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14 Aug 2018 18:48:39
question for ed002, hypothetically if usmanov bought the remaining shares available, would he be able to use his wealth at all or are we completely reliant on income? i really am not up on these rules at all so was wondering does having a rich owner make any real difference if we aren't bringing a lot on money into the club.
would usmanov be able to give everton a loan or wpuld that breach ffp?
sorry I no u dnt like talking finance but just a quick, having him would be good or his wealth is irrelevant will do ed cheers in advance.

{Ed002's Note - You are just clutching at straws about wanting a sugar daddy owner - I an not going to get in to the finances as it is simply not worth it on the Everton page.}

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14 Aug 2018 19:38:28
I don’t think his cash can do anything at the moment anyway, transfer window finished to January, stadium won’t be ready for few years so as a club income won’t be much more than what it is, it’s the bigger picture that needs to be looked at new stadium in iconic spot with a complete regeneration around it with huge growth once built, premier league money is only going in one direction up although I think the tv deal here will level out but overseas money tv deal is coming up next year I believe and that will continue to grow at a huge rate, because it is the best league in the world.
I actually think he has interests in us already.
I just don’t see Moshri being able to fund this project alone.
Spurs are not buying cause they have to pay for this stadium and running costs which will be higher, same as Arsenal had to go through.
So I would say the only way we are going to do this project is with Usmanov, just my gut feeling that it’s been the plan all the way unless Usmanov would of got full control at Arsenal.

14 Aug 2018 19:40:31
I think too many people are getting carried away with this whole Usmanov thing. He invested in Arsenal as he felt football was on the verge of becoming a profitable venture. Yes he wanted more say in the club, but that doesn't mean he wanted to throw money at it.
Yes he has said he could potentially hypothetically buy into Everton - if he see's potential for investment profit - he will not be throwing money at us.

14 Aug 2018 20:03:45
Steering clear of anything technical FFP

The thing about top end sports clubs (regardless of sport) is they attract very rich Man, who see them as something of a play thing or a passion. I'm not saying that these aren't ran correctly but they are certainly ran in a very unfamiliar way to any other business model.

Of course profits count, I'm not trying to say they don't but there is something else that marries an owner and a football club.

Sure this Uzbekki fella will want to be assured he can't lose money but he will want to win! He said countless times at Arsenal, he'd bank roll em to the top. (Leave me alone ed 02)

I think it was always a plan between the 2 of em. If he couldn't wrestle AFC away for himself, he would go somewhere else. FM has assured that another hot pie is ready to go.

And I don't care what rules, 2 billionaires are surely better than 1?

14 Aug 2018 20:09:43
Im sure his credit file is better than mine. That's got to count for something when brokering a deal?

14 Aug 2018 20:50:11
I wernt clutching at straws ed, just a question mate, if he was to come could we spend his money or not is pretty much alls I wanted to no.

14 Aug 2018 23:55:10
We must be close to our FFP limit for the last couple of years and from what I gather it is based over 3 consecutive years.
Usmanov can't simply come in and throw an amount of cash in the pot, well, he can for other things in the club if he wishes, but transfers, wages, bonuses have to be balanced from incomings.
USM could sponsor us again like finch farm but we only have one finch farm.
If he wants to waste his money USM could sponsor the stadium or rename Goodison, USM Goodison park. Is he going to? No.
If he comes in and buys the rest of kenwrights shares, brilliant, but he won't be majority shareholder and Moshiri would still have control.
And he isn't, correction can't just spend his hard earned money buying us players, paying wages or bonuses.

Essentially we need more money from sponsors, ticket prices, selling players, tv money, success and merchandise to be able spend more.

The man city and Chelsea bank roll days are done.

15 Aug 2018 09:28:48
Agree with you ed, everyone getting overjoyed with the usmanov rumours, doesn't really mean anything at this moment as sure we'll possible have funds but to compete with top six also needs a football side of it, we currently aren't in the position where if we matched money offered by others a big player would come to us, so slow it all down, if we came fourth one year and had usmanov then maybe you think about it, also with usmanov joining now most of his wealth input would be on the stadium and finances etc.

15 Aug 2018 14:48:59
I feel a couple of Ed’s bar Ed25 are getting twitchy bums with the thought of money being pumped into our club and the new stadium gaining momentum.

