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20 Jun 2018 14:35:26
For banter page please: Interesting info from ED002 re Rooneys wages and ex managers wages on the EFC bill. I asked him about possible signings and players leaving and his comments should be read by those who think we are getting loads of players leaving and others coming in. My one bit of positive stuff is Holgate is still only 21 (I hadn't realised he was so young) so I see him as being played a bit more this season.

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20 Jun 2018 15:11:51
Not sure what relevance your post has Degsy? Unless it is a told you so, point proving excercise to the posters who have disagreed with you.

As much knowledge as Ed002 and yourself have, neither of you or us as well, know for sure how many will come in or go. What ever happens happens.
Posters on here know how much the squad needs to be trimmed and we have the banter between us as to who we want in and gone.
That is mostly what this site is for. A bit of fun. Not an exercise in proving points or rubbing noses in it.
Chill out and enjoy the banter for what it is.

20 Jun 2018 15:50:24
Degs, you made a point to Ed on the rumours site then decided to bring it over to the banter site. Don’t you think that trying to hog both pages is a little bit narcissistic?

Just accept people’s opinions and don’t be so insistent that yours are accepted. Insistence leads to fear. Fear leads to hate. hate leads you to the dark side. You don’t want to be supporting that lot do you?

20 Jun 2018 16:14:06
Lol love it Toffee ace. As this is a banter page people have the right to banter, are we right are we wrong who knows!
The club are in a delicate situation needing to trim things back in certain areas but we will just have to see what transpired and put our faith Marco and Marcel

Exciting times though so let’s get behind whoever dons the shirt.

20 Jun 2018 16:41:54
Love it Southern Toffee mate lol.

20 Jun 2018 18:49:32
Degsy ED002 mentioned 9 players are potentially leaving the club at this present time. You would expect more interest as the window develops.

The important thing for everyone is to not take what others say so literally.

I said about 15 player names the other day that could go. I'm not saying they will, just that they could. That's what we are all saying INCLUDING the ED's.

20 Jun 2018 18:53:26
I love it Toffeeace. But I will Neveeeer turn to the dark side! My father was a Blue Jedi and I too am a Blue Jedi. …. actually my Father was a Red! So me and Luke do have some similarities. jovial and banter like enough for you guys?

20 Jun 2018 21:43:30
The problem with this banter stuff is that when I put a post on I sometimes get say 8 replies. saying some things the same and others slightly different things. so when I try and respond, everyone thinks I am being contradictory to their particular post. I agree sometimes I sort of band posts together. eg many people were talking about getting rid of 11/ 12/ 13 players. and yes some were saying these players "could" go but not meaning all would go. But I cannot answer every post individually or then people would accuse me of hogging this site. So guys, no offence meant to any of you. but I still say we will maybe get rid of a few kids or lower earners and maybe one or two high earners. But like Ed002 said, we are still paying 2 managers and up to $75k of Rooneys wages and add in to that the salaries that Williams, Bolasie and Jags and a few others who are likely to see less game time this season. We might squeeze more out of Jags but at 36 he is likely to be unable to play 2 games a week when needed and if he picks up a knock could find it slower to recover.

20 Jun 2018 23:03:52
I honestly don't know what your point is.

I don't have an emoji gun that I could put to this: (picture gun here) 😟 (me)

But I think you all get the gist.

I need sleep.

20 Jun 2018 23:35:26
I think what he is really trying to say is that he wants Jags to play every week, he wants to reply to everyone individually and paying only £75k a week to Rooney and the wages of 3 managers is a privilege.

Oh and something about expecting 13 players to be sold on the 20th July.

Well, I think that’s what he said 😉.

21 Jun 2018 08:06:05
I was trying to say I have obviously
8issed a few of you off without trying to. I was trying to get my point over with an explanation as to why I thought I had 8issed you off (unintentionally) . I then tried to point out that I think the 8 or 9 players who may leave will in the main be youngsters and not the ageing squad members. Having said all this, it appears I still *iss people off so bye bye folks. Just like Grumpy Toffee seemed to do. and in his latter time, I will do the same and stop posting here. Have fun yourselves agreeing with each other and having no alternative views. Cheerio.

21 Jun 2018 10:31:17
Hi all reading through these post and felt I needed to reply. we are all entitled to our options and may not not agree with the poster. Simple solution skim past it and don’t respond. It’s a banter page not a personal battle, we lose good input if people are put off posting and didn’t encourage new people. Keep up degs maybe.

21 Jun 2018 11:50:19
Well said degsy, surely this is all about are different views, be very boring if we all agreed, I disagree with many on Silva but I hope you prove me all wrong, because his appointment is making me very miserable this summer.

21 Jun 2018 11:31:06
degsy, don't let the bullies chase you mate, your entitled to your opinion just as we all are, just that some of them live in a fantasy football world where all their dreams become reality, with no sense of proportion, remember these quotes " in Moyes we trust, in Martinez we trust, in Koeman we trust, " now it's blind faith in the new lot, total dreamers.

