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18 Jun 2018 23:16:15
If we get rid of 12-13 players (as reported) do we not risk throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Are we missing the possibility of Silva getting some of those considered ‘dead wood’ playing again?

We never replaced the goal threat of Lukaku last summer and struggled but have Tosun and Walcott. I hope whoever we sign is to replace those who can no longer perform at the highest level or to free up the wage bill of those not justifying the money and not just because of a dip in form of some players. We still need cover positions and need a squad. The change in playing style may be what we need more than 5-6 new players.

Do footballers become rubbish overnight? Sure we have picked up players considered surplus at other clubs who have done well for us.

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19 Jun 2018 08:02:09
Bluereason3, we will not be getting rid of 12 or 13 senior players. The likes of Williams and other older players are unlikely to be offered a contract anywhere else that is anywhere near the value of the contract we gave him at Everton. So all these players on huge wages will probably think that it is in their interests to just let their contracts run down and turn up for training every week. I accept that one or two might choose to take a drop in wage, but when it is your last job in the sport, you think of your family and wages. I also accept that some kids will be released. this has already happened. but this does not free up loads of cash because they are not earning much on the wage bill. Everton seem to have let loads of players slip though their fingers in similar fashion to this over the years and these players have turned out to be great players later on. So we need to be careful what we do here. You are right about Lukaku. he should not have been allowed to go until Giroud had signed. Big mistake that caused us major problems. Re the other fine players you mention. yes some might be a dip in form I agree. But the squad is already unbalanced in 2 ways. Me and Swan disagreed about this 3/ 4 years ago. In my opinion we have loads of kids and then loads of players around 30 years old or older. We have precious few experienced players in their prime. ie 25 - 29 year old players. Certainly not as many as all the top 6 clubs. We also have only a couple of left footed players who demand first team action. We play right footed players on the left! We also never replaced our end to end players of Pienaar and Osman. Ones who work with the fullbacks. People have been saying I am negative, but I have tried to just point out the inadequacies of our squad. I am not saying we have crap players nor that we should get rid of loads. But I am saying that the squad overall is imbalanced in 2 ways ie age and left side. We also rely almost totally on Coleman for any overlapping fullback work these days. as was shown when he was injured. We were very poor without him. Of course whilst we talk about our plans for getting rid of players and who we will sign. remember that the top 6 and other nation's teams are looking for quality players everywhere. If I was a top 6 club I would enquire about Coleman. Whilst we are looking for other positions he and maybe Lookman could be interesting other clubs? That is just a thought and I have no inside knowledge, but it is often like a bucket with a hole. While you pour water in. it seeps out at the bottom. As happened with Barkley and Lukaku…. our 2 top scorers at the time. People said we would not miss them but we found ourselves in the bottom 3 last season for long periods!

19 Jun 2018 08:12:30
We can definitely afford to get rid at least 13 players without it affecting the core of the squad.

For me Kev, Garbutt, Besic, Niasse, Cuco, McCarthy, Williams, Bolasie, Rooney, Galloway, Bowning, and Pennington could go without impacting the first 11. Probably next summer you would also see Baines and Jags come to the end or nearing it at least.

That frees up space for the youth to get a chance and maybe 3 additions.

However, we have a good 11 for the first team already and so panic buying isn't needed. We can take our time to get the right players.

The squad we have now is good enough for 7th but the real progress is not in our position in the league it's in getting a competitive growing squad with football that has the ability over time to get us into challenging the teams above us.

Bring it on.

19 Jun 2018 08:51:50
Whilst we need to lose a number of players there is no pressure on us to do it in one window. All Brands said was that the squad was too big to manage, he never said we had to lose 12 players in a month. So if this can take place over the next 3 windows, then a more measured approach will ensure that players are properly assessed by the manager before they are let loose.

Of course there are some standout players that can leave now due to age and wages like Rooney and Williams.

As Degsy said, there is a lack of balance to the first 11, but that can be fixed. Although we won’t see another Bainarr combo like before and finding someone like Coleman to cover his injuries should he have one is almost impossible as that guy will walk into any team in the world in his position, so to ask for two and keep them both happy for Everton is too much to expect.

I’m also not buying into this sell to buy label that the press has put on us as if it’s a financial restraint harking back to the old days. I’m pretty sure that’s been taken out of context and that if the right player was available we would work to get him for the new manager, separately from anyone leaving the club.

The WC is slowing the summer recruitment down as it always does. Add to that the need to assess the squad. No need to panic, but every need to be patient.


19 Jun 2018 09:00:08
The fault (if any) was in Mr Moshri's apparent lack of good advice when he first took over, this resulted in us paying over the odds in fees and wages, that unfortunately led us to where we are now. Some of the supposed 12 we are rumoured to need to trim the Squad by may well remain. As mentioned perhaps the likes of Williams would get nowhere near the income he gets here so would choose to stay picking up money for nothing and no doubt there will be some (surplus players) feel the same. Others though may well come good under Silva's coaching, you never know, Silva's weakness in the Premiership is retaining the Teams under his custodianship, consistency. If he can go that one step further, we may well have a good Management/ Coaching Team.

