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11 Aug 2018 02:18:17
I think we have just gone through what has to be our best transfer window in years

Yes, some might argue that some of the signings are untested in the Premier League. Yes some were second stream players for their previous clubs. Yes some seemed a bit expensive.


They are all quality players who have commanded big fees before, They are all quality (I'm going to keep repeating quality) players that answer our problems in central defence and left back. They are quality players that improved enormously our flexibility/ options in midfield and attack.

At the same time Brands, Silva and their team have moved on many of our top earners who weren't going to get starting positions in the new structure

Great respect to Marcel and Marco for doing this. Great respect for Moshiri for giving them 110% support. Some have said he not an Evertonian but he has backed us up big time this close season and to be fair in the past with the stadium etc. If another non Evertonian, Usmanov, comes in with him and shows the same support we will be extremely lucky

I Echo what some others have said. It now up to us as supporters to SUPPORT the team while it beds in. For the new signings it's the start of pre season again plus the old squad has to learn how to play with them and visa versa. IT WILL TAKE TIME, OUR SUPPORT AND PATIENCE

I believe we took massive steps forward this window. We might now stumble for a bit but then - watch us go


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11 Aug 2018 07:21:55
I agree with all you say bw with one little addition. I don't know if the quality is as high as you state. only time will tell us that. but for sure the positions and age of the team has been addressed the way I wanted. As you know, I moaned and moaned about the age of Jags and Baines. I moaned that we had let Williams and Mori go without replacing them. I also moaned and moaned about the imbalance of the left side of the team. both dfensively and midfield. That has been addressed. I moaned at how we were so poor at defending set pieces and were particularly poor in the air. Mina should certainly help there. I also moaned about a lack of creativity, bothe Richarlison and Bernard have brought some creativity into the squad. I moaned about Shneiderlin. we will have to wait and see how the manager sets up the team on that one. but yes all you say is true and I am a happy bunny as the season starts. Even if we are thumped today we have players ready to address all my concerns of the last 2 years. I must add that Tosun and Walcott were also in this and rather than slag Allardyce off, I would say he did actually stabilise a club in decline and did his little bit too. So now we wait and see what we are producing in 5 or 6 games. By then we should have an idea of how the team will be set up and if the "quality" is as you say. I certainly know the fitness and age will be better. And the balance of the left side!

{Ed025's Note - 2 things that this window has proven ...1 everton are trying their best to get back in the big time..2..degsy is a bloody old moaner.. :)

11 Aug 2018 08:22:28
Agree totally with Degsy.

11 Aug 2018 09:05:40
Degsy Every signing is a gamble. Has Pogba truly proved himself yet to Mourino, has Shaw, Lindelöf, Rojo, Martial? And that is just some of the doubts at Manu United never mind the ones that haven't made it at Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal

No one, I repeat no one is guaranteed success but what Everton have demonstrated is a willingness to go and try and succeed. Instead of still bringing up doubts we need to shout out the positives. Who would you have brought in different? I can guarantee you that there would be others doubting your picks.

You've said it, they have addressed left back, they have addressed an aging defence, they have addressed creativity in both midfield and attack. They might not have got it totally right - only time will tell but at least until then just get behind them and SUPPORT THEM!


11 Aug 2018 09:07:37
All we need now Degsy is Pickford to grow a couple of inches and all your dreams will have been answered

11 Aug 2018 09:24:33
I hope you have learned a valuable lesson this summer Degsy.

The pages and millions of words you've wrote on here this past few months and the negativity you've shown has been completely unjustified and hysterical hyperbole.

To the supporters on here that have allowed the manager, DOF, Board time to make things right this summer - WELL DONE in SUPPORTING your club!

They went out and done exactly what EVERY Evertonian this year wanted and delivered a great window for us all.

Before you try Degsy to take the credit, none of this was because of you. They didn't see what you or anyone on here wrote and thought "hey that Degsy knows his stuff". You saw nothing different in what we needed to any of us at the club, we just had a more supportive way of going about it. It was all the club with no input from one of us and that is where the credit lies.

