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18 Jun 2018 08:04:30
I know this is a sort of repeat and I know I will get slated for saying this, but the wave of optimism that I see in fellow Blues worries me. We are right in the middle of a world cup and signing players is difficult to say the least. Usually when the world cup is on, all the Champions League qualifiers sort out their signings. Afterwards, all the players fall into place. Then the rest start scrambling around trying to pick up players who have not been taken up. Our own management have said we are already over staffed in the playing area and we need to offload a big number before we can add to it. Then there is the fact that Baines will be 34 and Jags 36 next season. We only improved last season when these 2 and Coleman returned to the team. So in effect our current position is that we have a worst squad than last season. (Williams is even more knackered now too) . The only difference to the first team in reality so far is the new manager. I really hope he can bring around a huge change but I saw no evidence at his previous clubs of him being able to make huge changes. I hope I am wrong and I hope the optimism is justified, but I for one do not think all our problems were down to Allardyce. I think the rot started under Martinez and the one signing of Lukaku "papered over" all the cracks. ie deficiencies within our squad. Maybe Barry also played a role, but since those 2 left, we have looked nothing like a team. and that's not just Allardyces fault. In fact the signing of Wallcott and Tosun were a good move. We will see what happens but I am not as confident as most on here. I hope I am wrong.

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18 Jun 2018 08:38:16
You put it a lot better than me degsyp. Your comment is based on the same evidence on Mr Silva I worked on. But we shall see, I will certainly be ready to eat humble pie but equally I will not come on here and say I told you so. We are Everton. COYB.

18 Jun 2018 08:55:00
Degsy, I agree that those two are getting old and that we need to replace them but your level of pessimism is OTT.

Every manager will say that the hardest position to fill will be the striker but in Tosun I feel we have a real goal getter. With Gilfi fully utilised under the new management he will have some quality service too.

So replacing Jags and Baines, I don’t think is too hard. Remember as good a player they both are for us they weren’t exactly top players when we bought them, both coming from sides either relegated or flirting with relegation. So I don’t think the choices are that scarce. Plus we’re operating with a highly respected DOF who can spot talent and has a track record to prove it.

I must disagree with your opinion on the manager too. He has a very impressive record in the short time he has performed in the premier league. Hull were dead and buried when he arrived, and he had them playing up until the end when they narrowly missed out on relegation. Watford were very impressive too. Yes he had a bad run of games and was distracted. But he wanted to come to us. And let’s face it, Watford are tough employers, so I can see why he saw us as a step up even though we were in trouble.

If we keep Lookman and get a good second striker, a pacey one, then we will scare defences into mistakes and score goals. If we get a song out of Schneiderlin (as it looks like he will be kept according to reports) then we can get some stability in front of defence.

It may not be as bad as you think Degs. Replacing Jags and Baines will not be as hard as you think.

Remember that your use to Moyes who was more interested in clean sheets than goals. That was safe, but it won us nothing. I think the new manager will want to strike a balance between Moyes and Martinez. That means not so tight at the back but far more productive up top. So I’m actually very optimistic about the season ahead, even if the signings are slow coming so far.


18 Jun 2018 09:06:10
I can't see us buying until we sell or loan a fair few amount of players. So you may have to wait a bit longer before we replace anyone. I don't think it will be a one out one in policy this transfer window after the public statements about the size of the squad. To be honest I'm not that bothered if we don't get many more players this window as long as we can trim the squad to the size required to be able to strengthen in the next few windows, I would be happy to give the youth a chance to prove they can do the job.

18 Jun 2018 09:13:21
240 million blown on mostly the no 10 spot, but here we are a dof that knows his job and has already said it's a long process, a new manager that has shown improvement in the teams he managed, I'm sure that a player or 2 will be added in areas we need them. Never bother with where linked to this player that player, our kid in a sweet shop approach last year has done nothing as people will force our hand to pay over the odds. Brands was brought in to fix this great club. If you actually look at our squad it has some exciting youth, they need a chance to shine as they won't get better sitting on a bench. But let's get all doom and gloom in 6 months if this turns sour. Not before a ball has been kicked.

