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04 Aug 2018 21:21:33
Listen guys, I love Everton as much as anyone ever has. I have 2 of my kids die hard Blues. My ex wife is a die hard Blue. My eldest Grandson is die hard. We all live down in Devon now and games are flipping expensive with the round trips. Europe games cost even more when we get them. So I feel as a paying customer that I should be allowed a view. I also think I know a fair bit about football having coached youth and adults alike. Successfully too! Yet when I come on here and make a statement that I think the club are slow to identify weaknesses or are missing something, the "positive" brigade jump down my throat. This morning I pointed out that our center back situation has not been sorted and in fact we are weaker than last season having allowed Mori and Williams to leave. We were dfensively crap last season. can anyone argue with that? We were defensively crap. We have a promising young center half in Holgate. Other than that our club captain was 35 last year and will be 36 this year. That is almost pushing up daisies as far as Premiershiop footballers go. Like I said I wrote this this morning before todays game. If that is negative. I apologise and am sorry for being negative. However, perhaps I do have a point? Just maybe?

{Ed025's Note - you certainly do have a point degsy, i think we have all known for a long time that we need at least one CB mate..

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04 Aug 2018 22:00:32
Like the rest of us, degsy, some times you are spot on and other times not so much. That's what opinions are all about and why sites like this one keep going, because we all post what we think at that given time. Don't let it stress you out mate!

04 Aug 2018 21:43:21
Degsy agree with you, in fact I had a discussion about ed25 regarding the shipping out of two cbs and the buying of two new players who play in different positions. If memory serves me right we concluded that the club must have a plan to address this. indeed Silva eluded to as much today. I think they have to Tel mina itsnow or never and then move on don think I can take last minute drama on 9th August. although love deadline day.

{Ed025's Note - lets hope its sorted by then jcl..

04 Aug 2018 21:44:02
My point Ed was that this should have been the priority 2 seasons ago. Yes we brought Keane in but last season showed he was not good enough. Yet here we are allowing Williams and Mori to leave and all celebrating! As if we are in a strong position? Yet when I point this out. Degsy is being negative again! Sorry but I want the best for the Blues and will not sit around think all is Hunky Dory when clearly it is not! We should have bought 2 or 3 center backs last season or the season before. All should have been in the age group of 23 -26 in order to be at their peak. Holgate is 21. a kid. Jags is 35/ 6 a Grandpa! Keane just hasn't shown ability! I have never known Everton to start a season without 2 recocognised center halves! If that's negative then so be it!

{Ed025's Note - hindsight is a wonderful thing degsy, the problems were not caused on silva,s watch so we cant blame him mate, he is trying to sort it out but its not as easy as people think, we all need to be a bit more patient..

04 Aug 2018 21:45:58
i think it is obvious to all what we need - CB x 2 - I just hope now that after the last couple of results where we have shipped 10 goals in 3 games ( Pickford was not playing ) we push through at least 1 CB urgently - no more playing about - make an offer if not accepeted move on to the next target etc - IMHO this is getting rather desperate.

We play like we did last couple of games and yes we will score goals but you can bet your bottom dollar the opposition will out score us.

I understand we get fees etc for loaned players out but surely there comes a time when players like williams / Mirallas etc should just be released - no real sell on value - could be making up the players wages depending on the loan - same situation next season. if no sale on value just release the player and wash our hands off them.

{Ed025's Note - but its also no use just buying for the sake of it pavillion, they must be the right players mate...thats what got us in this mess in the first place..

04 Aug 2018 22:05:14
Dont worry bluepotato. I am not stressed. just annoyed!

{Ed025's Note - its only opinions and banter degsy, dont let it stress you mate..

04 Aug 2018 23:00:53
No one is disputing any claims that we need strengthening in areas - CB being the priority. All most are saying is, let’s see where we are at 5pm on Thursday before we lose it and let’s not blame Silva for what’s gone before. It may take a season (including the January window) to complete the clear out and get the squad playing what is a very different style of football than Koeman or Sam (shudder) played. Looking forward to a positive 5 days in the market and a positive result on Saturday.

04 Aug 2018 22:16:57
What mess is that Ed? Seriously, I am not blaming the current management. They have signed (as did Allardyce) a couple of decent players as far as I can see. My point is BJU will tell you I have been whinging for years about the wrong age group of our center backs and also that things were getting worse as Jags aged and we sold Stones. so we release Williams and sell Mori . Mori the only defender we have in the right age group (other than Keane) . It is beyond belief that we are in this position 1 week before the season starts! Perhaps it will be like last season and 5 center halves will arrive this week?

{Ed025's Note - i think you may be over emphasizing the age thing degs, if your good enough age is just a number, its lack of concentration thats the biggest problem for me, even jags is still fit and is hardly ready to draw his old age pension mate..

04 Aug 2018 23:32:04
Didn’t we sign Richard Gough when he was 36/ 37 Ed?

{Ed025's Note - i believe we did reason, 35 is the new 27 mate.. :)

04 Aug 2018 21:55:31
Yep, I’m all over it degs, it took me some getting use to also. I was in despair last Summer and fuming when the TW ended only to be met with messages of my negativity. In all fairness there is a thin line sometimes with blind faith - negativity and realism. I Echo Ed’s comments and is like to add that I still believe that we also lack a CM and an injection of pace in the midfield and back! Up the blues and keep the opinions coming mate!

05 Aug 2018 02:33:17
Who exactly are you having a go at in all your incessant ramblings degsyp? Is it Martinez, is it Koeman, is it Walsh, we know it isn't Moyes?
Whoever it is they are all gone now. We are left with Marco and Marcel, only a month or so into the project. They have sorted out a replacement for Baines (we have tried before with Oviedo, Galloway, Garbutt to name just a few but unsuccessfully) and have added another left footer in Richarlison which you should be happy about as it was one of your other perceived weaknesses.

Going back to the fact that they weren't successful. This isn't unusual in football. Look at Darmian, Shaw, Malinga, Karius etc etc etc. Even Stones at Man City can't really be called an outright success yet. Poor selection? Possibly but the teams buying them have had bigger managers, bigger budgets than ours and they still have made mistakes

Silva and Marcel know there is a problem at centre half (and midfield and a striker) . I believe/ trust that they are working on this and will come up with solutions before the deadline. Not everything will be solved because it will take more than a couple of months to get the club back on tract but, by Thursday, we will be stronger.

Until then I don't need to be reminded by you 10 times a day that Jagielka is coming on 36 and Baines is 33. I already know that. Marco and Marcel know it too. Hopefully on Friday we will all be congratulating Everton on their business and all of us will be in a more positive frame of mind


05 Aug 2018 14:05:35
Here’s hoping BW come Friday! 👍. P. S. Richarlison is Right footed, LD is a leftie throw!

05 Aug 2018 15:04:46
Blu Richarlison is two footed. Have a look at old clips on You Tube - a lot of his goals came from his left foot.



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