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05 Aug 2018 20:46:28
In response to bw2412 v2.0 re the question who am I having a go at re center backs etc. I am having a go at the Everton Football Club and successive managers. Especially since Moyes. Here we are some years after Moyes left with 36 year old center back, a 33 year old left back and have only in the last week addressed the left back issue and have not yet addressed the center back issue. And we kick off next week in the toughest league in the world. So no one person is to blame. successive managers are. and I guess that means the chairman and Moshiri are to blame for more changes than was necessary. Well you did ask!

{Ed025's Note - again degs the power of hindsight is a wonderful thing, yes mistakes have been made no one can argue otherwise mate, but this is a new start for us and going over old ground does not help, you need to get over your love affair with moyes and look to the future which we all need to do..

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05 Aug 2018 21:27:51
Good news Degsy though. It does look like Mina is coming. How do you feel about him?

To be honest I didn't take a lot of notice of him and I watched every Barcelona game. Although he did look aggressive on the pitch and had a a brilliant desire to win the ball.

I knew more about Digne and can't believe they let him come. Both seem to want to play regular football and have ambition.

Now for a number 8 and 6.😉.

05 Aug 2018 22:31:13
Forget the blame game and look to the future. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

05 Aug 2018 23:06:23
Rome only took about 100 years to build, the way we are going double that lol.

06 Aug 2018 02:52:18
Degsyp - I agree that we are short on CD but disagree that the previous managers have not tried to rectify the matter. We bought Funes Mori, I don't remember a lot of dissenters when we bought him but he didn't work out both before his injury and after his injury - we were totally right to let him go as long as we have replacements in place before the season starts (ideally already I know) . Williams, nobody complained about us signing him, especially in the first season he was another Distin but he tailed off dramatically last season and again it was the right decision to let him go. Keane, another popular addition when we bought him but what a disappointment so far. I'm hoping he just needs a leader beside him to get the best out of him but he never got it with Williams downturn in form and injuries to Jagielka. I also think the injuries to Colman and Baines and Scheiderlins attitude lasr season didn't help the defensive unit at all. We also have had youngsters 'coming through' Galloway, Browning, Pennington who have sadly failed to materialise.

I also have to disagree with your assessment that 23-26 is the primetime for central defenders as that we should only have players in thius age range. First of all age is just a number. Some players look after themselvesand otheres don't whether its injury or attitude or genetics. There are some great players out there who are oe who have played past 30, Ronaldo, Messi, Modic, Ibrahimovic, Pirlo, Iniesta to name a few. Defenders - are you saying we shouldn't have had Jagielka for the past 9 years when he has been one of best, quickest players? Same goes for Baines. John Terry and Gary Cahill shouldn't have been getting titles with Chelsea, the list could go on for days but I hope you get my point.

I also think you are being a bit unfair on the board at Everton. They have their faults but Kenwright has given every manger since Moyes his full backing although he doesn't have the financial clout of a Ibrahimovich or Dubai he has put his money up. We now have Moshiri and he is doing the same. He backed Koeman and he is doing the same with Silva/ Brands as well as moving the new stadium along. Mistakes? Yes, we let Lukaku go without a replacement for one. Walsh was never a DOF but again most were happy to see him come. Some supporters have had doubts about the appointment of Martinez or Koeman and now Silva but we could have signed Mourhinio or Guardiola and some would be saying we don't have the money to satify them.

At the end of the day degsyp Martinez, Koeman and Walsh ahve all gone. We are left with Silva and Brands, who together with a new board are trying to put things right, give us a team we can be proud of and a new stadium in a couple of years.
Its time we, as supporters, get behind them
In the past I have spoken up for you and tried to support what you have said because a lot of it is good when heard the first time but the constant drip drip drip of the same things, based in complaints about mistakes by previous managers in the past is not constructive. You are better than this degsyp, forget the past, give us your views on Mina, any other targets we should be going for and what your vision is of the future
Like Johny 1989 I'd love a pint with you one day. I think we'd actually agree more than we would disagree. Unfortunately as I now live in Thailand and you live in Devon it might be difficult but you never know.

05 Aug 2018 23:35:36
Ok guys. I will go with the flow and see what develops. re hindsight Ed. I was answering as to why I kept repeating myself. so that's not really hindsight. more like I have been saying this for ages. but yes let's all drop it. The one thing that is true is we all now know we need at least 2 center backs. the one bit of hindsight I never had was how poor Keane would turn out. that's why I am hoping Holgate (who is still only 21) will turn out to be a cracking center half. John Stones is the only other one I have seen with his maturity at that age. Yes Stones made mistakes and looked at times weak. but his world cup shows what is ahead of him. As for Schneids. I feel he just slows things down far too much and is half of our problem. BJU is right that the other problem areas have beed addressed in the main. I am not sure about Mina? Not seen enough of him if I am honest. I just know for sure that if we don't address the center half position, we will be like we were last season. starting games having to score 2 or 3 goals because we can't keep a clean sheet. I know Allardyce bored the crap out of everyone, but our defence was so bad we looked like we would concede all the time. he addressed that by defending in numbers and bored us all senseless! We need 2 center backs and hope Holgate can be one in my view. He could certainly pair with Mina from the little I know about Mina. One big and aggressive the other quicker and more athletic. The Rat and Mountfield again? There is a though eh?

