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04 Aug 2018 08:57:53
There is an old saying in football about building from the back. ie the center half position being the most important. It is no coincidence that traditionally a lot of club captains have been center halves. Likewise, teams that have lost their center halves to injury or by selling on to "bigger" clubs, have usually struggled. The center half is the organiser of things. Not the full backs. Not the midfielders and certainly not the forwards. Yet here we are with less than a week to go with rumours about signing Mina and Jones and Rojo. We all know that Williams and Jags are both past it. let's be honest about that. Mori was sold (probably would be 1st on the team sheet now? ) . Keane has struggled since being with us and looks way out of his depth. Holgate is still only 21.but just may be our saviour? My point is that this position should have been sorted first. Not left back because we have Leighton Baines and others who can cover for him. Not left wing/ midfield, because we have other players who can play there. This is another poor attempt by Everton to sort the squad out. I know this sounds like a negative post, but look at it in a professional way. We are a week away from kicking off the new season. We have leaked goals in pre season. We have no idea who our 2 or 3 center halves will be (depending on formation) . We know we are trying to sign one. Hurry up EFC and sort it.

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04 Aug 2018 10:05:57
The full back and winger positions were probably filled first due to easiness, readiness of the transfers and not due to need. i'm sure they havig been working hard to brig in who we need.

04 Aug 2018 10:11:18
It is a negative post degsyp. For years you been harping on about not having cover for Baines, not having enough left sided players. Now you are moaning that they haven't resolved it in the order you wanted. Get a life.
By Thursday we will have additional centre back cover. we have already bought cover for Baines (who can also play central defense) , we have added a left footed player in Richarlison who has started to excite us.

Your glass isn't half full, it's dry as a bone.

04 Aug 2018 10:12:39
We have changed the DoF and Coach/ Manager yet the Everton malaise of ignoring defensive priorities seems to remain. Have to agree with Degsyp on this one.

04 Aug 2018 10:23:43
i think ots quite clear we are trying to sign a CB mate, it probably was our first priority with mina but that has dragged on and we have had opportunity to sign a whole new left side, I get what your saying and I agree just think wer trying to do as u said but should we have passed up the opportunity to sign digne because we hadn't signed a canter back yet? no am sure u wouldn't do that either.
what am saying degs is wer heading in the right direction and by looks of it cb is our main focus, surely we wouldn't let mori and ash go if we wernt confident in bringing 2 in.

04 Aug 2018 10:25:19
Still not started the season yet Degs.

I think this window is going to take quite a few of the more hysterical fans to get used to. Normally, we would have 27 days left to buy players and wouldn't even be questioning only two signings being made. However, because we are now at a disadvantage to the whole of Europe we are finding out how difficult it is to strengthen the squad.

We are in a hurry and have been trying to get the right people in but around Europe they can take their time, wait for us to panic a bit and bump up the price. Whoever thought this was a good idea wants shooting, starting with us.

If Europe don't follow suit then I can see next year us going more into line with Europe again. That would be smart for the EPL and save Degsy here bursting his last blood vessel.

04 Aug 2018 12:05:55
BlueJohnUns is correct we have a shorter window and European clubs are inflating prices as we have no time after this season kicks off, I’m sure there will be an increase over the next few days, some premiership clubs have done no business to date!

04 Aug 2018 13:00:39
I don't come on here often but when I do degsyp always appears to be mourning about something and never happy. I bet your a ball to have a pint with 😂🖒.

04 Aug 2018 13:21:44
I think with the window closing early there will be a lot of action in the transfare market this week should be fun, let's hope we get some good players coming in and we get rid of more of the rubbishe.
Talking of which goodbye Mirellis, have fun in Italy.

04 Aug 2018 13:38:45
Rooney, Klassen, Williams Miralles - 4 of our top wage earners out. We don't know how much of their wages we still have to pay but the payroll will be down, giving us flexibility to find new TEAM members.

Some were saying it wasn't possible but Brandts and Silva have done a great job and I'm sure there will be a couple more but let's hope they focus on additions where we need them, central defence, midfield and attack

Still a lot to do but credit where its due.

04 Aug 2018 13:40:48
Nah degsy ain't moaning his opinions are often perceived that way, it's true defence is a shambles but so have been the last 2 years, we are at present the best of a bad bunch behind the top 6, if we break into the top 6 we become a more attractive destination.

Brands will have raised our stature but he ain't no magician and we have to let the seeds he has planted bloom.

04 Aug 2018 14:16:46
Not a negative post in my eyes, just pure fact. We should have a CB or 2 in place when we have known for 2 seasons its a major problem. Selling Mori is ridiculous without a replacement. If we sell him for 10m and sign Rojo for 30m that is pathetic business.

04 Aug 2018 14:27:55
Evertonians knew about the changes months ago. In fact they were one of the clubs to vote it in.

04 Aug 2018 16:25:50
I don't see anyone disputing that fact ford. Or do you like stating the obvious?

04 Aug 2018 17:02:56
Guys we just need to trust Brands and Silva have a plan for 1 or 2 CBs.

04 Aug 2018 18:41:40
Spot on Smit.



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