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07 Aug 2018 15:42:58
Surely Usmanovs only interest with us would be to lend us the money for the new stadium at similar rates as the council.
Moshiri wants us to be a club who can stand on our own feet without constant investment. It doesn't make sense for usmanov to buy into us.

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07 Aug 2018 15:57:58
Why does it not make sense.

07 Aug 2018 16:43:28
Because he has no affinity to Everton, he would only invest in us as an investment and we are far from that at the moment, dilute that with half of any profit going to Moshiri.
It makes zero sense.

07 Aug 2018 17:09:06
Although I’m skeptical of this Usmankv link, to add coal to the fire, what affinity did Moshiri have to us before he invested Smit? Zero. He was introduced to the club and fell in love with Everton over a period of months (his words, not mine) . Why can this not be the case with Usmanov?

07 Aug 2018 17:19:56
I think it makes total sense.
The guy wants to run a football club in the richest league in the world.

He has stuck by his previous for a lot longer than most, considering he had zero influence.

His best pal and business partner has a good of a sleeping giant inn the NW that's ripe for some new money.

I can't see any problem other than, and it's a biggie our anti Russian stance in this country. Roman has been awol for ages and rumours of possible sale of Chelsea. Although he's stated he'd never sell. I'm guessing the politics need to be fixed first before his return.

Without Googling Usminov country of birth (I think Russia but someone claims he's from Ukraine) it may or may not. be a problem.

Honestly it seems a little bit of that old school thinking to question why a international business. man is interested in running a football club. Strangely the foreign chairman-owner is a bit more than a fleeting fad.

{Ed025's Note - you have convinced me MTBTY..

07 Aug 2018 17:53:42
Your forgetting Usmanov supports Arsenal as a team, not Everton.
Moshiri supports neither and was looking for an investment.
Maybe Usmanov will come to Goodison and all of a sudden fall out of love with arsenal and fall in love with Everton.
Wait. Has that ever happened ever?
He is a Gooner and always will be.
Any investment in any other team will be profit based. We need his investment, we don't need to invest in him.

07 Aug 2018 18:23:11
I know he supports Arsenal.
What's your point?

I'd have thought Fowler, Mcmanaman, Carragher, Owen, Gerrard being EFC supporters would have had more of an effect than some glory supporter from half way across the world.

He can buy a red and white scarf and a kit if he likes. What he does in his own home is his business.

07 Aug 2018 18:24:27
His investment in any team including Arsenal would be profit driven Smit. He didn’t just invest in Arsenal because he was a fan, there was obviously an opportunity to make profits, no businessman likes to lose money. You speak as though you know both Moshiri and Usmanov personally so I will have to take your word for it mate.

07 Aug 2018 18:28:03
PS Sorry but there is no chance he is a real Arsenal supporter.
Not sure he was born in Islington or the surrounding.
"He is a Gooner and always will be" except for the 40 odd years where he wasn't. I'm sire he's like my American mate who (funnily) also supports Arsenal. Yeah yeah ok buddy, you don't even know who George Graham is.

07 Aug 2018 17:36:09
While I have stated that am happy with Mr Moshri and do not wish Mr Usmanov to tip over the apple cart. If he (Mr Usmanov) buys into the Club the same way that Mr Moshri assures us he has done, then with his financial muscle it could hugely impact our future in a positive way. This is very early days and all of us are full of conjecture so we will see what we will.

07 Aug 2018 18:51:41
What extra does he give? We still have to abide by FFP. We are spending tens of millions of pounds, building a new super stadium. Money only does so much.

Don't get me wrong another investor is all good but we are no longer the Everton of old.

07 Aug 2018 19:07:43
Let’s hope it starts with more sponsoring of facilities.

The USM Holdings conference rooms
The USM Holdings Liver Building
The USM Holdings lock up
The USM Holdings dock

The possibilities are endless!

07 Aug 2018 19:51:42
I don't think he really supports arsenal as he is Russian he may of said he does because he was involved with them so he had to say that but I think its all about business.

07 Aug 2018 20:35:07
He can sponsor whatever he likes of evertons, shares in another team won't change that.
He can't come in and buy the league like abramovich did. FFP is there to make it harder for teams to live outside their means.
So for him to come he would need some serious ambition.
Please read up about the bloke and you will realise, he ain't coming.
He could make more profit from his 30% in Arsenal (the team he loves) per year than his 100% in Everton.

Is he from Islington? No. But he supports Arsenal and wants only the best for them, which is why I say, do your homework and read up about the man. Then you will get that the only reason he would buy into Everton is for the profit, and at the moment he won't get much.

07 Aug 2018 23:25:05
Must admit I’d love him to invest in Everton and buy us some silverware and to see him sailing down the Mersey in his super yacht every other week to watch all our 100m star players win every game ‘you may say I’m a dreamer’.

{Ed025's Note - your a dreamer.. :)

09 Aug 2018 10:06:21
It’s not always about making profit for these multi billionaires though smit, sometimes they just want to leave a mark or have an expensive toy. No one will know what he does until he does it now, would be great for us if he does decide to join his pal.



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