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22 Jun 2018 22:52:37
Just throwing this out there folks but what are people’s opinion on Tom Davies?, I personally thought he had a shocking season and is becoming a bit of a myth in terms of the plaudits he gets. For me if he wasn’t a ‘local’ and home grown, he doesn’t get in our team at all, but I know others who rave about him? I wonder if this is because of the poor way we treated Barkley who imo was a better player at the same age? Thoughts folks .

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22 Jun 2018 23:15:44
I think he had a great first season but dipped last year as often happens with youngsters. He was also mucked about by the different managers playing him in different positions and being in and out of the side.
I am sure he will make the grade just give him time, he needs to learn to play a certain role I think.
How can you say Barclay was treated badly, he rubbish on us treated Everton like dirt, and for his own financial interest stalled on his Chelsea move so we got less money and he lined his own pockets.
His career will be a failure and he will be a rich man, he is all that is wrong with the modern game, Barclay is scum in my eyes, a discrace to Everton our great city and the game of football.

23 Jun 2018 01:13:36
Can't blame Tom for being poor last season. Our whole squad, barring Pickford, was crap. To pick on an individual is wrong imo. Think he needs a settled, stable squad, who know what they are asked of them. Seen a lot of posts saying Davies runs round like a headless chicken, well at least he ran and tried to get the ball back. The kid will come good in the end.

23 Jun 2018 07:06:11
Second season syndrome for me which happens to all players you have to remember he turned 19 last season so still very young add to the mix two manager's who struggled and one thing that always impressed me was he never hid he always wanted the ball I feel he will of learnt a lot and will have a very good season under marco.
The thing that annoys me is does he get a free pass because he is local well I disagree with that Blu1 where I sit in the lower Gladys I argue with fans who do nothing but give that kid abuse it's like they wait for him to miss control or misplace a pass it's one thing that pisses me off how quick our fans are to get on the local lads back whereas they should get our full support more than other player as they are one of our own.

23 Jun 2018 07:47:06
Davies wasn’t given much of a chance last season compared to the season before, when Koeman was in charge he played most of our games but we made a couple of signings last summer and he has dropped to the bench so hasn’t really had time to blossom.

23 Jun 2018 08:52:45
He gives the ball away a lot and I’m not sure what his best position is, but then Allardyce and Koeman’s constant changes wouldn’t have helped that. I really don’t know what all the hype is about because I don’t see him as a top six player in the long run, but happy to be proved wrong if he has a good season.

23 Jun 2018 10:48:53
I echo a lot of what others have said positively about him here. He is very young at 19 and won't get to his best for another 8 years!

If I can point out one example of what he offers no other does it was the Derby at Anfield. He came on and won the ball in midfield, passed to a centre back to get better position, asked for the ball back then moved it forward quickly, passed it to the right touchline when by the centre circle, continued his run into the box where the ball was crossed in by the man he passed to and went for the header, on the 90th minute!

We don't have other players who do that.

He try's his best but at his age his composure and inexperience gets him into trouble. The more he plays the better he'll get. I think a stint on loan at a lower team might make him grow a bit and get a bit of arrogance about him. However, we don't have another no8 who is as good as him.

It's a bit unfair on him on such an important area but Silva's formation might suit him.

23 Jun 2018 11:05:24
He is 19. 19 years of age. He has done well to get to this level at this age. He is hugely talented. Last season he played in a mismanaged, disjointed, unbalanced shambles with no creativity, cohesiveness and no fluidity to gameplay. Expecting a 19 year old kid to flourish in those conditions is absurd to me lads. Plus there is second season condition. Bottom line is we have a great prospect in tom davies. Look what happened with dier and mustafi, club didn't have the patiennce with them. Suares wasnt exactly a world class player at that age.

23 Jun 2018 15:31:41
Think he is a great young talent who needs game time and like all players a settled system. We have not had that since moyes say what you want about the guy but he had a settled team. I think all our youngsters are our future names on next 3 seasons team sheets.

23 Jun 2018 22:50:17
Thanks all, good to get a feel for Opinions etc. where I sit you can’t say a bad word against the lad which is fair enough. I agree he had awful conditions last year, that can’t be argued against and the ‘2nd year’ syndrome which we all talk about but don’t really understand why it happens too! . In terms of Barkley, I just felt the lad got so much stick when he played, even after all the matches on phone ins etc. I thought it was so over the top and I wondered if some of our fans have learned from that and are giving Davies a ‘fairer’ deal shall we say. The way he left the club I have not one problem with, on not one occasion did he A) Lie to the fans, B) make false promises c) have one bad word to say, in fact unlike most pro’s in the modern game he stayed silent whilst the club gave deadlines that came and went, stayed silent under abuse from fans and we also made about 14,85mill profit on him. No loyalty from clubs nowadays so why do we expect if from players? I certainly don’t, !



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