For the supporters who have given them the time, you are the ones we need at the match every game supporting the club. The ones that didn't give ultimatums of "i'll give it 5 games". Or slag off the manager at every opportunity with unrealistic comparisons of his commitment and ability.

The others like the Degsy's and DFS's, I hope and pray you either stay away if your going to moan all game or you put it to one side for 90 minutes and give your all in SUPPORTING the men on the pitch.

Why? Because it's going to take time. We are going to get beat in some matches. We are going to play badly in some games. Some games we'll look absolutely shocking and bloody awful. We may in some games look worse than we ever have done.

That is the pain we are going to have to get through.

However, over time the players will get used to the style we want to play. Understand the instructions from the manager. More windows to get more players that fit Silvas phylosophy.

For me we have tried every window, every season with every manager and player but it's never been the right fit for whatever reason.

However, this summer feels different and I'm always happy to put my faith in the club. Its not blind but it is patient and it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

{Ed025's Note - to be fair john degsy and DFS have expressed an opinion on why and how we were not performing and for me thats fine, negative yes but blind faith can also be a problem and it would be a dull old life if we all thought alike mate..

11 Aug 2018 09:33:27
He can borrow a pair of my old platform bottom shoes. That used to boost me a couple of inches

Anyway Smitt - did you get all you birthday presents?

11 Aug 2018 10:35:55
Pretty much so BW. Schneiderlin is still with is, but you can't have everything, right.

11 Aug 2018 10:55:19
No - but maybe next window. With the signings we've made I think Gueye, Gomes, even Sig could all be looked at unless he shows a better attitude. It's up to him and it's good to not get everything you want all at once. It's character forming I'm told. that's why I describe myself as charasmatic.

11 Aug 2018 11:19:12
I get that ed and oppinions are great especially when they differ from mine as I get to see the other side of things but I'll be honest these two can be draining. Degsy's 5 or 6 games here is shameful.

Me though on a lighter note cannot wait to get stuck into this season. I'll take whatever comes with a pinch of salt both ways good or bad.

Bring it on!

{Ed025's Note - im not expecting miracles to start with john, but i think we will slowly improve as the season goes on and when the new boys are integrated be a force to be reckoned with...thats my hope anyway mate..

11 Aug 2018 11:53:43
This is why we all love the game. 22 players, 1 ref, and about 10,000,000 would be managers blabbing on as to why we were good or bad today. Every club has a Degsy and DFS. They do wear you down at times but we would not be without them really. I really feel positive this season and believe we could challenge Spurs and Arsenal in that top 6.

11 Aug 2018 12:02:19
Cautious optimism is sensible, we know we are not amongst the favourites to win the league so an improvement on last seasons final position should be viewed as a successful, transitional campaign. The last DoF set us back quite a bit but it seems that Brands knows what he is doing and has delivered for both the manager and us fans. It really is an exciting time, especially after the false dawns we have had to endure of late.
I'm not entirely convinced by Silva but he has my total support, hopefully he will show, over the 38 league games, that the board made the right appointment, maybe even a decent cup run thrown in the mix.
Degsy, I think you should change your stance of judging after 5 or 6 games, if that is the case. It may take that before we even see some of the signings in the first team and it certainly won't give us much of an indication as to where we will finish come May, it will take a bit of time for the squad to implement what Silva wants and expects from them. Practice makes perfect, as they say. All of the points you moaned about have, as you mentioned, been addressed so just chill and hop on for the ride!

11 Aug 2018 13:08:07
agree with bluejohn degsy your posts are so sad you go on as if you are running the club and if you are the only one that new jags baines and williams are getting old just pathetic every other everton fan knows this but you make a point of posting it over and over just so you can feel good about yourself and say you predicted this who do you think you are saying the team has bin addressed the way you wanted its laughable im going to predict two things that after six or seven games if we have not started well you will be on here boasting that only you seen this and the other is if we start well you will not post on here for a while which you have done in the past.

11 Aug 2018 13:44:44
Rather rude and personal some of you, absolutely no need for it. Opinions on these pages should be respected, disagree by all means but please save your ignominious comments for elsewhere.



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