21 Jun 2018 12:38:52
I don't think you've peeved anyone it's just that 90% of your posts are the same ones.

You don't think we will sell many players. That's fine.

Our squad has some older players that you think need replacing. Again fine.

We haven't replaced players from when Moyes was at the club. Fine.

Players people have mentioned are on high wages and you think they won't go. Boom fine.

That's your opinion and that's fine. Most others have a similar opinion but are not so pessimistic on us clearing out a few whether it's 3,4 10 or 20 players it doesn't really matter.

What i'd say is leave this conversation to others as you've exhausted your point and talk about something different. That way people won't say 'you've said this all before' and you won't get frustrated at the lack of recognition of your argument.

You raise good points and contribute better than what I and most others do. Just mix up your subjects a bit. 😉.

21 Jun 2018 12:47:28
I get what your saying but think it will be the older players going and a very youthful team staying, reading reports here and there and maybe there's truth behind them, Silva looks to be giving everybody a chance and saying to players stay if you want but your a bit part player.

Problem I see is this new set up needs time and patience and that is as short as optimism here lately.

I can't see as many players as last year joining maybe 2 or 3, but expect a lot out on loan or sold.

Am I looking forward to the new season well yes and no. But think we will see a new Everton and hopefully a more balanced team. But what ever team we see I urge you all to not expect too much this season.

And degs the typed word looses it's meaning and is interpreted by the reader in his/ her own way, however misunderstood a post is there all part of what makes this site.

21 Jun 2018 13:32:01
Dark clouds. Have some faith mate. Even Dark Clouds have a Silva lining.

Sorry, couldn’t resist 😂.

21 Jun 2018 13:56:53
Hi Degsy,
I am Tony grumpy toffees son.
The reason for dad not posting on here from time to time was the fact he had frequent stays in hospital, he had brain tumours and never being the tea and sympathy type he kept those hospital stays to himself. Now dad had a way about him that he could make a Nun swear and an SAS bloke cry and that is why he loved these forums so much. His views were his views and he did not care how many people did not like them, he used to say if people do not agree with his point of view then it is because he has not worded it properly.
I do not know your history on here and as an outsider looking in do feel you have been picked on a little bit, but I can hold hand on heart and say I thought you were trying to do what dad was so good at and that was to provoke a reaction. If indeed that was your intention then it has worked but regardless if the reaction was one you wanted or not you must stand tall and roll with it. If on the other hand you were not looking for a reaction then stick by what you say, do not walk away in a huff because others do not understand your perspective, stay and fight. You wrongly chose to name dad as an example for you to walk away from the site, I have given the reasons dad was away a couple of times but as you know he never once shied away from sticking to his views on here regardless of how much negativity he was given. I think he gained a lot of respect over time for having that stance, and if it is something you feel the need to emulate then come back and post more threads and stick by them, explain why it is you see it that way and start enjoying the site.
By the way I totally understand what you are saying.

21 Jun 2018 14:37:44
Well Son of Grumpy, I really appreciate what you have said and thank you for doing so. I would like to add something: Some months ago, both your Dad and me posted quite a few similar posts. They were not what a lot of people wanted to hear. I used the term "caustic" and I don't want to tarnish anyone's view of your Dad in any way. But I felt like a few people were picking on him and said so. I stood by him and backed him up on a few debates and in fact both him and me stopped posting for a while. as a matter of protest at the way we were being "picked on". We actually stated that. (maybe the truth was that he was going into hospital but didn't want to say? ) At that stage, your Dad did indeed come back on although a lot less frequently and sometimes to offer me support when others seemed to be "bullying" my comments. I know that sometimes people differ yet can still discuss in a civilized fashion. eg me and BlueJohnUns often differ but can always be civilized and explain things and still differ. I also know that I get on people's nerves at times. And yes at times I do post to get a reaction. but like your Dad I also reach the point where I just don't want to comment any more because of insults, accusations of repeating myself or just being ridiculed. It is not that I am throwing my toys out of the pram, but like I said, if I respond, I am accused of repeating myself. If I am in the minority with a view and repeat myself by responding I get "ganged up" on. So sometimes it is just easier to let the majority have their view and compliment each other that everyone has the same view. I guess its a case of banter has turned into self gratification and an inability to see that someone else has an alternative view. I also guess I am repeating myself because my age makes me forget that I have said something once or twice previously. I am genuinely sorry for bringing your Dad's name into this debate but I do know for sure that if he was still around he would have been the first to defend me in what feels like a gang up against me. But fear not, I am going to do like what he did and told me he was doing. have a time out and not get involved in the insults etc. But I am not in a huff. its more a feeling of can't be *rsed! With regards to your Dad, I managed to break my laptop and therefore had a couple of months off line. I was devastated to hear the news when I came back and I hope you all are coping ok and in reality it shows that Football is secondary to life. If only just! Thanks for your support and the support of others above. … I will have a time out in order to reflect. I will see how I feel at a later date. COYB.

