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30 Aug 2018 08:52:37
I maybe alone in thinking Sandro has more upside to keep than Niasse? Sandro can cover right wing and striker and on last night I think if he stays he can do a job for us, may not be brilliant like Walcott or Richarlison but he is willing to work for the team and a position in it unlike Lookman.

8 changes last night and still produced chances so it's looking good, be looking even better when the defence settles and learns the zonal marking fully.

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30 Aug 2018 09:59:30
I totally agree Mick.

Niasse is a massive hindrance in this type of system as you need to control and keep hold of the ball, both of which he cannot do.

DCL is still very young but in this type of system he is a much better player and has more attributes than what the headless chicken Niasse is.

The zonal marking on corners still needs a lot of work and will take a few months to perfect. We seem to handle freekicks using it pretty well but we are stationary on corners still instead of attacking the flight of the ball.

Attackers on corners attack the flight of the ball, focused totally on the ball. They take 4 or 5 running steps before launching themselves at it. If you are man marking they slip away easily by making a false run, a back then forward step or the other way around. The defender is too busy looking at the man and will score.

The zonal marking should be the reverse for the defender. The defender should make an agressive attack towards the ball coming into their zone just like the attacker does. However, you also need others around to help protect the zones and disrupt the attackers.

Last night for instance the defenders were static and didn't make an agressive attack towards the ball and others around them allowed an easy run into the zone.

30 Aug 2018 10:51:14
Great post BlueJohn

I've noticed most the time when we concede a goal no one has attacked the ball as they are meant to in zonal and that is the frustrating part, but hopefully they'll keep learning and improving with it as we get a settled defence sorted.

I agree DCL is back up striker pushing Tosun hard which is good, think he has the ability if keeps working hard to be a class striker.

Niasse seems a good bloke, hard worker and the things you want in a group environment but he doesn't really suit the style of play we are going for I agree. Why I think Sandro should be the one kept as well as he can play right wing and is improving there the more he plays it.

I think as a team we will also pick up a lot of boggling little injuries this year as you can tell they are being worked harder in training and fitness levels rise, I don't think most of the ones that have been here awhile have been rock hard fit early in a season, but they a lot closer than usual with this boss. I'm loving Silva's style, like the high pressing and quick attacks as have the players to do it now.

30 Aug 2018 11:54:48
Put in a good shift Sandro but not sure if he was playing right back, right wing, it certainly was not centre forward, did some good overlaps but feel if we need to see more, we need to put the guy closer to our other forward, get him into the box more, strikers feed on goals and confidence, until we play the guy more central, he will continue to put a shift in without the icing on the cake with a goal.

P. s what an absolute bargain we have in Digne, if I was Baines, I would be a worried man after the performance of Digne last night.

30 Aug 2018 12:40:44
Was thinking the same about Digne Bignev would start him on Saturday took his chance in the team well last night, Baines has been an amazing servant but it should be time to move on, credit as well to Zouma who had a solid game at the back.

30 Aug 2018 12:56:39
Must agree on Digna but sad to see Baines coming to the end of his time, a great player and servant to our club.

30 Aug 2018 18:47:28
The other point is that if a player is in your zone you can still get closer to them. It's not as if you have to stay rigid in the middle of it. That's where they will get better over time.

On Digne, I thought he was brilliant and as much as I love Baines, he should be given time on the bench and this guy given a chance.

30 Aug 2018 19:44:17
The thing with Niasse is, he should not start a game but come on as an impact sub. I agree with the headless chicken comments but he does seem to have the knack of scoring when we need it. The comments on Lookman I do not agree with, the lad is a cracking player but for reasons obviously unknown to most of us after his original appearance (quite an impact as I remember) he disappeared onto the benches or back benches. There was a rumour at one time that he had home sickness (for London) but then he was loaned to a German Club, who knows. What I do know is that, I hope the lad stays and works hard. Silva for me is sending mixed signals, he and Brands have vetted and loaned/ sold the players they either do not want or don't wish to use at the moment, so personally I am quite impressed at the accomplishments so far. Here is the rub, the way the Team is set up in style and tactics at the moment, I just cannot in all honesty see any difference between this (so far) and Martinez first season.

30 Aug 2018 19:50:36
It will take time BlueJohn but it will come. Personally being old school I still prefer the sic him attitude of man for man marking. In my youth much easier for my limited intelligence to understand all my energy was concentrated in those days in my other brain.

30 Aug 2018 21:00:33
I don't see anything remotely linked to Martinez. He played a completely different style of football that was based on control and working the ball around slowly, moving players out of position, a bit like Barcelona. All this with a very highline and defenders not quick enough to get back plus goalkeepers that generally didn't come out like a sweeper.

We constantly conceded due to balls over the top and over committing.

Silva doesn't play anything like that. He wants attack with pace using the width of the pitch and overlapping wing backs. Attack wise it's more Moyes but with more invention and imagination and a fluidity with the forward players instead of Moyes more rigid style. However, we are conceding goals mainly from set pieces.

Silva once he had Pickford back was able to use him to stop the ball over the top killing us like in preseason with the motionless Stek. Last night also show a few times how different it affects us with Stek and the chances they had. So from open play we look pretty comfortable.

Still plenty to do and loads of practice to get it right but at least he's working on it unlike head in the sand Robbie.

30 Aug 2018 21:30:22
Disagree, because Martinez as well, attempted to mix it, his failing was the seeming neglect of defence. It would be a sad place if we all agreed. I do agree on Silva and the potential, think if he hangs around we will have the makings of being our 80's ilk again.

30 Aug 2018 22:21:44
Not alone Aussie Mick. I made the same comments myself that I would prefer to keep Sandro than Niasse. Good to know there is others out there who share some of my views.



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