{Ed025's Note - i think we will definitely get one CH degsy and mina looks like he could be the one, who pairs up with him is the big question mate..

06 Aug 2018 08:10:40
I like Holgate but as Degsy has said previously he's still young and raw. Hopefully, if Mina comes in, it may give him time and less pressure to develop.

I'd still like another but I'd get the 6 and 8 now. Or am I just being greedy?

On another note. The quality of signing this year compared to last is huge improvement on what Walsh was bringing in. Take Ricky compared to Yannick and Cuco compared to Digne alone! Plus potentially Mina compared to Keane and Williams!

Still very early days but it gives you a bit more confidence they will get it right.

06 Aug 2018 08:48:18
We've got a long way to go but hopefully the ship is turning and facing the right direction now. I agree 2 CD's would be nice, hopefully Mina and Lindeloff or Jones. A replacement for Scheiderlin who doesn't do it for me and Batshuayi or Welbeck as icing on top of the cake
Keep working Marcel and Marco - we are a greedy bunch.

06 Aug 2018 09:01:34
I wish I had seen bw2412 v2.0's previous big post before replying late last night. Mate, that is a great post and whilst I don't agree with all of it, you make some very valid points about the club, age and other things. I will just touch on a few things. the age thing. Yes I take what you say about players having a longer age duration. Maybe I was a bit mean with my age range for a center half. but I was trying to get a point over about our defence in general. It we are striving to attain top 6 now os soon, we need the best players. For the last 2 seasons I was saying on posts on here that we needed to replace our aging defence. particularly Jags and Baines with immediate replacements. And overall we signed the ones you list. But clearly they have not worked out and the only 2 who are in their prime are Mori and Keane. The others are all too old or too young to "boss" the defence. That is really what I was trying to say. Because after selling Mori we are now down to one CH in our squad who should be at his prime. Keane. I don't think any of you will argue that point now. Re blaming Kenwright, I have never ever put any blame on his shoulders before. For any single thing. But he is in charge and at the end of the day, this particular point and the change of managers in such quick succession has been disruptive for EFC. I bet if you asked him, he would agree he made mistakes on this point. Re all the rest, I generally agree. I hope Mina will sign and be great. or even we get a couple of others in. One thing is for sure, our squad was woefully disrupted by the constant changes and poor transfer windows in recent years. I have never known it be as bad as this for most of my life. maybe when Mike Walker took over? But yes we seem to be addressing the issues. if I can just let you all know that I am quite positive overall. it might not seem it. but I try to repond to other peoples' comments in a broad way and as an example, one previous poster said that age does not matter. but clearly it does or we would not be having the conversation about replacing Jags and Baines. and that comment is there in the back of my mind. re bw2412 v2.0's comment that I am wrong saying 23 - 26 is the peak age for a CH. yes I was being too tight with my age group. but 36 for Jags is clearly past it. Perhaps I should have added that only very exceptional defenders go past say 31 or 32? But that still leaves Jags at 36 and Baines at 32. Sorry for winding you guys up. Season starts soon eh? 3 days to wait for a CH.

06 Aug 2018 09:52:46
Good post degsy.
This close season is a lot different to last.
Last season most of our business done early, a bit of a wait for Sigurdson and disappointment right at the end regarding replacement for Lukaku. Generally though we were all fairly pleased with the window. How wrong we turned out to be.

This close season I think we were unsure on Richarlison, especially at the money paid out but he looks a real gem pre season. Then frustration over slowness. We finally got Digne over the line (a really good signing in my opinion) and fingers crossed a storming finish the next 4 days and everyone hopefully happy with what has taken place. It's not there yet but better times ahead. Don't let me down Marcel and Marco - I'm pinning all my blind faith on you 2!


06 Aug 2018 11:04:16
Well as you know I had doubts about our squad. age, imbalance of left sided players, central defence and a player who slows things up way too much (goalkeeper was ok tho) . but out of all the problems, we seem to have dealt with or be dealing with: age, left sided players and hopefully the central defence. I just hope beyond hope that we have one of those moments where we all sit around saying, "Well I was not expecting that! " and we sign some really fast midfielder who injects pace and some aggression into the midfield. Another Peter Reid/ Alan Ball or anyone with just a bit of skill, aggression but above all a desire to get forwards with trust of the defenders behind him. Then maybe if Silva can get them gelling. we will have a half decent team.

06 Aug 2018 13:25:19
A thumb up Degsy. 😉👍.



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