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01 Jun 2018 07:16:33
Really don't get the moaners on here. We have a new Young manager who is promising to play entertaining football. Something all of us have been pleading for. We have a new iconic stadium being built in a location that will put everything else (including the other lots ground) in the shade. And we have a new owner who is putting money into all of this.
It's everything we have all been asking for. So now it's time for us supporters to do our bit. Get behind the team, stop the bloody negativity, and let's enjoy it.

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01 Jun 2018 08:12:51
I would love your optimism mate, but after years and years of expectations and let downs. it is difficult. Yes we have a new manager. Yes we are getting a new stadium. Yes we potentially have money. But what we don't yet have is the players to play the entertaining football the young new manager is promising. not in my view anyway. Yes I am happy with the stadium plans. Yes I am happy with the money. Yes I am happy that now Allardyce has gone, all the Allardyce haters have shut up and are deleriously happy. but no. I think our squad is crap. I think we still have old Moyes players in 3 of our defensive positions who are quite frankley past it or nearly past it. We also have a pie eating replacement who seems to have aged quicker than the 35 year old who he was supposed to replace. We have a kid brought in who has eyes wider than a rabbit in headlights when the ball is played high into the middle and a ballet dancer who has 2 left feet. attached to his arse and not his legs! Probably one of the worst footballers I have ever seen at Everton. And you think this manager will get that lot (together with a squad with no left footed players) to play balanced attacking football? That's where my negativity comes from. let's see what happens pre-season and who we sign before. because in my view, that will be far more important than who is manager when kick off time comes! You cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear as they say! Sorry for the negativity but you said you don't get it? I hope that explains!

01 Jun 2018 09:13:04
Don't be daft Degsy. There is some quality in the squad. Is it perfect? Far from it. Are we anywhere near the quality of the top 6? No. But to say the squad is crap is quite frankly ludicrous.

01 Jun 2018 09:38:24
I don't disagree with much you say Degsyp but I'm not sure now is the time to rehash your well known views and be so negative.
Marcel and Marco have been with us officially less than 24 hours. They both know football and probably share some of your fears about weaknesses in certain areas but, please, give them some time to affect change.

If we have all the same weaknesses at the start of the season then maybe I will have been wrong and you are right to be moaning now but I think you are being premature.

The club has done the right thing listening to us and getting rid of Sam. Let us, as supporters, do the right thing and get behind them

01 Jun 2018 10:12:50
I still don't get it Degsy.

Anyway, it's time to look to the future. I'm looking forward to the friendlies then the new season.

I refuse to be disparaging and negative. It's incestuous in some people and they can't let go of the past.

Of course we need a few players but the initial task is to get the phylosophy of the manager to the existing crew. Even when have filled every space people then want better again. It's a never ending loop.

So before being all doom and gloom let's see what happens during the window. Big smiley face😁.

01 Jun 2018 10:21:17
Well I cannot argue with any of the optimism. But if I am right and our squad is as poor as I believe, I will remind you guys. probably a couple of games into the new season. I really do think it is a poor and unbalanced squad. Left side. Age wise. Attack wise. Position wise. The saving graces are Walcott and Tosun seem good signings. but we need at least 3 more and it will take time to gel.

01 Jun 2018 10:34:07
I'm at a loss how fans can be so negative when we have just mixed the boardroom up finally got rid of not only the fraud Sam but Elstone who I feel has held us back for years and Steve Walsh and we have brought in Brands who has a glowing reputation throughout Europe a young hungry well regarded manager (by players he has managed) and now have Denise Baxendale as CEO (I hope it works out for her as she's done an amazing job for EITC) and we still have negativity oh and another plus the 20 million upgrade to make transport to the new Goodison has just been submitted (something they wouldn't of done unless the stadium is going ahead) has just been submitted UTFB after a 12 month setback we can start dreaming again.

01 Jun 2018 10:38:41
No need Degsy you've been reminding us for 5 very long arduous years. It's burnt into our brains bud😂

I hope the optimists will be telling you about how much time you've wasted in your 7 mile posts over the Moyes love in you've had. 🤣 you'll never find anyone else until you move on Degsy. 😉😘.

01 Jun 2018 10:52:47
BLUEY79 I am totally happy with all the positives you list! 100% happy. Lots of positives listed there then. Yes great new stadium. Great new employees. Fantastic new additions. Upgraded Goodison. but now tell me why me pointing out the FOOTBALLING deficiencies is negative? I just think we went backwards over the last 5 years. on the pitch. That is what I am talking about. Not employees, not board members, not grounds and not link roads. I am talking about footballers. We want to challenge top 6.yet we have accepted a return of Rooney when Man Utd wanted rid. (yes I know he was our top scorer and all that and he still has some class and is Blue) but they wanted rid. We had opportunities to get the likes of Van Dijk a couple of years back. We are patching together a team (or were last season) . relying on Cuco Martina and Williams. they are Championship players at best now. Not even mid table players. I really don't like being this negative and I do see off the pitch we are making great strides. in the community too. but my priority would be the team. I would have signed different players to the ones we did. I also think we got rid of Koeman too quick and Unsworth would have done as good if not better than Allardyce if given time. and I also think (know) that too much change in too short a time can be disruptive to a football club. It can have a negative effect. We will see what develops. Perhaps the new manager is the Messiah and all will be sunny and roses. Please remind me of this when I am proved wrong. (I hope I am) .

01 Jun 2018 10:53:53
really your going to remind us all degsy nothing new with you and if we start well ill be sure to remind you about how wrong you are :)

01 Jun 2018 11:10:00
degsyp I'm sorry you were overlooked when Martinez came in, when Koeman replaced him. when Allardyce took over and now when Silva and Brands are in charge. rubbish they even overlooked you when Unsworth took over as caretaker - TWICE!

Sorry though, but its time to stop the relentless repeating of our weaknesses and give the new team time (more than one day) to put things right. It's going to take time. They might have slightly different priorities on how they go about fixing things but please, get off the lectern and give them a chance.

01 Jun 2018 11:33:23
I do think you have a point Degs, but the things you are mentioning are partly revisionist history and certainly have no place moving forward. Williams and Martina had no place in the team from January onwards. Most of the mistake signings we made last year will be moved on. If we start next season with Williams at CB, Martina at LB and Niasse up front then I'll be right there with you. But Moyes, Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce are our past. Silva is our present and at least near future. If he signs 3-4 quality players in key areas to complement some of the talent we already have in the squad, then we can at least mount a challenge to the top 6 (though I think this season 7th is the best we can hope for)

01 Jun 2018 14:01:17
None of us have a crystal ball. None of us know who is coming or going. And so none of us can say what team we are going to be watching next season. Yet already we have the happy larrys moaning.
Some people are only happy when there moaning.
Go support Sunderland guys, you would fit in perfectly there.

01 Jun 2018 16:24:01
Degsy no point listing the negatives from the last few years as we need to look forward mate let's forget what's happened and get behind the new team.



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