21 Jun 2018 15:24:38
I fully understand Degsy, If things have reached a stage where it is no longer enjoyable for you then in my view it is right to stand away for a short while. Try not to make it too long though, because time catches us all up eventually, what I wouldn't give for dad to be able to support you again.
Don't leave it long, think of something new to post about and get stuck in. Remember if no one pokes the bear the world becomes boring.

21 Jun 2018 15:35:45
degsyp BJU hit the nail on the head you need to mix up your post subjects a bit more. What you say is very valid but as your post say pretty much the same thing in different ways you are more likely to get a negative response as to a positive one. Which would then I suppose feel like you are being ganged up on. I think you will find that with your original posts a lot of us have agreed with you. Most of the time I just don't bother to reply to post that I have already responded to in a positive manner, others may do the same.

21 Jun 2018 16:06:52
Long time poster and massive admirer of Grumpytoffee. Its not the first time I've said that Grumpy was by far my favourite poster on here. Don't think I ever disagreed with one of his comments. I couldn't believe degsy mentioned him in above post. Plenty of times I wanted to mention Grumpy on here since his passing but out of consideration I didn't.

I couldn't resist this time. I was one of the most regular posters on here some time ago. Since your father no longer posts Son of Grumpy I am not as eager to come onto these pages as I miss his views so much. The thing I loved about him was he had views that the majority of other posters could not comprehend.

That is not an insult on the majority of other posters but a compliment to your father Son of Grumpy. He had a very holistic view on how the club was run and took matters into consideration that very few others could think of. He thought outside the box and was a real leader.

Imho that was the reason some others did not see or believe in some of his points, because he could see and understand situations that very few others could. From his posts you could tell he was a very broad minded person. Legend in my eyes.

Now degsy. I'm concerned about you degsy. I know you say you didn't know about Grumpy but if memory serves me correct you were on here around the time of his passing. Maybe you have forgotten you were?

I'm being totally sincere in saying that. I'm not trying to get at you. Honestly your posts do come across that you push your ideas and views a little bit. I wouldn't take it to heart though. Every poster has little faults on here including myself. None of us are perfect.

Seriously though. Mind yourself and don't let other peoples views get to you. Its not worth that.

21 Jun 2018 16:13:27
Fair enough sa90. I take what you say. But like I mentioned, I sometimes get asked questions from other posters asking me to clarify and I do feel like I am repeating myself. I also have some people agreeing with parts of a post but not other bits, so respond in a general way. it is difficult and I am not being pushed out but feel that maybe I am just needing a rest from it so maybe speak to you guys again soon.

21 Jun 2018 17:15:41
enjoy your sabbatical degsyp.

21 Jun 2018 19:29:46
Now I'm going to tell you off degsy, in fact everyone on here who thinks anything is personal that is written.

Do not let anyone get you down on here. None of us know each other. None of us know who the other person really is and what they are like. All we know is what your thoughts are on one particular subject which is Everton. That's it.

If I make a comment about a post I'm making it about a post not about you. End of.

I can make an assumption of who you are based on your comments here but what is a post about Everton going to tell me? Nothing.

In my eyes whatever you put on here I can agree or disagree with but my overriding thought is that you have a passion and love for one of the most important pieces of my life.

I can tell you know I'm married, have two kids who are both a pain in the arse and I cycle to work everyday to keep my Adonis like body in shape.

I enjoy boxing, golf, cricket, tennis but my ultimate passion is Everton, Barcelona and England. Oh and the Nutella muffins you can get in Roccoco cafe on Lord st.

None of what I've just said about me makes a blind bit of difference to what I write about Everton or my opinion on what you write. It doesn't even tell you what type of person I am, which is awesome by the way.

So Degsy stay. I want you to stay. I do like your posts. I agree with most things you say because it's common sense stuff. However, I want to hear that common sense stuff on every subject😉. Not that I have any right to say what you should post on or not. You're a free man to do what you want.

And if anyone thinks I'm being a dick on a post tell me. I do genuinely consider people feelings but I am direct and it can come over emotionless, even sarcastic. Which I am also😆.

Chin up people.

{Ed001's Note - you like Nutella? That's it, you have to go! ;-)

21 Jun 2018 19:41:31
Nothing wrong with what you have said Degsy, everyone is entitled to their opinion and you make a lot of sense. If you do have some time off, come back refreshed and hopefully soon.

21 Jun 2018 20:49:52
ED001 I used to like you! 😆.

{Ed001's Note - I used to think you were alright but now I know you like that stuff, I am going off you!}

21 Jun 2018 22:10:30
Could be worse, could be marmite. Don't tell me.



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