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04 Jun 2018 07:31:14
Reality check. I see lists of players who some people would think would be great signings for us. and I agree that some of the lists. 8 or 9 players sometimes. would be great signings. But here is the reality check: They also list loads of players who we should get rid of. again 8 or 9 sometimes. Whilst this is great to have dreams, football players may not want to leave Everton. They are under contract, so Everton have to find a deal that suits these players. That is not so straight forwards. Also the lists of quality players include some very good players. Other Premier League clubs and other top clubs in other countries also might want these players. It is not just a matter of making a shopping list and it all happens. The Ed's on here will tell you that sometimes the negotiations can go on for months if not weeks. So far we know Pickford is gathering international interest. Lookman too. We will do well to hold on to both of these. So far we have heard of no deals for new players coming in. That's not new for Everton. We do tend to do things quietly. But I would not expect wholesale changes this window. I would expect maybe 2 or 3 signings if lucky and maybe one of those will be a kid. Call me negative if you wish. but that's how I see it panning out.

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04 Jun 2018 08:03:58
It’s not the case of a need for a reality check, every poster on here understands that a lot has to come together for a transfer to happen - in or out.

So when we post that we don’t want/ want so and so, we are effectively saying if everything can be agreed then I’d love that player to leave/ join.

04 Jun 2018 08:12:51
I'd say 3 or 4 quality signings at most and is probably what we need to do. We've got a lot of talent at the club and this is a building process.

Some people will be moved on and I wouldn't worry too much on that as agents love a nice payday. However, most teams in the top leagues pay similar wages to us now and would think they can afford the same as we do.

This isn't a short term plan and it will take time to get the squad right. A few windows at least.

However, this squad was easily good enough for 8th last year and a small jump up to 7th isn't beyond them. I think performances on the pitch is the biggest part that needs improving.

04 Jun 2018 08:17:54
I hope your right degs as last season showed buying lots of players does not work for me Pickford isn't going anywhere Lookman is a different story I would love him to stay but I have a feeling it's if he will get a lot more game time under Marcos Ironmike has thrown a few names in and I'm excited reg Carvalhio if we can get it over the line I feel we need another striker and a LB as two priorities I wouldn't be too upset going into the season with jags Keane Mori and holgate at CB we have gueye Davies Beni and schniderlin (who I expect to leave if Carvalhio comes in) then we have Lookman vlasic bolasie Walcott and tosun and niasse with maybe a few outgoings like Klasson and Sandro which I'm a lil disappointed with as I would like to see them get a chance but I would like to add qaulity not qauntity this season and see what we can do.

04 Jun 2018 08:37:28
Degsy this post makes me feel like you just like winding people up (although I give you kudos for not mentioning Moyes) . I followed your post at first and I agree we are looking at 3-4 signings rather than 8-9. I believe that most will be first team. The bit where you lost me is when you started going on about Pickford and Lookman leaving.

The Pickford story came from the worst newspaper in the world. And I also can't see Pickford wanting to sit on the bench anywhere at this stage in his career when he's a guaranteed starter here every week.

As for Lookman, it's been widely reported that he will wait to see what plans Silva has for him before deciding on his future. If Silva wants him to play next season he could still stay.

You are being overly negative mate. I don't expect us to pull up any trees next season. A step in the right direction for me would be better performances, beating a couple of the top six and finishing 7th.

04 Jun 2018 09:03:25
I can't reply to each and every post individually without creating a humoungous reply. but a few points. Some people do post about having a huge clearout as if it is that straight forward. Then they list a whole load of players they think we can sign. Usually ones that will end up at clubs in the Champions League. Then they add in players at Chelsea and other Champions League clubs who are out on loan to get experience. We have as much chance of getting them as we did Lukaku (the one that did surprise me) . Ok now the Pickford and Lookman point. I did not mean these 2 in particular. I was suggesting that just like the bad window (2 ago) . we were looking to sign top players and ended up losing Barkley and Lukaku. Now please don't go on about Barkley being crap etc etc. Chelsea wanted him like Man Utd wanted Lukau. They were 2 of our potentially brightest young stars and happened to have scored 30 goals between them. My point is that it's like tring to fill a bucket with a hole. As you pour in at one end, stuff is seeping out the other. Pickford, Lookman, Lukaku and Barkley are just examples. It happens season in and season out. I would think Coleman is on the radar of some clubs as a possible other?

