, rather like the kid who takes his ball home. My take on Mr Kenwright is that we owe him a huge debt for his contribution (and yes he did save us from Johnson) , we should say thankyou very much and ask him to gracefully retire to an Everton Honourary non-executive position and enjoy the ride that seems to be coming with the new partnership of Moshri/ Usmanov/ Brands.

20 May 2018 09:48:14
The writing is on the wall Stig. Read all the comments. Either we are all wrong in our judgement of the guy or perhaps you are? I heard some stories in the past from Kenwright haters who were just so off the mark. Blue Bill would have chosen an easier less hassle way of "making a few bob" than running EFC. He devotes his life to us in the same way any other Evertonian understands. Speak to the guy about games he has been to. Can you honestly think that as a businessman he could talk with the same passion as fellow Evertonians? Can you imagine the chairman of any other organisation not putting his foot in his mouth trying toconvince us Evertonians (probably the most sceptical bunch of supporters around) . Mate as the other posts suggest. you have misjudged the situation. He is as Evertonian as you. if not more so!

20 May 2018 10:06:09
My take is that Everton have a lot to thank Bill Kenwright for. He is a true Evertonian who has put the club first every time. Sure, with 50/ 50 hindsight vision he might have made a few mistakes along the way but without him we might have been another Sunderland, Birmingham or Notts Forest.

Stop just seeing what you think is the bad and look at where we are and what we could have been. He doesn't deserve all the bad mouthing.

20 May 2018 10:36:16
We are lucky to have had OUR chairman. The club jas been in extremely difficult positions yet we have always managed to pull through. We have endured a painful season bit this is footbal and we are in great position looking at the greater picture. Kenright has steered us through. I think the compleely negative views on Kenright is a little bit of a disgrace to be honest :/.

20 May 2018 12:08:47
Bill Kenwright has done everything in his power since the Johnson era to bring stability to our club and to find the right man to take over. It's taken time yo achieve that which has sometimes led to frustration for some supporters, but he stuck to his guns and now it appears to be paying off. He could have sold his shares many times over but it never felt the right thing for Everton. That says it all ss far as I'm concerned.

20 May 2018 13:27:18
I don't thank Bill for anything he has done. It's not enough.

I wonder how many on here would sacrifice their home, business and health the way he has for our club. We can't question anything he has done because we have absolutely no idea the choices or options he made or had.

What evidence we do have is we are still in the EPL when others had more money to spend and fell. He then got us the right man to take over.

To think he has a motive other than what's best for the club is pure paranoia.

He's too loyal sometimes for my liking especially with Moyes. Plus he's too emotional as well at times when an iron fist is needed. However, the way our club has developed a true blue beating heart is all downto him and the people he brought in.

As for BU and KEIOC. They spoke for the minority and played on the misinformed. Then add the underhand tactics used means they get little respect from me.

It's time now though for Bill to get back just enjoying Everton again. He might start getting some slack and eventually respect from all.

20 May 2018 16:29:42
Totally agree with ed25 and the other posts here. Stig, you need to move away from the cult-like groups mentioned, they do not represent me as an Evertonian, they are a group of misguided fools who seem intent on destroying our club despite proclaiming that they have its best interests at heart.

Believe me, if BK had not managed to oust PJ 20+ years ago then we would have fallen out of the premier league well before now. He could have given you your wish and sold up years ago when groups like that who purchased Blackburn were sniffing around. Is that what you and them groups wanted? The likes of the Venkies haven't done much good for that particular club have they? And, if reports are to be believed, they wanted to buy us before settling on Rovers.

Bill might have his faults, like the rest of us he is only human, but he has steered the Goodison ship and kept it on course for the premier league for many, many years. In the very least you and those who criticise, for the sake of criticising, should acknowledge that BK has brought in a man to take over that will give the club a chance to thrive. You lot sound like ungrateful, spoilt kids but you can't change history. Bill Kenwright saved this club from the depths of lower league football. It's about time that you anti BK brigade realise as much.

20 May 2018 16:55:42
I think stig is just a secret red looking to cause arguements in here.

{Ed025's Note - no mate hes deffo a blue, hes a long time poster who i agree with most of the time....but not on this one..

20 May 2018 18:29:58
anomblue2 he's definitely a blue he's always on here just let himself down with this post he's usually a top poster who speaks sense but on this one am sorry he is way off the mark.

20 May 2018 18:44:06
Remember lads we all have our own Opinion?

Opinions are not only important in igniting change, but also they help in defining the kind of person you are. Having an opinion shows passion, determination, and knowledge. It shows that you are capable of taking a stand and you are willing to defend something you believe in.

21 May 2018 12:41:34
bill has been great for us, sure we havnt been where we would love to be, but as said above look where we could have been, he's took his time and invested a good part of his life trying to get us as high as possible and slowly looking like he's stepping away t make room for mr moshiri who he found and has confidence in that he can take us forward, deserves plaudits not posts like this.



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