19 Jun 2018 09:16:23
BJU, I agree that we can afford to get rid of this number of player. My post was more about how difficult it is to do logistically. Players at the end of their careers are happy to stay put even if the club don't want them sometimes. Shifting players out might not be easy. Added to which, the World Cup is on for 3 weeks when agents and players are difficult or impossible to negotiate with and the transfer window finishes 2 days earlier this year. So after the World Cup, players like a little holiday and leave their agents negotiating. The problem is that there is less than 2 weeks to tie things up so I really cannot see more than 2 or 3 senior players leaving and 2 or 3 coming in. It is paramount in my view that we get a senior center back this window. It is also paramount that we have better full back cover than Martina. If either full backs pick up an injury we are weak in cover as also in center backs. We also need a left sided midfielder. Baines has also probably this season if he lasts that long. Yes players do last longer these days with fitness levels, but you can see he is slowing up. Jags has done amazing to keep going but surely at 36 is not top 6 Premiership standard? I hope that looks more positive than recent posts. but it is what I believe we need to get near the level we achieved last season. It is a big ask and I hope you are all right about Allardyce and his negative tactics. I am not so sure on that one but like you say we will see.

19 Jun 2018 12:40:21
We sold 12 players last summer.

I wouldn't, as stated previously, expect us to do the same this summer. As I've also stated Brands and Silva expect to reduce the squad over the next two or three windows.

I think your expectations are unrealistic over wanting all of them out in this window and for us to be challenging the top 6. Of course Jags is not top 6 and there are others there too that aren't of that quality. But that is not what we should expect this season.

We have potential understudies in Robinson for LB and Kenny for RB and I would like to see them given a chance. Plus you can't have two 1st team starters for each position. You have your main player for that position and one to challenge or cover them usually a younger player.

I would like to see a CB who is vocal, a Striker and a No8 come in.

Everywhere else we have a player or young player to see if they can develop. Lookman, Walcott, Vlasic, Dowell and maybe Bolasie but Sig who can do a job there if we change things up. But these can all rotate from left to right.

We have Mori, Keane, Holgate and Jags as CB but if we do get another we will probably need to get rid of one. Probably Jags.

We've got enough DCM but upfront we need someone to challenge Cenk. DCL needs time to develop in the position.

So we have options already but let's be patient over players coming in and out. We have the chance to sell players upto the close of that particular leagues window not ours remember. It'll happen but just don't expect everything now.

19 Jun 2018 13:13:48
Dunno if your post is aimed at me BJU? but I never said I wanted all those players out. in fact I said it is unrealistic to expect us to shift more than 2 or 3 senior players out. because of their contracts. Jags won't want to go anywhere. Why would he? Unless as a coach or player manager somewhere. Anywhere else would be a step down and salary reduction unless Everton continued to pay some of it? I can already see (not you) other posters on here getting itchy because we have not signed anyone yet and talking about 12 players in and 12 out. all I have been saying is that I expect 2 in and 2 out maybe? Yes kids we can get rid of because they have small contracts but our senior players are on tens of thousands a week. Why would they walk away from that and play in say the Championship for half the salary? No, I think we agreed too many high/ long term contracts with players we were panicking to buy over the last couple of windows. Our new manager has a tough job the way I see it. Hope that does not sound negative? I am trying to put a realistic spin on it with some sensible comments.

19 Jun 2018 18:35:41
There are players that want to leave for playing time. Kev wants to go on a reduced contract, Yanick has said playing football is the most important thing for him now after his injury. Not everyone is just out for money. Barry is another example. He went for less money.

Usually the players at the height of their careers accept they will need to take a pay cut. Some won't but not all.

I'm honestly not bothered if we don't sign one player as I think the current squad is still capable of jumping up a place. However, I want to see some of that exciting youth get a proper run in the side. Lookman, Dowell, Beni and I really like the look of Sammy and Hornby.

We'll see what happens but I'm excited Degsy. It won't be quick but it should be more interesting than the past 8 months. 😉🤞.

19 Jun 2018 19:38:00
Fair points made. I don't believe 12-13 first team players will leave in this window and I can see change coming over several windows (should give Silva the opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff) . I certainly hope we don't lose the likes of Coleman or Lookman or we could be setting ourselves up for another season like the last one.

We need to get in some players to improve the squad, but surely Silva will get some of those people have labelled as dead wood playing again? Have to remember that the last two managers were pretty stubborn and stuck with the same starting 11 and tactics week in; week out - that can't be motivational to those guaranteed to play and those who never got a chance to play. A new approach will hopefully reignite the squad and we could see some of those players written off playing again. If we do sell, and let's hope its not because good players want to go, we sell because Silva has had a look at them and can't do anything with them to improve our team. All this naming of players who 'must' go seems a little rash in my opinion. Especially the younger players who haven't had much first team experience.

Here's for hoping guys and gals!

19 Jun 2018 19:41:30
Couldn’t we just pay the likes of Williams out of their contracts? He certainly won’t get a better offer anywhere else so I’d rather free up a place in the squad for someone who can still move.

20 Jun 2018 07:21:22
My original point seems to have got lost in the widening debate. Bluereason has got it. BJU has got it. There will undoubtedly be a couple of players leaving this window. But senior ones on large contracts will be difficult to move on. There is about 2 weeks left after the world cup so time is limited. We are trying to sign some players. The club have stated that players need to come off the wage bill before we sign others. That all means 12 or 13 players might leave over the next 3 or 4 transfer windows. but not this one. Therefore we might sign 12 or 13v players over the next 3 or 4 transfer windows. … but not this one. All I was saying is that people will need patience and to be realistic. This is not Aldi we are shopping in and giving away players to charity shops. It is much more complicated.



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