04 Jun 2018 09:23:00
Well done degsyp. You are beginning to understand football. Players come in and players leave. Nothing new there - it's been happening since football began

So people have a list of players that they want to come in and players that they would want to leave. Some players don't want to join us and some players with us that we want to leave don't want to and others that we would like to stay want to leave.

What's your point? That's the role of management to make the best decisions to strengthen the squad.

We're not stupid, we're not living in fantasy land where we think all our dreams come true, or in your case, everything that can go wrong, will

Let's give the new management a chance and see how this close season and the next couple pan out. They might surprise you and strengthen some of the weaknesses you have highlighted in the past.

04 Jun 2018 10:29:46
I get your point Degs, but I don't feel like we are getting enough interest (for me everything depends on 'what ifs' for example if De Gea leaves Man U then they could go for Pickford) . As regards a clear out I get that it isn't as simple as just put them up and someone will buy, but even the players we mention we don't want- someone will for most of them. I think the ones we may struggle to offload are the older ones on big contracts, for example Williams. Someone somewhere will probably take a punt on the likes of Niasse and Schneiderlin should we decide to sell them.

04 Jun 2018 10:47:45
At the start of season no one complained about who we signed missing out on a striker after Lukaku was massive mistake, then we had a disaster start well after first few games sacked Koeman and did not have plan, Silva was obviously the one Moshiri wanted but it got messy with Watford, unsworth tried but the damage was done but Allardyce had us over a barrel, with a contract he knew was not going to be completed got his bonus and pay off but ripped the heart out of it, I know we had to get out of danger but we had 8-10 games where I knew we weeent going down did not what us finishing in Europa league place, I wanted to see some sort of a ambition on the field and it was dire to watch.
So new era starts Brands in my opinion looks the real deal is nice to see Moshiri put someone at a high level run things that has experience also very good negotiator, something feels different from Koeman and Walsh it always looked awkward I remember watch something when they were all sat down at a club thing, i did not see Walsh with the same presence that I think we will see today at press conference with Brands and Silva.

04 Jun 2018 10:52:00
Maybe certain parts of my post was aimed at certain other posts. eg there was one with a whole shopping list of about 15 players and a similar clear out list. As if it was FIFA VIDEO Game or something. Likewise I know some of you understand the way it works so please don't think I am having a dig at everyone. To answer the question what was my point. I think things will be a bit slower than "some" posters on here think. Patience will be needed. I can remember other posts already on here slagging the new manager off and the bloody ink isn't dry yet! Yes the club may be going in the right direction, but we have years of catch up to play. And remember that whilst we are going forwards, some of the other clubs around us are too. and the ones ahead of us.

04 Jun 2018 11:08:16
I don't think I've seen anyone on the site saying they were off down to William Hill or Paddy power with their life savings to pu on us winning the treble next year ( wonder what the odds are though - might be worth a few quid)

Caution is fine mate but so is having optimism. We are far better off without Sam. As I've said let's give the new management team a chance and hopefully they will correct some of our old mistakes and give us all cause for optimism which I've now re-found now that Sam is gone. COYB NSNO.

04 Jun 2018 11:32:54
what would we all do without your great knowledge of the games degsy.

04 Jun 2018 13:37:07
are you referring to my list of 10 players i would release degs? every player on that list is feesable to go this summer mate.

04 Jun 2018 17:49:01
Not sure - I think he is referring to mine - and I’m happy to repeat - I think the following should and will go: garbutt Browning Galloway Martina Williams Robles jmac besic Rooney Sandro klasson naisse. That’s 12-I’d love to get shot of bolassi too!

04 Jun 2018 18:11:18
Everyones got their own opinions on who we would like to buy/ sell myself included. All that matters is who brands/ silver decide to buy/ sell.

04 Jun 2018 21:50:35
Well we will see what happens soon enough. I will leave it at that.

05 Jun 2018 13:18:16
I see brands and Silva implementing these easy steps in our progression.

1. Play a way to win games
2. Win games
3. Win lots of games
4. Conquer the world




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