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13 Jul 2018 15:10:14
Here's a topic for any of the Eds who have genuine knowledge about how transfers are actually conducted in the real world and not in the uninformed world of most (me included! ) fans
The media (traditional and social) are awash with "stories" about player transfers. It seems that most social media stories are constant recycling (especially by fans) of the same original "story". Even the "news websites" are just repeating someone else's story - and many such websites openly state that they merely gather and re-publish stories from around the Internet.
However, the stories can't all come out of thin air or be idle speculation - some must be based on genuine (albeit sketchy? ) information.
So, my question (naive though it might be! ) to the Eds is this: who, in your experience or to your knowledge, are the most common sources of transfer stories (managers, agents, club officials, players themselves? ) AND why would they knowingly give out information to the media before a transfer is signed, sealed and delivered?

{Ed002's Note - It is a good question to ask and perhaps I can offer an example of "unsubstantiated journalism" from last summer:
The true sports journalist is still out there - they will have good relationships with certain clubs and with many of the intermediaries (agents/representatives) that there are out there. Often they will get on well with certain players. These folks will not always get it right, but they should be able to more often than not confirm where there is interest in players and broadly what progress is being made toward agreeing any sort of contract that can see a transfer happen. However, with the world changing due to social media, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and a whole host of new and often transient web sites that provide up to the minute breaking news and blow-by-blow accounts. The true sports journalist will take this with a pinch of salt, but others (I would never use the term but oft referred to as the writers of “lazy journalism” do). And the example is indeed Arsenal related (well sort of). A player who Arsenal were expected to make an offer for last summer, Nobby Keita, was reported as being subject to an agreement to join Liverpool for £74.5M overnight one Friday/Saturday with the news breaking over night. The report was picked up and was being repeated from the original source (Winner Sports) with compelling headlines from the Star and the Express. I am not a reader of the papers, well not the English press, and I had not heard of Winner Sports. So a quick check of their web site and it seems to provide links to gambling we sites, which seemed odd - just as odd as providing a price in GBP as opposed to Euros. So, where are they based? A quick check of their address of "11 Fleet St London EC4Y 1AA" (ignoring their @gmail.com" contact address) and suddenly there is a hint: Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street – how apt. As an aside Arsenal didn’t see the value in Nobby Keita at anything like the figures being thrown around and the final figure Liverpool will actually pay (including a significant payment made last summer to assure the move) is still less than being suggested.
So as you suggest, there is a blight out there and this blight exists with the new style of reporting that is coming out of social media – the purpose of which really seems to be a place where you can keep in contact with old school chums, chaps you were incarcerated with and sharing photographs of your breakfast. Many football supporters are desperate for transfer news and will follow the slightest hint of their club buying a player like lemmings, believing every word they read. Where rumours persist of a player potentially leaving the club we get screams of “unsellable”, “he’s worth £100M” and “let him rot in the reserves”.

So what you need to do is find the remaining true sports journalists who won’t give blow-by-blow accounts but will be able to tell you, in most cases, where there is interest in a player. They won’t always be right, they won’t always have the sensational headlines; but they do offer up decent information.}

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13 Jul 2018 16:19:33
Ed002: Thanks for taking the time to give such an informative reply - much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome Bobby.}

13 Jul 2018 16:48:19
Awesome answer to a very interesting question! Good job guys.

13 Jul 2018 16:54:19
That was a good question. And an equally good reply. So best we ask Alan Irvine what’s going down at Goodison.

13 Jul 2018 16:58:18
Ed002 awesome response! I know we have not always seen eye to eye on every subject but you are the oracle of knowledge on transfer info (as far as there can be an oracle) and I believe every word you have said. I know you had a hard time from a couple of individuals recently (as we all do) and just want you to know that I am grateful for the time and effort you put into supplying such detailed information.

{Ed002's Note - Post of the day.}

13 Jul 2018 17:29:39
Reply of the Day for me Ed, enjoyed reading both.

13 Jul 2018 18:38:49
That is why I only search for ed002 information on transfers for us now. And will continue to do so unless he purchases himself a bookmakers 😂.

13 Jul 2018 18:28:13
Ed002 can we assume your alterego posters name is Degsyp?
Only joking, great post, very insightful.

13 Jul 2018 19:33:38
Lemming reporting for duty! 🤪.

13 Jul 2018 19:26:46
Ed you forgot Twitter? LOL.

13 Jul 2018 21:29:45
Stig, perhaps why Ed002 gets frustrated. His post he mentions Twitter 8th line down 5th word from the left.

14 Jul 2018 11:56:25
heard it all now degs you just get better and better.



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