{Ed002's Note - Another embarrassing post. The stadium is happening regardless. None of the Eds care about any money being "pumped" in to Everton - don't forget that when Moshiri arrived Everton fans were convinced he was putting in £200M in to each transfer window - it was never true, never going to happen. Now you all seem convinced that Usmanov is goining to be gifting Everton a stadium, and vast sums of money. It won't happen. He will look to buy back in to a club going forward - but he won't be buying Everton, perhaps he will look at Newcastle - but he has a far better option in mind already. You seem to live in a bizarre fantasy world.}

15 Aug 2018 15:53:42
Funny you should mention Newcastle Ed002 because I was thinking exactly the same, he can have full control there and other than the team which he can invest in, they have everything on place with regards to stadium etc and they are also a one team city.

15 Aug 2018 18:50:02
Any prospective buyer (Usmanov) could buy shares into Everton. Maybe even Moshiris shares and become the majority share holder, I think it was their long term plan overall. I think most understand that due to FFP now owner can just say there’s £300m next transfer window. They would see it as a long term investment. Not just a new football ground and attend games on a Saturday. It will be a mini village just outside the city centre. A stadium to hold many different events such as concerts, Hotels, casinos and a top tourist attraction for all who visit Liverpool. Tours from cruise vessels etc.

We WILL be successful on the pitch and be a global brand and once we take this step very much like Man City are now there isn’t much expenditure on players as there was in the early days. One or two signings a season. This is the vision and one that is achievable.

15 Aug 2018 21:28:00
Love it when you get a bite, hence banter page.

15 Aug 2018 21:46:36
No question the Stadium is going ahead regardless, seems strange though just after selling his shares, Everton stated that they will not be needing to borrow a loan from the local council, unless I have missed something and Moshi is stumping up all the money.

Whether this has anything to do with a gift to get around the FFP with naming rights to the new stadium just like Finch farm, an investment from Usmanov whether coming in or not, rich owners will always find a way around the ffp.

In regards to transfer fees, another way around this is staggering the payments over 5 seasons instead of the full amount to the selling club.

Right or wrong, clubs with rich owners will always find a way around the ffp.

Whether Usmanov has any impact, whether buying into the club, or simply helping his friend Moshi, I think there is a possibility he will have some interest in Everton Football aclub.

{Ed002's Note - Everton have found a way to cheat and get around FFP - stunning stuff.}

15 Aug 2018 22:30:47
I see where you’re coming from about blues getting carried away when Moshiri came in, believing he would bank roll us every transfer window, and now with this Usmanov proposal. But I will say this, after decades of false promises and 0 investestment are Everton fans not allowed to get excited carried away with themselves? We’re new to this whole “having money” thing. Additionally, it’s not all Everton fans who think like this so to tar us all with the same brush is a bit narrow minded.

In response to you pinning Newcastle as a club “moving forward” and perhaps being a more attractive investment, in what capacity are Everton not “moving forward”? New stadium, new headquarters in Liverpool’s business district and landmark, restructured our corporate and management team and bought in some highly respected individuals in their given fields, as well as an exciting young manager and a glut of promising players. All seems very investable to me.

{Ed002's Note - I did not say Newcastle were “moving forward” or anything like that. Perhaps you can find a half wit to read what I wrote to you slowly.}

15 Aug 2018 22:45:57
“He will look to buy into a club that is going forward. perhaps he will buy Newcastle”. Am I missing something here? If Newcastle aren’t going forward then why buy into them like you said?

{Ed002's Note - As in “in the future”. You are probably wasting your time trying to interpret what I write - maybe we could do a pop up version of the Everton page for you.}

15 Aug 2018 23:43:51
I am with you bitter blue with the club going forward, perhaps he will buy Newcastle, so I am as miffed as you with your reply trying to interpret it other than how it reads in the response.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware that he has any interest in Newcastle at all, but it is available and won’t be sold at a knock down price. Everton is Moshiri’s. Maybe you should await the pop-up version of the web site - or maybe the long awaited finger puppy version. I could write in Polari, which I would expect most Everton supporters to be hip to, and you still wouldn’t get it.}

16 Aug 2018 00:35:47
So if Newcastle is not available at a knock down price, you then look into the £83Million Moshi paid for 49% of shares in Everton.

However you look at it, Usmanov received 505 Million for his shares, taking into account more coprerate and revenue at the Emirates, he could look to buy shares at Everton, even at a slightly more inflated price, he could buy 50% and still have well over 400 Million left from his money from the sale of his shares from Arsenal.

Even pumping the 200 Million towards Everton’s cost in part towards the new stadium would still leave him a nice 200 Million.

Now we know Moshi has just over 50% per cent of the shares a deal could be struck to give Usmanov and Moshi equal 50%

That’s why I think it is possible Usmanov will think long and hard with a view to investing in Everton Football Club.



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