18 Jun 2018 09:14:51
Like I said Toffee ace, I hope your optimism is indeed justified. I actually am a believer that the first thing you do in football is set your defence up to try and not concede. Then you look to build from there. I saw enough last season to know that without Jags and Baines, we conceded goal after goal and goal etc. Confidence left the team and at one stage we had the worst defence in the Premiership statistically. That was a recipe for relegation. Allardyce was very fortunate to come in just as Coleman, Jags and Baines recovered and managed to grind a few results out. I now worry that replacing Jags and Baines should be our number one priority. They will both be another year older and they were already slowing up. I also think signing players will be difficult as I said earlier. Please name me 2 players in Jags and Baines positions who will walk straight into our first team and hit the ground running. Realistic signings. otherwise, like I said we are at the position we were last season defensively. including Williams who is also another year older and slower (and that my friend is a frightening thought) . People say I am negative on here. …. I actually at times have been very positive. see my post about Shaqiri, Lookman and Siggy as an attacking midfield. It is defensively I am concerned. People seem to be overlooking that. Even with our defensive manager last season (ok he was only here part of the time) we conceded 58 goals. That's 2 more than bottom WBA. Only 5 teams below us conceded more. With Jags and Baines and Williams a year younger than they will be next season. We NEED a top left back and a top center back to keep pace with what we achieved last season. that is my fear. I see no sign of either player yet and whilst the world cup is on, that will not happen. So after the world cup, its fingers crossed time for me! Not waves of euphoria just yet I am afraid.

18 Jun 2018 12:21:16
Don't worry guys it's just Degsy copying and pasting his old posts again.

Anything new Degsy?

18 Jun 2018 12:42:27
Anything different on the pitch from last season yet BJU?

18 Jun 2018 15:08:00
We haven't had a training session never mind a game. However we have had a change of manager and pretty much every other role in the club so I was hoping you might have something new to talk about instead of the usual 2 million words of doom of the past 5 years.

Maybe not though.

18 Jun 2018 17:45:01
BJU please don't make it personal. I say Walcott great signing. I say Tosun great signing. I say Lookman one for the future. Siggy class act. None of that is negative. but I do point out that some others seem to wear Blue tinted glasses and just because Allardyce has gone they say everything is going in the right direction. Some posts listing 12 potential signings. Others saying about getting rid of 11 or 12 players. When I point out that some players are under contract and might want to stay. I am told I am negative. When I point out that there is a world cup on and signing a single player is unlikely never mind 11 or 12, I am called negative. When I say Pickford is a great shot stopper but poor with crosses I am called negative. When I suggest we should have signed Shaqiri I am called negative. When I point out that some fans might need a reality check. I am called negative. Football is all about opinions. because my opinion is a more realistic one (that some agree with as well as the ones who disagree) I am accused of being negative. so I am accusing those at the other end of the spectrum of being over optimistic. that's all. but no need to get personal mate. Don't be so negative lol!

18 Jun 2018 18:50:38
😁. I'm not being personal Degsy like I said to DFS I don't know you from Adam. I'm aiming everything at your post. Also not all of your posts. Just these repetitive ones. You honestly don't need to put it up every few days. We know how you feel and how difficult you think it's going to be. I reckon this is the 7th time you've put this same post up since Silva has been with us.

I actually don't think your Shaqiri shout is that bad but he is too similar to Kev with his attitude and Sam with his diet.

He used to get subbed minutes into the second half because he was knackered.

Have a read of Silvas phylosophy on how he wants his teams to play like and people like Shaq and Kev don't fit it. He wants the high press and intensity all over the pitch for 90 mins. 😉.

19 Jun 2018 05:39:50
There's just no point in worrying about what we will or won't do over the summer, the manager hasn't even got his feet under the table yet. Have a bit of positivity. I think we'll make a couple of good signings, i think Silva will be a great manager. We're going in the right direction, let's get behind the lads.



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